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Dr. Fixit. Best Waterproofing Solution for your House

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The traditional waterproofing methods are age-old techniques which are not very efficient when it comes to make your house waterproof. Pidilite Construction Chemicals have come forth with a new and advanced waterproofing chemical called Dr. Fixit Chemicals. Any kind of leakage in your home can be well managed by this powerful waterproofing chemical. It is the best solution for damp and flaking of the exterior walls and waterproofing for the interior of your house. These chemicals are a bit thicker compared to traditional exterior paint and they never crack or peel off like normal paints. The waterproofing chemicals by Dr. Fixit are known for its crack bridging capabilities, optimal flexibility and weather durability. They are also highly resistant to growth of microorganisms and water.

Dr. Fixit Dampguard not just only prevents the exterior walls from damp patches and leakage, but also offers the walls with exceptional colour and high grade shine look. Dr. Fixit is known for a wide range of waterproofing solutions which are designed to make your house waterproofing both internally and externally. So, choose the right waterproofing solution for your house and ensure to compare the 1KG Price of Dr. Fixit Chemicals prior to buying.

Enhance Life of Building’s Experience with Dr. Fixit Waterproofing Chemicals

As mentioned, the waterproofing chemicals of Dr. Fixit are highly resistant to efflorescence and hence it can enhance the overall beauty and life expectancy of the building by protecting the exterior from leakage and water damaging. Dr. Fixit is the brand that is known for its wide range of waterproofing solutions.

Waterproofing ExpertDr. Fixit is not just only limited to Dr. Fixit LW Plus, but also offer a variety of waterproofing solutions for bathroom, terrace and other interiors of your house. Whether you need waterproofing for any leakage, damp patches and flaking on ceiling, you can now fix them all in a professional way with the application of Dr. Fixit URP products. But don’t forget to research the products before choosing the right one. Selection of the waterproofing solutions must be done based on the conditions of the walls and areas where it is intended to be applied.

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Dr. Fixit for Bathrooms Waterproofing

Everyone desires to have clean and dry bathroom every time they enter for bathing. But, bathrooms are the spaces of a house which are exposed to water regularly and consistently. Floor beds, sanitary fittings and shower areas are some of the common areas which are prone to leakage and water damages which are caused due to water exposure. But, you can make use of Dr. Fixit for Bathrooms waterproofing solutions to protect the floors efficiently. The chemicals for waterproofing of bathroom are designed with elastomeric elements and it seals the areas of the bathroom efficiently, while preventing water exposure and water damaging of the bathroom in future.

Dr. Fixit Bathseal is the most commonly used chemical for bathroom waterproofing and this chemical keeps your bathroom area free from all moisture traps which are caused due to dampness on the walls of the bathroom. This prevents the internal walls, ceiling and adjacent external walls from getting damp and leaking which are caused due to constant water exposure.

Dr. Fixit for Terrance Waterproofing

In India, terrace waterproofing is done using the traditional methods and materials. Usually the terrace waterproofing is done using Mud Fuska or Lime Terracing or Brickbat Coba techniques which are in vogue these days. These methods are offering waterproofing with some heat insulation benefits. But they are not a permanent or efficient terrace waterproofing solution. So, to solve the problem and give Indian homes better terrace waterproofing, Dr. Fixit has come forth with their efficient terrace waterproofing chemicals. There are different chemicals of Dr. Fixit for Terrace waterproofing.

These terrace waterproofing solutions by Dr. Fixit are heavy duty, microfiber reinforced acrylic based terrace waterproofing chemical. They are the advanced three-layer system available in different colour coats and this ensures optimal build-up of thickness and making the terrace waterproofing system reliable and durable. It has the best film thickness which offer about 1mm of dry film thickness with 3 coats and has higher crack bridging capabilities. It can bridge cracks up to 2mm width. Besides, terrace waterproofing solution has higher tensile strength and it is resistance to tear and wear and UV rays, Infrared rays and algal and fungal growth.

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Dr. Fixit Roofseal Flex Chemical is another advanced terrace waterproofing solution which provides the roofs of your house with elastomeric coating and it is considered to be the most flexible waterproofing solution. This chemical is known for its ability to bridge the cracks in roofs up to 2mm width and the application is also very easy. So, when you notice any peeling or cracks in the roof apply this waterproofing solution. Check the 200ml Price of Roofseal Flex online before buying it for waterproofing.

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  1. How long does Dr. Waterproof last? Because last time I got waterproofing done for one of my bedroom walls to prevent seepage from the pipes but I don’t know if the material was bad or the workers were not good at their job, it started to leak water again and now I have to redo the waterproofing.

  2. I have been fed up with waterproofing methods that I have used several times in my home, but they all worked differently. Pidilite construction chemicals have a product named doctor Fixit which helped me a lot in waterproofing the home. I approach doctor Fixit chemical from this article; thanks for sharing such a great article.


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