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Berger Paints is the second biggest paint company in India and has a rich legacy spanning 88 years. The company initially started life as Hadfield’s Limited and was acquired by British Paints Limited. The name changed to Berger Paints Limited after its founder Lewis Berger.

The Dhingra Brothers hold the majority stake in the company at present. The annual revenues of the company exceed Rs. 4, 500 crore and the company headquarters are in Kolkata with 10 manufacturing units and 110 stock points. Berger Express Painting is now the newest and one of the most innovative products from the company under the tagline of Faster.Cleaner.Better. that is “Aa gya painting ka T20”

Berger Express Painting: First Time in India

Berger Express Painting has been introduced for the very first time in India by Berger Paints. This is a novel initiative that will offer trained painters to customers who will be suitably equipped with the very latest and mechanized gadgets in order to ensure swift painting of residential units without any added costs.

There will be training of approximately 10, 000 painters in total through this unique company initiative. 3, 000 dealerships will also be chosen as part of a dedicated sales channel. A new XP Advanced Paints Series has also been created especially for usage via this channel. Customers can now get their homes painted by trained and skilled painters with advanced paints without any extra costs for the same.

How Berger Express Painting Works

The Berger Express Painting process works with the very latest technologies and machines. There are the best Sanding Machines used which ensure cleaner and faster painting courtesy their regulated speeds and dust-free vacuum functionalities. There is also the Multipurpose Mixer which ensures fast and seamless mixing along with speeds that can be regulated. This also ensures hassle free texture and putty mixing for a better paint job.

The Auto Roller is completely adjustable and comes with superior finishing abilities in tandem with automatic paint pumping for greater effectiveness. There is the high pressure washer which operates with nozzle adjustment, pressure regulator and high speeds. The Airless Paint Sprayer has swift applications and uniform finishing in tandem with complete support for primer and water based paints. These technologies are backed by special XP Advanced Paints to ensure delightful home painting experiences for customers.

Benefits of Berger Express Painting

There are several benefits offered by Berger Express Painting. These include the following:

  • Skilled and trained painters
  • 40% faster painting in comparison to regular painting methods
  • Latest tools which do not create a mess
  • Vacuum suction-backed sanding machines for zero dust
  • Enhanced smoothness and coverage is guaranteed
  • Impeccable and improved finishing with superlative efficiency via advanced tools

Berger Express Painting Rates/Cost

The company has a useful and effective Paint Calculator where one can calculate the area to be painted along with getting estimates about the paint amount required and the labour and material costs involved. Customers can also call the toll free contact number 1800 103 6030or Get a Call back for more information on the Berger Express Painting Costs or Rates. The costs are reasonable since there are no added expenses involved for hiring trained painters with the latest tools via Berger Paints.

Why Berger Express Painting

Berger Express Painting should be chosen for the following reasons:

  • Trained painters who come with suitable credentials
  • Latest tools like sand dusters with dust-free vacuum technology, water jet cleaners, sprayers and automated roller painters
  • Customers can select painters from the list approved by Berger Paints
  • Toll-Free number available for consultation along with interactive website
  • Clean and efficient painting services which are 40% quicker in comparison to regular painting
  • No-mess and latest tools along with XP Advanced Paints
  • Benefits available at no extra cost


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  1. Nice! I am confused between Berger and Asian paints. After reading this article I feel Berger has more benefits than Asian and it also has good durability. Do you also have a description for Asian paints which I can read to compare the two properly? Thanks for your help.

  2. I have been meaning to test out Berger paint services but have not gotten around to it. Maybe I’ll test out their services sometime soon. I’ve heard that they offer a wide range of colors and textures to choose from, so I’m curious to see what they have to offer. Hopefully, I can get around to testing out their services soon!


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