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Turn your dream home into practical reality with construction cost estimator

Everyone wants to have their own home. Some wish to have a big one, others simply wish for a roof over their head, the reason is the cost of house construction. Not just the outside perimeter, but depending on the number of rooms you are going to have, your house construction cost will increase significantly.

Isn’t it great to find out the cost of construction per square feet in advance so that you can make up your mind about the big step? With the motto to save money, you can try a construction cost calculator which indeed gives you peace of mind to know in advance how much will it cost to build your dream home.

Benefits of using a construction cost calculator

In your early planning when you discuss the estimated cost with your friends and family you will get mythical and mystical responses. Rather, use a calculator to get the rough idea. It might help you to finalize the design of the house based on your budget.

  • Within seconds you will have the estimated cost for your dream project.
  • Some professionals can help you to estimate the exact construction per square feet cost based on your architectural drawings and exact rates of construction in your city.
  • There are lots of websites offering construction cost calculator online,and they have their price lists updated Thus you don’t have to take the advice of your friends who made their homes or garages years ago.
  • The calculators are accurate, and you don’t have to jumble yourself between the cement mortar ratio and the number of bricks required for the whole building.
  • Last but not the least, you can use any of the calculators, they are absolutely free.

Pointers to be covered by the best calculator

There are so many variables that affect the house construction cost. Different builders use different methods to calculate per square footage. Likewise, every online construction calculator collects data from similar scope projects. Thus, to be sure that yours is the best one cross check the pointers mentioned below. The calculator you are going to use must factor all these basic items.

  • Geographic location: The construction industry is very unorganized; therefore the cost of material and labor in one city may vary from the other. It would be better if the calculator has options for states and districts.
  • Quality of floors: Never use a calculator that only focuses on the number of floors, rather, you can rely on the one that asks you whether the floors planned are average, medium or extra high in elevation.
  • Basic structure: The best calculator should have separate options for the basic structure, including, foundation work, brickwork, and RCC.
  • Detailed calculation: It’s not enough to tell the calculator the area of your plot and the number of floors. You should select the one that comes with options for detailed calculation of plumbing, sanitary and electrical fittings along with internal and external painting and flooring.
  • Cost Breakup: It is equally important to get a rough idea of the cost break up for the material and the labor required. This way, you can finalize the design and planning of the house. Always select a construction cost calculator that shows a cost breakup for labor, site development, supervision and site running expenses, along with cost breakup for material which includes cement, bricks, steel, sand, flooring, plumbing,

No contractor can tell you in advance that how much money will be required for construction, however, with the help of these calculators you can get quality assistance to avoid or minimize extra construction cost. Thus, to maintain the quality and construction value, it is advised to plan your dream project with a construction cost calculator.

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