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Best Flooring Options in India

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Every house owner wants to invest in the most beautiful and most cost effective flooring option, but the abundance of options and specific requirements of each area makes the task even more challenging. Don’t be so confused, here is a complete guide to tell you about the best flooring options in India that are practical, affordable and definitely stylish to compliment your design preferences.

Kota Stone Flooring

Walk on it comfortably, flaunt its rustic look and let people envy with its glimmering shine. Kota stone flooring is majorly a dolomite flooring that can be availed in varied earthy shades. Polished Kota stone flooring gives a mirror like finish and installed widely in Indian households and public places due to its affordable price.

You can use Kota stone flooring for both interior and exterior applications. The only drawback with Kota stone flooring is that it requires frequent maintenance and polishing to avoid the problem of chipping. 

Wooden flooring:

The elegance of wooden flooring makes everyone a fan of it. Most modern homes are styled with hardwood flooring that is available in a variety of warm shades. Tiles and wooden blocks are manufactured in a wide variety that can be installed at homes. Some hardwood flooring options are weatherproof so you can install it in your balcony, deck area, and porch. The robust and easy to maintain flooring option is also suitable for auditoriums and dance floors.

Wooden floors are easy to clean and last long, however, the only point to worry about is the budget. Some hardwood flooring options are not affordable, so you have to think twice before investing in wooden flooring.

PVC or Vinyl Flooring:

It is the waterproof flooring which is gaining immense popularity due to its flexibility and durability. Vinyl flooring is extremely easy to clean and due to its high wear resistance, the flooring can be cleaned with soaps and detergents. The flooring option comes in tiles and sheet form that can be availed for bedrooms, living rooms, and even bathrooms because it’s slip resistant.

The PVC flooring is strong enough to wear high traffic, but in case of chemical spill you need to clean the surface immediately otherwise, there will be permanent damage on the floor.

Cement Concrete Flooring:

Ideal for both commercial and residential flooring, it is the most affordable flooring option in India. You can use this option to create floors in water closet. Besides, cement can be used to make stylish concrete cement flooring. These days shiny and smooth cement floors are back in trend and varied timeless patterns are used for creating attractive flooring in veranda, courtyard, kitchens, and bathrooms.

You can make attractive floors with varied dying and etching techniques, but you need to maintain the sheen with help of regular polishing of the surface otherwise the high traffic areas may look dull after some time.

Marble Flooring:

Recognized as one of the most luxurious flooring options, marble flooring is preferred for its low maintenance standards. Marble is a natural stone that can add beauty to a house for years to come. Demanded widely to instill a decorative look, marble flooring is suitable for both interior and exterior installation. You can avail the sheen of natural stone in the form of tiles and slab in varied colors like green, pink, black, and pure white.

You have to pay a little extra if you want to instill the grandeur because quality marble flooring is not affordable at all.

Tile Flooring:

The easy to match option for any style of home is ceramic tile flooring. The options are endless for shape, size, color, and glazed and unglazed varieties.

You can have ceramic tiles for anywhere in your home or office, the only drawback is that they are not strong enough and a shatter can leave cracks in the tiles forever.

Providing a clean, smooth and leveled surface to a building project is quite confusing when the said surface is flooring. There are lots of options available for both commercial and residential projects. The most daunting task is to compare their advantages and disadvantages to select the best one. Take help from this guide to find your choice.

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  1. I would love to change my wooden flooring to marble. It has a luxurious look that would make my home look more expensive. But marble is very expensive. Are there any alternatives to marble-like marble finish tiles? That’ll give me the same look without breaking the bank?

  2. These flooring ideas are incredible especially the marble flooring idea. I would like to have my flooring done just like that but in a different color. The herringbone pattern is trending these days. I’ll have to look into that too.

  3. These flooring suggestions are fantastic, especially the marble option. I want my flooring to be installed just like that, but in a different colour. These days, the herringbone design is popular. I’ll have to research it as well.


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