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Tips to Decorate Office this Diwali

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Celebrate the Diwali with a beautiful decoration at office also

Like diwali home decoration, office and workplaces have different importance in business.

It is the primary place of business and therefore one has to decorate the same on the important festival such as Diwali as there are a number of visitors come to meet and greet.

However, the theme of decoration of office must maintain certain decorum also. Hence the theme of the office can be kept such that can go with the nature of the business also.

Ideas to decorate office:

Office being a working place needs to be decorated with a different theme than ordinary decoration.

  1. Paper items: Paper items are safest for an office and still they add a great look to the office and other areas. The main chamber and cubical can be decorated with paper ribbons while the main entrance can witness powder color design or water colour design.
    diwali-decoration-indiaAll the glass windows can be decorated with paper as well as electric lamps that can blink and attract the attention of the people.You can also try these beautiful peacock rangoli designs to make this diwali in your office for a unique look as well.
  2. Flowers: Being a workplace the theme made with perfect use of various flowers can be much useful to an office.With the help of the flower designs, the office can also share the message of being eco-friendly and display the social responsibility that is performed by the business.meeting-room-decoration The decoration of work cubicles can be done with flowers as well as leaves of Asoka tree. One can also use paper to decorate monitors, chairs, and tables as well as other furniture and fixture in the office.
  3. Traditional Oil Lamps: One can use the oil lamps in a corner of the entrance or a place where the visitor does not feel obstruction to his way by the lamp.However, while using oil lamps one has to be much more careful as a minute mistake can proven costly in the office with the improper handling of such oil lamps.Oil Lamp Decoration At the cubicle as well as the main office, the traditional lamp must be avoided as one has to be extra alert while working at the place.

    In case one wants to use the lamps it is better to use them with proper lamp posts that can safeguard the sparks and oil if the oil is leaked or spread.

    Also try these rangoli kolam designs to decorate your office this diwali.

  4. Candles: Many of the users also use different sorts of candles to light up Diwali night and make the office area look excellent. In the evening time, the candles with various colors can provide a different look to the office.Diwali Decoration with CandlesHowever the work place and offices have very limited utility of the candles as they remain shut in late evening.
  5. Electrical Items: There are end number of electrical items available in the market that can be much useful to create colorful theme for the office. One can use the series of small lamps, various types of bulbs, moving lights, chandeliers and many more items to decorate the office.The electronic items can also attract the attention of the person and at the same time they are safer also.
  6. Other Items: There are many other items also used to decorate the office. People use pieces of clothes, shells, small mirrors, woollen threads, natural colours, leaves of various trees such as Asoka trees, Torans, thermocol items and plastic papers are some of the items commonly used at many offices.
  7. Office Decoration with Rangoli: Rangoli is also a good idea to decorate the office this Diwali. Use the latest, beautiful Diwali rangoli designs listed here with photos to make diwali rangoli at the office entrance. Have a look at some trendy diwali rangoli designs below:
    office diwali decoration with rangolidiwali office decoration ideas

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  1. I loved this blog and have shared with my team mates as well to plan for the same ideas this diwali. We are going to rock this diwali with these fab options.

  2. We recently moved into a new Office Space in Bangalore. The office always looks very dull; however, with Diwali coming around, we’re using that as a lovely excuse to bring colour to the office. The art team and I loved the ideas here, especially since most of them are simple and can work well for our small office space! I can’t wait to try these out!


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