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Kolam Designs: Beautiful Designs to Try Out

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Kolam is traditionally drawn using chalk powder and rice flour. In modern times, use of synthetic colored powder is also used. These designs are native to Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and some parts of Goa. The main purpose of Kolam was not decoration and in the earlier times, Kolams were drawn in the coarse rice flour such that ants will not have to walk too far for the meal. Along with ants, these designs were encouraged for harmonious existence by setting an invitation to the birds and other small creatures for the meal.

Simple Rangoli Kolam Designs 

There are few designs that are quite useful for the doorstep entrance. These are the effective patterns for an occasion or in temple entrance. Simple 7 Pullikolam designs are the best ways for easy designs. Take white-colored sand according to the color of your choice and give 7 by 7 dots on the floor. 

Now, give a square on each corner, apart from this try curve support for the middle design, and give a cap type of four designs with the help of creative small circles. 

It is the less time of 7 dots rangoli designs that are helpful for your Pongal or any occasion. You do not need to use more material for this design. In addition, you can use your fingers to make circles and outside of shade touch up. They are the simplest ways to make a kolam pattern of rangoli design. 

Easy Geometric Design 

Generally, Kolam designs are made up using geometric dots and shapes so why not use them to make the same geometric shape whichever you like. You can use only one shape if you are a complete beginner. Or, you can use a single shape and overlap the shape with the different sizing of the same shape. Now, add Pulli in the middle of the closed loops wherever you see them.

Beginner 3 Dots Rangoli

A 3 dots Kollam is one of the easiest beginner designs in Kollam. Here, the design has basic patterns of flowers and leaves that are done in a 3*3 dot matrix. 

You can improvise and make intricate designs too. In addition, entrances can look really wonderful using these beautiful rangoli designs. You can use curves and lines to create wonderful pieces. Because these designs are for beginners the patterns are kept quite simple. Here, you can add to a design and create your very own unique pattern as well. 

Simple dot Kollam 

Try out colorful Kolam with 3 dots that have wonderful patterns. There are many options and you can add more than two colors in the rangoli to give it a vibrant touch using these bright colors with a border of white. The three dots kolam designs are quite important for the majority of festivals and women love to make these designs.. You can choose easily from the floral patterns and the geometric patterns. Go and fill in the colors you like. And, in the end, you will find results to be very pretty. These Kolam patterns can be done by anyone. 

Special Rangoli Designs 

One can go for a special rangoli design including dots. These designs are a pretty floral base that uses curves and dots. First of all, you can start from one dot and continue without stopping to the last dot. This will create a continuous stream and will give rise to the floral image. Now, some dots of the square are accentuated with more powder to make them look larger. Now, there are so many types of Rangoli designs easily make by following the steps provided.  

Rangoli Designs using 3*3 squares are absolutely great for beginners as well as for the experts. Now, one can make these designs with just white powder for daily use or they can use several colors for festive occasions. Just try out the designs using these three-dot patterns to create a floral and geometric design. 

Pulli Kolangal using 3 Dots 

You can make an intricate design of 3*3 square using 3 Pulli Kolangal. This rangoli can use curves and lines to make this design. Here, the Kolangal is made by not joining the dots but it also makes round around the dots. Here, the dots are also a part of the design. You can use them for temple decoration and the entrance of the house. You must give this simple design a try and you will definitely enjoy making rangoli over and over again. 

Simple Flower Design 

Kolam designs are very unique and detailed. You can start with a simple flower design and it gets more and more detailed. There are several elements added in one single rangoli Kolangal and it shows the diversity in the Kolangal Designs. So, these designs are going to look beautiful anywhere.

Tamil Kolam Designs 

These designs are made of geometrical shapes and use many shapes but the most effective and eye-catching ones are the dots all over the Kolangal. So, make sure you practice them enough before actually printing them. 

Spiral Kolam Designs 

They are easy and beautiful Kolam design that is made up of various circles and flowers. Here, the flower in the middle can create a beautiful base for the whole design. This design is surrounded by the spiral design which is very easy to master. You can take some rice powder and rotate your hand in the circular motion coming inward to create an easy spiral kolam design. They can be made during the Pongal celebrations. 

Conclusion: In India, Rangoli gives a special attachment to tradition, seven dots kolam of rangolis can hold our culture. Hence, one can go for these 7 dots Rangolis during the festival or season made by colorful rice or patterns can be designed using colored sand too. You  can use the index of finger and thumb to make 7 dots rangoli. Here, we can try designs of different shapes, curves, and lines that are beneficial to explore the positive environment.

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  1. Kolams are a beautiful way to decorate our homes and to bring in good luck. I love the fact that they are so easy to make and can be drawn in any size or shape. Thank you for sharing your kolam design ideas with us, they are simply gorgeous!

  2. Kolams are so beautiful and adorable to decorate your place during festivals. Best part? They are so easy to make and take lesser efforts and are so damn pretty. Thank you for this blog and letting me know more about it. Thank you.!!!


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