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Transform Your Mini Balcony into a Beautiful Garden

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Have you ever wondered, if people living out in big villa’s typically have more space and privacy than people living in flats? Big houses have more access to outdoor spaces such as yards or gardens and yard views in a villa setting provide more access to nature, gardening, barbecuing, or extra sports which can be beneficial for mental health and relaxation.

However, the question that arises here is why people residing in flats miss out on all this fun and relaxation just because they are living in small houses as compared to them. 

Confused, What to do next?… Surprisingly, with the rise of balconies and roof-top gardens even flat-dwellers can enjoy the benefits of having a garden view and access to fresh air and greenery.

Growing plants or veggies, or designing your balcony with a limited space can be challenging but not impossible. From deciding what to plant to choosing unique elegant containers, the entire journey can be an adventure.

There are many tips and tricks to make a count of every square inch of your balcony with an advantage of walls, railings, and overhead structures by attaching pots, containers, shelves, and green-grass carpet with an addition of a swing to turn your balcony into a vertical lush paradise. Here are some steps to get started:

Planning Before Plotting

Before Converting your balcony into greenery you must be aware of your restrictions and what’s actually permissible possible.

  1. Determining the size and shape of the balcony: Take measurements to make sure how much space you have to work with.
  2. Weight: Make sure how much weight it can actually support for hanging vertical pots or baskets.
  3. Prepare your Balcony: Clean your balcony and can dress it up with an artificial grass carpet to make it feel like real garden.
  4. Microclimate: Most critical factor to consider, if you are plotting soil and planting your chosen plants then make sure they receive ample amounts of heat, wind exposure, sunlight and temperature.
  5. What you can grow in a garden: Herbs, Vegetables, Olive trees, Shrubs, Tropical houseplants, Flowering vines

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Ideas to Turn Your Balcony into a Beautiful Garden

Vertical Garden with Canopy Creepers

A vertical garden is a great way to maximize space with a cozy and pleasant feel. You can install a trellis, wall-mounted planter, steel railing, vines or use hanging pots, or baskets to create a layered effect. Here’s how you can create a vertical garden:

  • Select Canopy creepers that are well suited to climate and atmosphere.
  • Install a trellis or support structure on your wall or balcony with the help of wire mesh.
  • Choose containers of right size that have ample drainage.
  • Water and maintain your garden regularly, prevent canopy creepers from damaging your wall or balcony.
  • You can even set up a chair and table to relax and enjoy your morning and evening tea to feel oasis of green.Vertical Garden with Canopy Creepers

Go Splash with Colors

Bring colors into your life as well as garden by splashing a mix of colorful plants, accessories, outdoor rugs, cushions, flowers and many more. Here’s how you can design and play with color’s.

  • Choose colorful plants such as marigolds, roses, daylilies, geraniums
  • Combine plants of different color’s to give an eye-catching look
  • Add colorful containers of vibrant color’s like red, yellow, green, blue with flowers arranged in them
  • Use accessories like soft rugs, cushions, windchimes, lanterns, pergola to enhance colour scheme and a seating plan to enjoy the beauty of your own mix. 
  • Add lightning to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere using sting lights, lanterns or solar-powered lights.Go Splash with Colors

Here you can also choose these pergola designs for your balcony to make it more decorative.

Combine Plants on a Ladder

Creating a vertical edge with saving precious floor space by adding a ladder on the wee side of the balcony. Ladder shelves will provide an aesthetic spot to arrange potted plants, grasses, ivy, basil, herbs, rosemary. Here are some tips for combining plants on a ladder:

  • Choose the right ladder that is sturdy and stable to hold your plants.
  • Make sure ladder should be tall enough to fit your balcony
  • Mix it up with different plants and add colors for a visually attractive display
  • Add ferns or petals to add a height
  • Place the planter on each step of the ladder using large planters on the bottom and small one’s on the top
  • Add colorful lightning and make sure your plants withstands all weather conditions
  • Add a dinner spot to enjoy alfresco diningCombine Plants on a Ladder

Take the Inside Out

Bringing the outside world into your indoor balcony is an enthusiastic way to create an oasis of lavish green, relax and unwind. Here are some tips for turning your boring balcony into Alice world:

  • Make use of wood to create a visual effect of outdoor garden
  • Choose comfortable seating by adding sofa, armchair, hanging swing along with cushions and blankets to make it extra cozy.
  • Add an artificial grass outdoor rug
  • Bring in plants and hanging baskets with ambient lightning
  • Incorporate outdoor accessories like fountain, fire-pit or barbeque to create a relaxing and tranquil atmosphereTake the Inside Out

Make it Simple and Cozy

This is best for simple peace out living people who love silence and a comfortable seating environment without over-doing the décor. It’s all about creating an inviting atmosphere that reflects your personal style. Here are some tips to create it simple and cozy:

  • Start with comfortable seating either with a chair or bench to sit on that fits your personal style
  • Add soft textiles to your seating with cushions or rugs
  • Add greenery by choosing plants easy to care and play with
  • The white-washed wall helps in creating an ambiance that is relaxing and Mediterranean.Make it Simple and Cozy

Cozy up with a Bar

Creating a cozy bar is a great way to entertain friends and family with an outdoor meal setting; where you can chill and enjoy good drinks and the company of your colleagues or loved one’s. Here are some tips to outline a garden with a cozy bar:

  • Choose a traditional, portable or built-in wooden bar that fits your balcony
  • Add comfortable seating for your guests such as bar stools, chairs or a finite dining seating to relax and enjoy your drinks with a perfect meal. 
  • Stock your bar with glasses, shakers, mixers and add a touch by serving fresh fruits and herbs to make your drink extra special.
  • Add balcony lightening design along with the décor to make it a retreat

A Zen Garden

Zen gardens are much more inclined to spirituality as they ease a protective bubble to relax and create a positive surrounding. Here are some tips to bring ease and tranquility to your mini garden:

  • Choose a location that is quiet and peaceful or a space that is free from distractions.
  • Select feature elements to plot like colored sand, gravel, plants, natural stones, some air-plants or cacti
  • Add a water feature like small fountain or pond
  • Add plants or shrubs like Bonsai or Juniper with different size and shapes of rocks
  • Incorporate a lower seating area by adding cushions or pillows that is comfortable and invitingA Zen Garden

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An unloved balcony is of no use rather than creating a place that is beautiful as well as relaxing in the midst of urban living. With the right planning and design you can transform your ordinary balcony into a plush garden that reflects your personal style and provides a peaceful retreat.

To create a balcony garden, start by improvising your space into a comfortable seating area by choosing the right plants and materials for your garden with perfect lighting that creates an inviting atmosphere.

Choose the correct elements by considering what type of garden you want whether it is a Zen garden or a splash of colors garden.

Overall, transforming your garden into a cozy and enveloping mood is a fun and adventurous ride that can provide you many benefits starting from improving air quality to reducing stress and promoting relaxation. By following these tips you can create your own beautiful diva lush paradise.

You can also upgrade your balcony with these balcony door designs.

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