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Perfect Garage For Your House

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While buying a home, a person spends a great deal of effort. He spends a lot of time and money as well to find just the right place for himself and his family. With that comes many considerations as well, like the perfect place, the perfect location, the place to build a swimming pool, and a garage. There are people who look for the perfect design for their garage as well. If they buy a new house, then they will definitely talk about the garage, and if they are investing in building one then they will leave no stone unturned to build the perfect place for their beloved car.

In India, we also have to take other things under consideration as well, like weather and our lifestyle, because we want the garage to suit our personality and also which will stand strong no matter what the weather is. So, today we will talk about the essential things you need to keep in mind while designing your perfect garage.

Everyone owns a car nowadays and that’s why a parking spot becomes their first priority. In apartments, builders make parking space for the cars which people can buy and if you have more than one car, you can buy the parking place for more than one car. Likewise, while we plan to buy a home for ourselves, it becomes extremely important for us to look out for a garage as well. And if your house doesn’t have space for more than one car, then there are always ways to create one. So, don’t worry.

And those who are going to build their own home, they will most certainly build a garage thinking about two cars and if you haven’t thought about it like that, then you should.

Idle size for your garage to accommodate two cars

There is no definite height or size of the garage because it totally depends on how big your car is. A small car will take lesser space than a car which is big in size. You should take into account the height of the garage’s roof. SUV will need a bigger ceiling than a hatchback or a sedan.

Two Cars Garage

The first thing before building a garage is to measure your car properly. The height and the width and if you have two then measure both the cars and remember you would also require additional space in between those two cars.

Normally, you will find the garage to be 4 meters in length and 2 meters in breadth. But that will change according to your car size. You should also mind a few important things before building the garage, else all effort will go in vain.

  • Have a good space between your cars and your garage walls, you need to have a look at the rear-view mirror while parking, and that’s why you need to have an adequate space.
  • Have an adequate amount of space in your garage so that people can roam around freely in the garage specially to clean it.
  • Make sure to measure the space between the car door while being opened and the wall. You need that space to get in the car and get out as well. While cleaning the interiors as well, you will need that space.
  • Design a garage thinking about your future, even though you have a small car, make your garage big enough thinking about the prospect of buying a bigger car in the future.
  • While designing the garage door, make sure it doesn’t get in contact with the cars by any means, you wouldn’t like a scratch in your car. Measure the distance and then start the construction.

Best garage ideas for your home

After taking into consideration the space, height, and breadth of the garage, the next thing people look for is the designs. We will give you some good ideas that you can look into for designing the garage of your dreams.

Side by side parking without any doors

People often tens to make a garage which will have a door as a safety but if you own a house which has a huge compound, you can opt for open garage right in front of your home. You can park both of your cars side-by-side, right in front of the main gate of your house.

The open structure

If your house plan doesn’t have additional space for another can then you can add a tensile fabric car shed and put it towards the end of the driveway to protect your car from the harsh sunrays and rain as well. Go for something which is flexible when you can’t compromise a lot of space.

Lack of space -try narrow parking, one behind the other

This idea will suit those who don’t have a lot of space to spare. You can create a narrow parking space where you can keep one car behind the another. Yes, you will have to struggle a bit, however, but if you do have a narrow space available at the side of your house, then this is one option you can opt for.

Garage with doors

A single car will need a lot smaller space than owning two cars. And a lot of people prefer an enclosed garage with doors. And if you do have a lot of space in your vicinity then you can certainly go for a garage with door, just be mindful of the space in between your cars and the garage door. If you can manage then a hinged garage door is one option, or else you can always go for the regular doors which can be pulled upwards to open the gate. The second option is perfect for those who own a small house.

Partially covered garage

People usually struggle a lot with space. They do want to plan everything efficiently but someway or the other they sometimes fail to do that. If you are struggling with that too, then our suggestion would be to go for the partially covered garage. If your garage can’t cover the entire car then you can always install a canopy which can be extended to cover the remaining part of your car.

Cost of building a two-car garage?

While building a two-car parking lot for your house, you will have to look after a lot of things, like the materials to use, the size of your garage, the professionals you will hire to build your garage, everything in total will decide the cost of your car. If you want to build a permanent structure, like the one using cement and bricks, then this will obviously be more expensive.

The cost also depends on the location of your house, places like Delhi and Mumbai are already so expensive when you search your hunt for a good property. Likewise, a parking space in Delhi will cost you a lot. Even suburbs in Mumbai, the cost of one parking space would be somewhere around 7 lakhs and if you want to buy space for two then it will be doubled. Places like South Mumbai will cost you somewhere around 25-30 lakhs.

One tip that you can consider while purchasing a house is to get the cost of your garage included, otherwise you will end up spending an exorbitant amount of money.

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  1. Perfect Garage for your House
    It is necessary to look deep into every aspect of your newly built home, like the swimming pool, gym, and garage. Everyone owns a car nowadays and struggles for a parking spot, which is why building a garage is essential.

    Before building a garage, you need to know about the size of your cars. So take proper measurements and then build a garage. Some of the best ideas to build a garage are a side-by-side parking garage without any doors, an open structured garage, a garage with doors, or a partially covered garage.

  2. Whether you have a small-sized or big-sized garage, maintaining either is very important. You would want your garage also to look clutter-free, and clean for your car and other items to be stored there easily. Thank you for these ideas!

  3. The article provides comprehensive tips for designing the perfect garage, emphasizing functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal. It includes practical advice on layout, storage solutions, and integrating the garage with the overall home design, making it a valuable resource for homeowners planning to build or renovate their garage.


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