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Top 10 Balcony Railing Design Ideas in 2022

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Balconies are some of our favourite places in our home to wind down after a long day. They give you a view of the world from your house, they are breezy, and a soothing place to sit and relax.

Also, a nicely designed balcony is capable of enhancing the looks of a home. Whether the balcony is large enough or it is a tiny spot to enjoy the fresh air, a brilliantly designed balcony matters.

This is why, to experience this, we have listed down some of the best-looking railing designs for you to choose from, for your balcony. glass and iron balcony railing for house front

Let’s check them out together. 

#1 Glass Balcony Surrounded by Iron 

A glass balcony surrounded with iron works well for striking contemporary home designs. glass and iron balcony railing A modern home with a well-designed, modern driveway, garage, and lighting goes well with this type of balcony railing design, and the details complement one another. 

#2 Balcony with Wooden Panelling 

This is not a typical balcony railing design. Here wood panelling is used to make a different aesthetic look for your home. wooden house front balcony railing It not only makes the design look elegant, especially if you match it with the colours of your door, but it also provides privacy to your home. 

#3 Matching Exteriors With the Balcony

If your house’s exterior is light-coloured, you can opt for an iron and wooden balcony railing design to make your house look unique. black glass balcony railings You can further accentuate it with wooden and black accents for the remaining exterior. 

#4 Dual Balconies

If your house is quite spacious and you are blessed with two balconies, you can make the balconies look more cohesive with the same wire iron balcony railing design on both the balconies and the patio as well. 

#5 Stylish X-style Railing

Balconies are an excellent place for lounging, but if you don’t want them to be functional and just look good, that’s acceptable too. For your balcony railing to look good, you can go for the decorative X-style railing, which makes your balcony look visually fantastic. 

#6 Wooden Columns For a Rustic Feel

To give your house a rustic feel and a different look from traditional balcony designs, an iron balcony with a wood railing is a perfect choice. You can also use wooden columns with glass and other wooden accents to give it a perfect match. 

Also check the latest steel balcony railing designs here as well. 

#7 Keeping it Breezy

The most simple way to amp up a modern balcony in your home is to add some oxygen plants along with a hanging patio or bohemian-style furniture. This ensures a tropical paradise and a spot to relax in the morning and evening. 

Additionally, this keeps the balcony an open space to enjoy the outdoors and keeps it breezy and comfortable in a warm climate. 

#8 Glass Panels For Visibility 

Glass panels give you the best visibility of the outside world even when you are seated. They won’t give the best privacy, but you can show off the best assets of your home. A glass panel can bring a lot of style to the design of your home. 

Don’t forget to choose the right balcony safety grill designs as well. Railing designs will provide you with ultimate privacy and security in your home.

#9 Glass Panels With Wooden and Iron Accents

You can also mix the glass panels with iron and wooden accents. This design idea not only blends with the rest of the design but also provides extra safety for pets and children. 

#10 Traditional Wrought Iron Railing 

If your home is quite spacious and big, you’ll want to make it look elegant. For this, a traditional wrought iron balcony railing is perfect. It goes well with an off-white exterior and gives a pop of contrast without taking much away. 

Have a look at the latest balcony decoration ideas with images here.

Ready To Give Your Home a Makeover?

Balconies offer both style and function. It is crucial to choose the right balcony railing design to improve the aesthetics of your home. Glass designs are great for contemporary designs while iron and wood are incredible to give your home a rustic feel. 


  1. How do I choose a balcony railing?

The first step to choosing a balcony railing is to determine the space and the reasonable budget for adopting any balcony railing. The second is to research what materials would be ideal for a balcony railing as per your budget. Evaluate the height of your deck, choose a colour and style, and you are ready to install the balcony railing on your balcony. 

  1. What metal is used for balconies?

Usually, both iron and steel are used on balconies, but steel is the most common choice among homeowners. However, if you want to give your house a rustic feel then iron is the most suitable choice. Iron combined with wooden accents looks even better. 

  1. What is the standard height of a balcony railing?

The standard height of guards for home decks and balconies is between 36 to 42 inches however, the height for the railings should be between 33 inches to 39 inches. This also depends upon the height of the family members living in the house.

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