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Best Plants To Bring Positivity To Your Home!

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Have you been feeling the blues lately, or stressed and gloomy for just no reason at all? If you answered yes to these questions, then, you might also be looking for solutions to help you out quickly. 

If your home has been looking a bit dull, and you want to brighten up the space a bit, then flowers do wonder. It might be time that you make the trip to your nearest florist for the best-potted flowers, or even purchase seeds from any online flora store. 

Keeping flowers and maintaining greenery at home is one of the primary ways by which you can promote the influence of positivity in your home. 

Some plants are believed to be directly connected with good vibes as they help in smoothly rejuvenating your home’s and your spiritual energy. Some are even believed to help in successful manifestation of success, love, and peace. 

So, if you are looking for easy ways to incorporate the best plants and flowers to bring positivity to your home, then this blog is perfect for you. Bring out the best in your home by investing in at least one of the following mentioned plants. 

Bring positivity with these plants!

Shami plant

Certain plants such as the Shami plant, or the Acacia polyacantha Willd, have the ability of warding off negativity from oneself and the surroundings, attracting positivity, success, and prosperity. 

Shami Plant

They are also believed to improve the financial status of a person, bringing calm and serenity into one’s life. The flowers that grow bloom very slowly, and once they do, they look pale yellow and bright pink or are combined with an off-white shade. 

So, by growing the Shami plant at home, you not only attract goodness towards yourself but can also literally use this plant to overcome any medical issues that you may be suffering from. Almost all parts of the Shami plant can be consumed- the fruit, leaves, and roots. 

Brahmi plant

As a Sanskrit word, Brahmi is directly derived from the name of Lord Brahma, and Brahmi in its literal sense, itself means energy. It is a very popular Ayurvedic herb that has played a significant role in promoting medical wellness. 

Brahmi Plant

Its benefits are scientifically approved and even the Western culture has approved its existence in their medical practices. Apart from its significant medical benefits, ancient Ayurvedic practitioners state that the Brahmi plant intends to promote spiritual wellness as well. 

The Brahmi plant helps in proper regulation of one’s intellect, rejuvenation, strength, mental stability, longevity, prosperity in wealth and health, beauty, eliminating black magic, and warding off dark energies from your surroundings. 

You must have seen your grandparents or even parents planting the Brahmi plant, and now you know the beneficial reasons as well. 

Elaichi plant

The Elaichi, or cardamom plant, is an aromatic herb believed to give out an essence of purity and goodness to the surroundings. For centuries, this plant has been used for healing medical issues, raising spiritual awareness, and protecting one’s positive energy. 

Elaichi Plant

By stimulating not just the mental state of a person by attracting good vibes to the home, it also keeps the heart and body healthy on consumption of this herb. Overall, the Elaichi plant will be a great addition to your home. 

Parijat flower

Also known as the Night Blooming Jasmine because it blooms in the latter part of the day in late September to December, the Parijat plant has many religious and spiritual backings to it. 

Parijat flower

This plant is grown in most Indian households not only because of its medical potential but also for its positive energy. The Parijat plant is believed to energize the surroundings and cleanse one’s soul with its soft, sweet smell. 

According to Vaastu, these plants are highly recommended to be placed in the southwest, northwest, or east sides of the home. On doing so, you will be luring financial and mental stability to your home. You can consume the Parijat leaf and honey juice to cure fever, cough, and any intestinal or digestive problem. 

Ajwain plant

The Ajwain plant has been considered a very auspicious plant, and has been seen to be placed in most Hindu Indian households. According to ancient beliefs, the Ajwain plant holds the power to eliminate bad luck and negative energy, and cure illnesses; thereby, promoting enhanced wealth and health. 

Ajwain Plant

On a spiritual level, it is believed to maintain one’s chakra levels by supporting the Root Chakra’s existence impulses; Solar Plexus Chakra by focusing on one’s strength and power; and the Throat Chakra by encouraging only truthful communication. 

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All of the mentioned plants are highly recommended to be grown in your homes. They are also great gifts to present someone at a housewarming party to help positive energy fill their home as well. 

All the negative vibes that you might have been feeling lately will be diminished as soon as you introduce a bit of colour in your home and life. Forget about having to deal with stress anymore and purchase these plants today!

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