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10 Vastu Tips for the Success of Your Business

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Vastu Tips for Your Business – Your office is the place where you plan and design your career path and future. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that your business establishment offers a serene and positive work environment for the success of the business and higher profits. Any business or office space must have a balance between the five crucial elements according to Vastu Shastra – sky, earth, fire, water and air, and this balance will bring harmony, overall success, and profit into your business. So, if you are planning to design a profitable and successful working environment ensure to consider the below mentioned Vastu Tips for Office to bring prosperity and success to your business.

Shape of Plot

According to the Vastu Tips, it is always best to choose a square or rectangular plot for the construction of the office space. Besides, the height of the Architecture must be equal from all the sides in order to experience fruitful and profitable returns from the business.

The Face of the Building

Whether it is Vastu Tips for Home or Office, you must always prefer choosing the plot for building that faces north or northwest or northeast. This is the direction that attracts luck, positive energy and prosperity. It is extremely essential that the main door or entrance of your office face east or north direction for the success of the business in the long run.


The idol of deity or picture that you worship daily must be placed in the northeast direction of the office building. According to Vastu Experts, placing the idol of deity or pictures in northeast direction would bring luck and prosperity in the business. So, ensure placing them in the northeast direction of your office building to see effective results and positive outcomes in business.

Sitting Arrangements of Employees

As per the Vastu guidelines, the employees of an office must face north or east while working. Therefore, employers must make the sitting arrangement for employees in north or east direction and ensure that no working staff dist under the light beam in the office premises. If the light beam in your office is unavoidable, you must ensure to cover the light beam using wooden board or other materials to obstruct the direct light beam.


In order to have a strong financial support system within your business, you must ensure that the account department of your office is designed in north or east direction and all financial records are required to be stored in cabinets that face north or southeast direction. This will help the accounts and finances of your business to flourish in leaps and bounds. Plus, you will see amazing profits and success in your business.

Furniture Arrangements

The Business Houses Consult Vastu Expert suggests that employees in the managerial position must work on rectangular tables in office and the table must be positioned in north or east direction. So, all employees including managers and assistants must position their work tables and workstations towards north or east direction while working in office. This will bring profits and success to any business.

Colour Schemes for Businesses

In order to create a positive aura in the work environment of your office, it is always suggested to use bright and pleasant colour schemes. Blue, white and grey hues are considered to be the best colour schemes for working environment and this will bring positivity within the office establishment and urge employees to work at their full potential.

Lighting Tips

The Vastu Experts always suggest that offices and businesses must be well-lit and sufficiently ventilated to prevent diseases and negativity within the working environment. Natural lighting from sunlight must be highly preferred wherever possible because the artificial lighting always hampers the natural balance of human body. So, ensure that your office space has sufficient windows and ventilators for influx of natural lighting during daytime.

Add-on Vastu Tips

You must ensure to place aquarium in northeast direction of your office premise with 9 goldfish and one black fish. This will bring in positivity and luck to your office and you will see your business flourishing thereafter.

Must-Do Tips

Remove all clutters from office as it obstruct the inflow of positive energy and ensure that entrance and doors within office are free from obstacles.

So, these were some of Vastu Tips to Ensure Success in Business and you must apply these tips to see positive results in your business.

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  1. Wow, I never knew that there are so many Vastu remedies for office space as well. I always thought Vastu is only for home. Thanks a lot for sharing such an important topic with us. This is like a checklist for me to make corrections in my office. I’m going to follow this religiously.


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