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All you Need to Know about Round Beds

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Round Bed Designs 

Round beds look crazily good in movies and are often spotted in big mansions. They need the correct setting to look the best. You need to take care of various things while buying the right round bed, like the size of the room, the height of the tallest person sleeping on the bed, and other things. 

Sleeping arrangements that have a spherical mattress are not at all traditional. You may have come across it while reading a round bed design catalog. We sometimes avoid buying round beds, especially because of their design and shape. Their size is unfit for a conventional bedroom. 

So you just need the perfect model to fit in your room. The below article will tell you how to do that. But first, let us look at the history of round bed designs. These beds came into existence in the 1960s. Back then, they were seen as one of the most stylish elements. This is why they were seen in high-end mansions and luxury hotels. 

They had a different and unique design free from the usual rectangular bed. When the year ended, the beds were seen in more bedrooms; however, they were not that common. After a couple of decades, these were seen in movies and TV shows.

Even if you do not want a round bed, you can get it for your pet easily. You can get a mini round bed for your dog without spending much of your money. They can be cleaned quite easily as well.

Despite all of this, round beds are now back in the game, and for a good reason. They are now sleeker and stylish. Let us quickly dive into its benefits. 

Benefits of a Round Bed Design

If you want to update your room decor without much hard work, this is the easiest way. You cannot get updated with the same rectangular bed. 

Easy Placement

You can place the bed in the center or any corner, so there is no lack of options for placing the bed. 


Children find it safe to play and jostle around because the bed doesn’t have sharp and pointy edges. Your kid is not prone to injury for sure. It gives a sense of liberation and playfulness to the children.

You can get a round mattress for the bed too. It provides a different look and feels to the room. Here, you should also know about Sleeping direction and bed position as per Vastu.

Round bed designs come in styles like the 70s or Hollywood Regency design. Round beds can steal the monotony from your room. So no, we will dig into some of the latest round bed designs you can find online.

You can change these to your desired colors and inquire about them before buying one. 

  • Round Platform Bed

It is a luxurious bed with a tufted headboard and is completely customizable. It is available in bronze velvet and leather, beige linen, and faux suede too.Round Platform Bed

  • 21st Century Post-Future Bed

This bed is handcrafted in walnut wood. It is upholstered in cotton velvet, and it is the best for an aesthetic environment.21st Century Post-Future Bed

You can customize it according to your desired dimensions, colors, and textiles. Apart from that these types of woods are used in modern furniture designs for perfect finishing.

  • Contemporary Round Bed

This one originates from Italy and is made of Canaletto walnut wood. Its headboard comes to switch a Vienna straw panel which adds a little bit of spice to it.Contemporary Round Bed

  • Lullaby Bed

It has a swivel base which is 360degree round. This ethereal bed is available in many colors. You also get a mattress song with it, which is designed by Luigi Massoni and 967.Lullaby Bed

  • Gray Linford Platform Bed

This bed has a cute, elegant, and unique design. Do you know what the best part about this bed is? It can be used with a regular compatible mattress. So you get all the perks and comfort too.Gray Linford Platform Bed

  • Modern Round Platform Bed

This round bed design comes in black and red colors. It is perfect for modern bed setups. It is cob\vered with vinyl, and its slats are euro-covered. You do not require a box spring or other things. And there are also vast variety of Modern double bed designs. These are also very much famous in India.Modern Round Platform Bed

  • Venetian Round Bed

This one is made primarily of faux white leather. Its headboard is curvy with a vertical tuft. You can fit this bed into modern and glamorous bedrooms.Venetian Round Bed

  • Three Sixty No.1 Bed

This is a technology bed; its headboard is arranged to provide comfort by its curved and crescent shape. It rotates to 360 degrees by pressing a button on the headboard or using the app. Its base glows but comes at a heavy cost of $300,000.Three Sixty No.1 Bed

  • Oslo Round Bed

This round bed design has built-in headboard lights and even bedside tables. You can even use a rectangular mattress designed with faux leather upholstery. This bed is all you need. Oslo Round Bed

  • Outdoor Daybed

You can take your round bed outside as well. This bed is modular and made of wicker. It can come apart, and multiple people can sit on it. It has a canopy, four pillows, and five cushions. Not such a crazy idea after all!Outdoor Daybed


Thus, to sum up, we can say that these were some of the round bed designs that are very much in trend these days. These cost a lot, but once you buy them, they will surely enhance the room’s look with their unique shape and luxurious look. These have different types and even employ technology for your benefit. So you should research and buy one of these very soon. It will give regal vibes to your bedroom and leave you in awe. Round bed designs also have benefits that are mentioned above.

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