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Vastu-Approved Lucky Plants for Your Home

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Vastu Shastra is an ancient principle which stresses on the alignment of spaces with natural forces and inculcating these principles when planting the lucky plants in your household will definitely give you an unexpected, great outcome.

It can attract all the positive energy and ward off evil eyes. Now, this blog will walk you through the ideal plants that can bring good fortune to you according to the vastu shastra.

Following this will no doubt create a harmonious living space for you and your loved ones. So, let us delve into it.

Understanding Vastu Shastra and Plants 

There is not one but many reasons to point out on why these ancient Indian philosophical principles matter while looking for the best plants for your home. 

Understanding Vastu Shastra and Plants

One of the main reasons is that the alignment of the living spaces with natural forces will contribute to harmony and positive energy.

These plants will not only bring good fortunes but also aid in the natural flow of fresh air which has the ability to foster a serene atmosphere.

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Holy Basil (Tulsi)

Holy Basil which is known in the Indian context as Tulsi is widely regarded among the Indian public for their spiritual importance.


They can rectify the imbalances in energy and have a lot of medicinal values too. They are known for exuding positive energy and absorbing all the lingering negative energies.

Placing them in the right direction can definitely help you attract spiritual energy. They are generally positioned in the northeast or east direction, the direction where the sun rises, so that we can maximize the benefits that it offers.

They can also elevate the health conditions of the occupants of the household as they are helpful not only because of their medicinal properties but also in creating an inviting atmosphere.

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Money Plant

This plant is loved among the garden lovers for the good luck that it can bring home. When it can filter out the impurities from the air, studies show that they also contribute hugely to our mental well-being.


They help in reducing anxiety and stress due to its soothing effects. These plants are known for promoting positive vibes, wherever they are planted.

They attract all the joy and happiness and are considered as symbols of love and good luck. They are also said to improve cognitive functions and memory, thus elevating its benefits.

It will be well and good if you plant it in the southeast corner of your home to maximize its positivity. It is also suggested that you plant it in a green or blue pot, according to Vastu.

Hibiscus Plants

Hibiscus plants have always held a great place in Indian households not only for their vibrant flowers but also for their cultural significance.


They are considered as plants which would bring great fortune and well-being into our homes thus acting as symbols of prosperity and blooming.

According to the ancient Vastu Shastra, the northeast direction is considered as one of the best positions for the flourishing of your hibiscus plant.

Positioning the plant in this direction in your house is believed to be very good to transmit positive energy throughout the home which will in turn bring about a peaceful atmosphere.

It is also said to be instrumental in inspiring wealth to the members of the house. Not only that, depending upon the kind of energy that you want to attract, you can choose different colours of these flowering plants.

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Jade Plant

This plant is loved among the people as it is known to attract wealth to the household. It is so powerful that it is otherwise known as the money tree.


These plants which have thick heart shaped succulent looking leaves will definitely aid you in the financial well-being if it is placed in the east corners of your household.

If position in south corner, it is said to attract children luck and northwest locations will help you enhance in the field of learning as it can attract good mentors.

The flowering plants are also known to foster good friendship for the homeowners and the fragrance of the flowers are believed to symbolize great friendship. 

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Peace Lily

This flowering plant which symbolizes peace and harmony is also one of the most loved lucky plants according to vastu.


These plants are grown exclusively indoors due to its low-maintenance nature. The white blossoms of this plant add a touch of serenity to the space that it inhabits.

You can use organic fertilizer in certain seasons to help the plant in its blooming. These plants absorb the acetone vapours that the products you use give out.

They are also known for their air purifying abilities. Positioning them in the northeast or southeast corner can promote calmness and make the atmosphere inviting. 

Caring for Your Lucky Plants 

These plants about which the blog post discussed so far can bring you good fortune only if it is taken proper care.

Caring for Your Lucky Plants

They need to be given proper soil, ample sunlight and water for them to flourish and exude the energy that it is said to give out.

You have to uproot them and plant in a different place if they outrun the containers in which they are currently planted.

Take extra care between how many intervals you have to water the plants as certain plants will not require a lot of water.

Among other things that you care about, if you place the plant pots that are considered ideal for their growth according to the Vastu directions, they can definitely bring you a lot of benefits.

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Thus, aligning the plants in the right vastu directions and following the right horticultural practices can make your house brim with all the positive energy.

So, what are you waiting for? Find the right plants for your home, place them in the right directions, give them mindful attention and see the transformation that it brings to your home.

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