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Drumstick Plant. Its benefits, drawback and vastu

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Common names include moringa, drumstick tree, horseradish tree, and ben oil tree or benzolive tree.

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Installing a plant at home is an age old ritual. When it comes to drumstick plant you will be awestruck to know the unconventional benefits be it health benefits or drumstick vastu it facilitates. The vastu itself has immense significance not only in your success but mitigating the impact of failures as well. However you can refer to the complete guide on vastu for trees and plants here but some significant benefits of vastu in the context of drumstick plant are as follows:-

Drumstick builds up the Immunity

Drumstick plant or Moringa Tree combined with vastu has magical results on your health. The dual impact of drumstick place at your home and its consumption can bring your immunity to the next level. In order to get the best benefit consumes it daily with turmeric and you can get your stronger self within days. Many people including the yoga guru Ramdev recommends the usage of this powerful plant at your courtyard. You can procure it easily from the nursery next door.

Don’t forget to check vastu tips for home. Here are some free vastu shastra tips for entire home to make your home vastu compliant as per experts.

Drumstick or Moringa Tree Enhances Metabolism

When it comes to controlling the weight metabolism is the key. People tend to fell for allopathic medicine that may help temporarily. To get the long lasting impact you must rely on the natural spices. Drumstick is one of the old forms of plant that acts as a natural medicine that helps boost and enhance your metabolism in the best manner.drumstick plant picture

You can get it from the super mart or other grocery store. Given below are the list of websites from where you can buy it online. However to add some additional vastu benefits try to plant it in your house. It’s always advisable to plant drumstick or moringa tree as per vaastu guidelines to get positive energy. Right direction can help you in getting the right results. On the contrary if the placement is not as per vaastu than it may not give you the optimum result.

Don’t forget to check Vastu tips for Money Plant here while bringing it home.

Nowadays you can get easy access to vaastu advisers online and read all about vastu here. You can also get some ideas through the reference. Choose the one that you feel most connected with. You may get the chance of taking their free consultation before taking the actual session on planting drumstick plant or moringa tree at home. This can give you an idea of authenticity and knowledge of the person. At times reviews might be biased so don’t just rely on that. Use your instinct before making any decision or arriving to any conclusion.

Drumstick or Moringa acts as an Anti aging Ingredient

Drumstick plant and its vastu impact is a blessing in disguise. Once the plant is full grown you can discover some of its hidden benefits. There are certain fashions you can make use of it to get multiple benefit. One of them is using it as an anti aging ingredient. You can use it daily empty stomach with hot water continuously for a period of year or more or lifelong. The best part is you don’t have to worry about any sorts of side affect. Soon you will discover that everything is changing except your age.

Drumstick Moringa Benefits

If placed as per the vastu guidelines the impact might be ten folds. For the same reason it’s good to grow it in your garden rather than buying it in the preserved form through the retail outlet.

People who do so are bereft from the immense advantages they can get through the deadly combo of the in-house plant with the unparallel vaastu. If you are still wondering or in doubt than start nourishes the plant to see the wonder. Alternatively you can check with the people who already have in-house drumstick plant in their vicinity.

Drumstick / Moringa Improves your skin

People spend hefty amout on dermatogist to get that glowing skin. Hardly do they know with the minimal investment they can get even better results. All they need is to get the drumstick plant in their backyard or as advised by the vastu education. You may be lucky to discover some facts online for free. If it works than nothing better. Drumstick plant is rich in all sorts of vitamins and minerals. You can consume it in multiple ways. Use it with the tea or in your meals on regular basis. You can check the results within couple of weeks.

Act as a catalyst in religious ceremonies

Last but not the least drumstick places at your home as per the vaastu is the best ingredient used in the prayer and other rituals at home. Priest used it in the hawan ceremony to reap the best benefits. It’s a believe that such plants are the purest to perform the religious acts. So drumstick and its vasstu can act as a tool to fulfill any of the wish in the fastest ways.

Where to buy Drumstick Plant or Moringa Tree Online:

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Usually there’s hardly any drawback of having drumstick plant. It has always benefited the mankind. You can use it without a second thought. It at all you feel that it’s serving no purpose or affecting your adversely than consult the vastu expert. This may be an exception but when it comes to the stars there are lots of dynamics in the perspective of all sorts.  Nevertheless we really wish it should work in your favour in all sence.

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  1. This information is super useful to me. I never knew that drumstick has such amazing benefits. I always thought it was used to add flavor to food thats it. But after reading this, I am surprised to know how good drumstick can be for our health. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  2. I did not know about the existence of drumstick plants up until now. Won’t lie that this blog has been a great read. I am going to find if there are any online stores near my area who sell this plant. Thank you!


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