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Top Indoor Plants That Helps in Attracting Positivity and Peace

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From ancient times our yogis have been meditating with their backs against the trees. There must have been a solid reason for that. It is because being present in the energy of plants helps them to attain good focus and stay grounded. Even the scientists agree with the fact that plants have a sort of positive energy that helps in cleaning the air with oxygen.

By providing fresh and purified air, plants help us to feel naturally happier and awake. It will be unfair to say these Plants are meant to exhale oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide. There are many things apart from that which they offer.

Plants are natural sources that help in decreasing anxiety and stress. And the best part is there are several plants that provide us with great nutritional value for ingesting.

So, it depends on us, if we choose the right plant for our house or office, they can help to create a positive aura by inhaling the negative vibes and exhaling the positive energy in the environment.

List of indoor plants

 That is what makes them natural healers as they provide life, healing, concentration, and spiritual connection.

 Here are some indoor plants that can help you attract positivity in your space:

Money Plant:

Money Plants are a great source to attract wealth, positivity, and fortune in your home. It has great significance if we take the Vastu aspect of money plant under consideration. According to Vastu, money plants help to overcome the financial hurdles and can help in bringing overall abundance.Money Plant

To install a money plant one must consider that it requires repotting so try to opt for a bigger pot. Small pots used for money plants can restrict their growth. The best part about a money plant is that it can grow anywhere from indoors to outdoors.

Money plant is very flexible in terms of growth, you can grow this plant in water as well. For that, you need to keep the bottle in which you have planted the money plant near a window so that it can climb up. All you need to take care of is the water level every week.

Direction to place money plant:

Money plant is believed to filter air and improve the air quality which in turn adds a supplementary element of peace and tranquillity. According to Vastu, it is advised to keep the money plant in the North direction. South and South-East directions are also favourable to plant this specific plant to attract wellness.

Bamboo Plant:

The bamboo plant is a plant of positivity and purity. One can easily maintain a bamboo plant because of its low-maintenance quality. It is believed that it brings harmony and peace to life. According to Vastu, each stalk of bamboo has its own importance. People believe that the bamboo plant brings happiness and is a symbol of long life as well. If you use six bamboo stalks it can bring luck and wealth as per Vastu.Lucky Bamboo Vastu - Indoor Plant

There are certain maintenance tips that one must follow while planting a Bamboo plant :

  • Make sure that the root of the bamboo plant is covered with the distilled water.
  • Use pebbles to add support to the plant.
  • Cut the yellow and dried leaves with a pair of shears.
  • The bamboo plant does not need direct sunlight, so an adequate amount of sunlight is fine for its growth

Direction to place a bamboo plant:

Bamboo plant is not only lucky but one of the popular plants used to gift someone really auspicious. The east side of your home is the best location where you can place a bamboo plant. As per Vastu, It is advised to place your bamboo plant in a glass container so that its roots are visible.

Snake Plant:

Snake Plant is one of the most popular indoor plants. It has gotten so much recognition after NASA has chosen it for study. It is preferred by almost everyone who knows about indoor plants because you don’t have to care about it to that extent. Snake Plant is well-known for its quality to thrive even in the toughest situation. Snake Plant Vastu Direction

The snake plant gives cheerful vibes and attracts positivity from its vibrant colour. It absorbs particulate matter and VOCs from the environment thereby creating a healthy and peaceful environment.

One can easily maintain a snake plant as it is one of the easiest plants to grow. Even it does not need that much water to grow if you are leaving your house for few days, you need to just water it once. Due to its hard nature, it can relatively grow in a dry environment as well. But, you need to make sure that you do not overwater this plant. Because that might cause harm to this plant. If we talk about the sunlight, then adequate sunlight or basically indirect sunlight would be best for this plant.

Direction for snake plant:

If a snake plant is placed in the ideal position it can attract good luck. Snake plant is one of the best air purifying plants which helps in purifying the air and absorb toxic gases from the environment. As per Vastu, the best location to place the Snake plant so that it can bring positive energy is East. One can also choose the South or South-East direction to place the snake plant for auspiciousness.

Plants help to clear out the stale and stagnant energies from the environment thereby enhancing the essence of peace and positivity. Therefore, one should go for these highly energetic positive plants.

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Hence, having some indoor plants in your surroundings can light up your surroundings and filter your aura. Moreover, it can help to bring out positivity and peace in the surroundings So, try having some of these plants and nurture them with care, they are meant to absorb the negativity around you and reward you with fortune and luck.

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  1. I never knew indoor plants had many benefits before coming across this informative article. I didn’t give enough importance to decorating my home with plants before; had I known their positive aspects, I would have started decorating my home with plants sooner. I didn’t know there were so many plants with the different attractions of positivity and peace and so many other beneficial properties that could bring happiness and calming into my home. I am grateful for this article for realizing all this information that helped me make my home more decorative, beautiful, and positive. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Indoor plants not only improve the aesthetics of a space, but studies show that they also improve emotions, stimulate creativity, and reduce stress, resulting in a healthier, happier person. Appreciate to the inputs you’ve given


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