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Best Indoor Plants India – What are the Benefits of having an Indoor Plant?

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Best Indoor Plants India – Keeping a small shrub or a plant has become a trend in today’s world and people have started keeping plants not just in their balcony but also in their homes. Some say that it brings out happiness, prosperity and good luck for the family and their members. There are too many benefits of these plants and the plants that you can keep in your house include Jasmine, Sage, Basil, Lavender, rose and yes, of course, money plant.

So, let’s see all the aspects of the indoor plants and how can they help in bettering the Vaastu of a place.

  • If we are to believe facts then it is said that if you clip your money plant and give it to someone else, this means that you are giving a part of your wealth to someone else and the person you have given the plant to will get a better income. It also means that you are giving out your luck to someone else. And according to a belief, it is said that if you steal the branch or plant from someplace, you are going to never prosper in your life until you have that plant.
  • Now lets us see the Vaastu for money plant because it is also a very important and lethal part to know before keeping it in your house. But one thing should be very clear in your head that whatever you own and keep in your house, according to the astrology all of those things together constitute as good or bad to your house’s Vaastu.
  • It is not just the direction of your house sums up your Vaastu everything and anything can matter to make your livelihood good and bad. Now, this needs a lot of understanding and thinking when it comes to positioning them correctly and in the right direction.
  • As told earlier, the money plant is something that goes rightly with its name and it also has a very rupee note like the structure of the leaves. So, it makes a great impact on the financial condition of the house and those earning there. Therefore whenever you are going to pot a money plant in your house you need to be very careful and should keep in mind a few facts.
  • First thing first, see when it is believed that a money plant is directly connected to your financial status then do nurture it and keep it in a good shape by regularly watering it and keeping it healthy. Because if the plant dries it is said that things can be inauspicious for you. So, do maintain your plant.
  • Coming on to the Vaastu of the placement of the plant, it is strictly not asked to keep it in the North-East direction. It is said that not only it leads to the loss of money for the family members but it also affects the health of every person adversely. So, this plant is not just related to your money, it also has a lot of affection for health issues as well.
  • Talking of inauspicious things, one more thing that you should keep in mind is the leaves and stem touching the floor. It is said that if the leaves and stem of the plant touch the floor it brings bad luck as well as health issues to the members of the family. So, if your plant grows, just cut it and plant it somewhere else but don’t let it fall and crawl on the floor.
  • It is said that the money plant should be kept in the South-East direction of your house. This is ideally the best position to keep the plant because it is said to be the direction of Lord Ganesha and he brings health, prosperity and also peace.
  • And even if you don’t believe, this is the fact that the money plant’s color tells you how much amount of money you will have. And what exactly this means is, the greener your plant’s leaves be the better and stronghold you get in your income.
  • One more Vaastu Shastra thing, it is a well-known fact that this plant is not just known to bring in lots of money, but it also is known to dispel negativity from the house and get some positivist. And this is not just inside the house, it happens to affect nearby house as well.

So, you should be very well acquainted with the 4 Cardinal Directions of the house, because until you know about this, there are sleek chances that you might get the most of this plant. And yes it is always good to keep it inside your house so that it is not hampered and destroyed. Moreover, it is very important for you to very precisely note all the points given in the bullets above so that you get all the best things from this.

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  1. I am going to show this to my husband. He always thinks that Indoor plants are waste and they will die as soon as we keep them around in the house. He must know how beneficial these plants can be for everyone. Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. You have mentioned great benefits of owning an indoor plant, thank you for them! Still, I was expecting more indoor plant examples apart from the money plant. What other plants would you suggest for a small sized room?


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