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Vastu Tips for Trees and Plants

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As we know that we Indians are so much conscious about how we look, or how our house looks because for us it has always been the first impression is the last impression. We always keep our house updated and decorated. And for decorating or enhancing the look of our house we have so many ideas, modern techniques, artificial stuff, some natural things and many more. Talking about the natural way of enhancing the look then how come we forget about plants. From years now, plants have been living so hard just in order to provide humans that basic thing to live peacefully and without which they cannot live. Guess what that particular thing is? Oxygen? Naah. It’s the way it decorates our house. Laughing? I am serious you guys. These days’ plants especially money is used up so widely in order to decorate houses.

As green plants and trees not just add beauty to your house but provide fresh air to the people living inside. However, it is a mandatory thing to put an effort when you are actually looking forward to investing your money into plants that will be set up within your house boundaries. But have you ever thought that plant’s location can actually affect the vastu shastra of your place and if not placed properly at a proper place then it can show up the adverse effect on to the family member’s health, wealth? So let us know what vastu says about the direction of the plants and which particular location should they be placed.

  1. Plants which are thorny and milking should be avoided putting at home as they are called the inauspicious plants. And some plants are prohibited in living place or near living space due to some mythology and scientific reasons.
  1. Trees like Banyan and Peepal should always and always be planted at the temple and not at all at home or near home.
  1. Tulsi is a plant which is highly revered and auspicious too. It should always be kept either in north, east or north-east direction. It is also said that women who are undergoing their menstrual cycle should strictly stay away from it as it is first of all a religious plant and people actually worship it and secondly it emits negative energy which is adverse for the plant. Check the list of indoor plants, if you want one.
  1. Lucky Bamboo plant is usually considered a plant which brings up all the peace and luck to the people living in the house. It is also believed that it brings fame and wealth. If you are thinking that it is the same and common bamboo plant then a big no, it is different from any other normal bamboo plant. And there is no such particular side at which it should be kept.
  1. Money plant is one of the most common and found almost at every house. Talking about the direction then it should always be placed at north or east direction. People believe that money plants bring wellness in wealth and luck in the house. Greener the money plant more the income is to be seen in the house. But one thing you should keep in mind is always to check the plant care tips before buying one for your garden.
  1. Coconut and Ashoka tree can, of course, can’t be placed inside the house or in the small garden attached to your house as they are really well voluminous in shape and size but yes if you have a big garden or courtyard then definitely plant one of it at least. It is believed that the Ashoka tree brings all the joy and happiness into your life and eliminates all the suffering and grief from your family. And coconut has so many benefits so why not plant it and personally enjoy the benefit rather than buying one.
  1. Neem plant is said that brings all the positivity and happiness into the house. And not to forget its benefits in medicinal terms. It is considered auspicious as per vastu. Neem tree should be placed or planted in the north-west direction. And air should flow through it first and then enter the rooms as this thing considered quite beneficial health wise.
  1. Plum blossom is a white flower plant which denotes peace and harmony. It invites wealth, happiness and calmness at the home. This particular plant helps in bringing the positivity and happy vibe. These are best placed in either the north-east or north side of the house. But if one wishes to plant it any other side in order to enhance the look of the house then no worries you can plant it anywhere, in any direction it will not show any adverse effect.

So if you are planting trees or plants in your house or your garden, then just check out these details, to know the better side of things. Also just check the DecorChamp website for more tips.

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  1. In my home, I have bamboo and a money plant. I’d want to cultivate more Vastu-related plants for luck and wealth. Thank you for providing these wonderful ideas. Plants are said to bring a different energy into the house, but we must position them correctly if we want them to work effectively. Can you focus on that aspect as well? Thank you.

  2. I am passionate about gardening my terrace and making it look green, like a terrace garden. For such passionate gardening people, This article is much helpful in describing Vastu Shastra’s tips for planting trees and plants. The organization of the points in this article is firmly placed. I am implementing all these tips, which are described in this article, to make my terrace garden more beautiful and according to Vastu Shastra


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