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The Utilities of Different House Paints

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Pants were used to enhance the house’s look and also provide protection. Paints are available in different types, shades, hues, and colors. You should know the features of each kind of Paint so you can easily select the Paint you want for your home.   

There are many types of paints nowadays and many brands of these different types of paints. Some best Paint companies are Nerolac, Asian Paints, etc. they serve premium quality paints that last long and don’t come off easily.     

It also beautifies the look of your house and enhances your furniture. So you should always select the kind of Paint you need for your home, and in this blog, we will help you find that one. So let us go into the blog for deeper knowledge. 

Types of paints and their features

There are many types of paints, such as oil paints, distemper Paint, enamel paint, plastic Paint, and the like. Let us discuss the various types.  

Different types of paint color


  • Oil paints
    This Paint has a white lead and is applied in three coatings. The primer, undercoat, and finish coat are applied in the same order. The Paint is available in matte and glossy types. You can use this Paint on your walls, windows, metal objects, and more. However, you must use this Paint if you reside in a humid area because it takes a lot of time to dry.
  • Enamel Paint
    This part contains lead or zinc for varnishing. There are available in different colors and pigmentations. This forms a hard and glossy coating and is extremely stable. It is a durable paint a d is also waterproof. It resists chemicals and gives good coverage and color termination as well.

    You can use this Paint for interior and exterior walls, woods, doors, floors, windows, stress, concrete, alter, glass, metals, and more. These paints take some time to dry up completely, and you have to give the initial coating of titanium for these.
  • Emulsion Paint
    This Paint uses polyvinyl acetate as its binding material and polystyrene as well. This one also contains dryers for Paint like cobalt and manganese. These paints dry up quickly and are hard, so you can dry them up and clean them easily. They are also durable, offer color retention, and have alkali resistance. You can use these on walls, ceilings, and masons can use them too.
  • Cement form of Paint
    This Paint is available in the paint shops in the form of powder. It has a white or cement-colored base and some pigments such as accelerators and other additives. You can mix it with water ad achieve the required consistency.
  • Bituminous Paint
    It is waterproof, Paints, and Akali resistant as well. If you leave it open in the sun, it fades as it deteriorates in the sunlight. It is used in underwater iron works and concrete foundations and gives
    rust resistance to iron pipes.
  • Aluminum Paint
    This is corrosion-free and electricity and waterproof as well. It is used on metals, gas tanks, wood, oil tanks, water pipe, and radiators.
  • Anti-corrosive Paint
    This Paint is chemical resistant, as its name suggests. It is made for licensed oil zinc homes and sand. It is available in black color and is highly durable and long-lasting. It is used for metallic pipes and other surfaces made from metal.

Distemper Paint

There are three types of paints in the Distemper paint category.

Distemper paint color

  • Acrylic Paint
    This kind of Paint has more than 1000 types of variation. They dry up quickly and give a smooth matte finish compared to other paints. They also give out a smooth matte finish when compared to other types. It is water-based Paint and is highly affordable.
  • Plastic Paint
    It is also glossy and more prone to scratches, and the first layer is removed. It also emits a powerful odor and is not good for people having breathing issues. It gives a plasticity look and feels, so it has this name.

    It uses water as thinner and comes in seral colors. You can see that auditorium ceilings, showrooms, slabs, decks, etc., have a soft and glossy look. It is good for painting some surfaces which give a sheen look.

  • Royale Paint
    This is a luxury paint that gives a classy and elegant look. It is simple to take care of and has lungs saving feature of less odor. It is easily washable, so you can easily wash off dirt and other things. It is also highly durable, so some stains can be avoided using it. Even for 7 to 8 years, they don’t come off. It is also a very affordable and
    sturdy Paint.

Now we have discussed some of the paints. But we know that a good purchase is the one that gives extra benefits. So we can avail good quality paints at discounted rates. Let us see how you can avail of these paints at discounted rates. 


Summing up, you can get these paints after studying about them here. So check out this list of colors and get exciting discounts on them. Go for ones that offer many qualities.

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