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Interior Designer in Kolkata: Best Designers List

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Interior design is more than just the building’s appearance; it’s about how you experience space on a whole new level.

Sometimes you may have a plethora of thoughts about how to achieve the right aesthetic for your area, but putting them into action might be challenging.

It’s preferable to seek interior design assistance from a specialist known as an Interior Designer who can act as the driving force behind every inch of your space, using a professional touch.

They can turn a tiny apartment into a pleasant home, an uninteresting workplace into a pleasurable workplace, and a simple eatery into a high-end restaurant simply by adding or removing certain things from their limitless imaginations. interior designers work in kolkataIt’s no surprise that some knowledge of human psychology is required. 

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1. Spectrum Interiors

They are experts in good and unique interior design and remodeling services that use modern Vastu Shastra principles for both commercial and residential spaces in Kolkata and other cities as well.

Their reputation is built on the competent and experienced professional specialists who have years of expertise in this area, as well as client satisfaction and creative interior design development, which are available to the present trend in both conventional and contemporary interior designs.

Their satisfied and pleased clients’ recommendations demonstrate their standing. Regardless of the business’s size or style. They place a lot of emphasis on quality. They create living spaces that are both residential and commercial, big or little. They provide something different than the competition. Services with efficiency, on-time completion, and professionally

  • Address: Gariahat Road, Dhakuria, Kolkata, West Bengal, India –  700031
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2. Creazione Interiors

Creazione Interiors Kolkata believes that not only should interior designs be created, but also that they should be done enthusiastically, intelligently, creatively, elegantly, and luxuriously.

They believe in close contact and thorough discussions to understand your requirements and personality, so they can provide you with alternatives that meet your needs while staying inside your budget and being a reflection of exquisite design.interior designer kolkata

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They are always dedicated to developing, safeguarding, and maintaining a Client-Centered Business Management structure that is defined by the commitment to their customer relationships and pursuit of an excellent service method. The sustainable growth of their business is directly related to the continuing development of these relationships to generate recurring business opportunities with their clients over the long term period.

They promise that no matter how big or little your budget is, they can meet your needs with the greatest quality, creative, passionate, and distinct design.

  • Address: Bepin Behari Ganguly Street, Bowbazar, Kolkata, West Bengal, India –  700012
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3. Hannah Interior Concepts, Kolkata

Their staff assists you in transforming your house into a beautiful environment, from luxury, and elegance to simplicity and warmth. They tackle projects of all sizes, ranging from tiny rooms to opulent apartments and commercial spaces at all locations in Kolkata.

They assist in making any new construction or renovation into a lovely place that incorporates current design elements. Each customer receives personalized attention. They take you through the process step by step, in a methodical manner, throughout a logical interaction and implementation. Turnkey projects are also something they can do.

  • Address: Meher Ali Road, Kolkata, West Bengal, India – 700017
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4. Cee Bee Designs

With their professional designers, they provide innovative interiors at reasonable costs. They have completed over 600+ residential interior remodels, including flats, villas, bungalows, penthouses, and duplexes in kolkata and other cities as well. They have offices in Bangalore and Kolkata, India. They specialize in modular kitchen interior designs that incorporate European and Modern elements.

They believe in quality, integrity, and honesty. Their vision statement is ‘Transforming Spaces Transforming Lives’. They want to not only improve the homeowner for whom they work but also those who employ them as home creators.

  • Address: Rajdanga Main Road, Kolkata, West Bengal, India – 700107
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5. Blue Masons Interior Designs

The BlueMasons team is made up of interior designers and architects based in Kolkata. If you need the finest-in-class interior decoration in Kolkata, you may hire an interior designer in Kolkata. Their furniture, false ceiling, flooring, paint & polish, electrical and plumbing technicians are well-trained with at least 4 to 5 years of expertise. It ensures that the entire procedure is smooth, and the staff is the best interior decorators in Kolkata.

You can also have us design layouts and 3D models while you execute it. You may get the whole project managed under a comprehensive project management agreement, in which they finish the whole job. The third and most popular technique is to let them create the complete site as well as execute it. This relieves you of all responsibility for only supplying the materials.

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They provide interior and exterior design services for homes, offices, showrooms, restaurants & cafes, hotels, gyms, and salons as the top interior designing firm in Kolkata. Their designers and architects create your ideal home, whether it’s an apartment or a cottage. They also offer innovative designs for offices and showrooms that can help to increase productivity. Their interior decorators have also created amazing environments for cafés, restaurants, and hotels.


Q: What are the best interior design firms in Kolkata?

A: Some of the best interior design firms in Kolkata include Cee Bee Designs, Blue Mason Interior Designs, and Spectrum Interiors.

Q: What services do interior design firms in Kolkata offer?

A: Interior design firms in Kolkata offer a variety of services, including interior decoration, furniture selection, flooring, paint & polish, electrical and plumbing work, and more.

Q: What is the typical cost of hiring an interior designer in Kolkata?

A: The average cost of hiring an interior designer in Kolkata varies depending on the services offered. Typically, the cost ranges from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 1 lakh.

Q: What is the finest method to employ an interior designer in Kolkata?

A: The best way to hire an interior designer in Kolkata is to contact them directly and discuss your needs and requirements.

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Cee Bee Designs, Blue Mason Interior Design, and Spectrum Interiors are just a few of the excellent interior design companies in Kolkata. These firms provide a wide range of services, including interior decoration, furniture selection, flooring installation, paint & polish application, and electrical and plumbing work.

The finest approach to hiring an interior designer in Kolkata is to contact them straight and talk about your requirements and demands. The above Interior Designers are the best of them all so pick the best suitable one for your home.

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  1. This list is perfect. They are exactly the kind of designers I was looking for my house renovation. I am so glad to have come across your blog. I will be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post.


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