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Best Home Decor Hacks for 2bhk and 3bhk


Homeowners always hunt for the ultimate and efficient ways to transform their home into a space which is both elegant and beautiful in all aspects. Contrary to the popular beliefs, transforming or upgrading any space of your home is not always expensive or hard to achieve indeed.

Whether you are living in 2BHK or 3BHK apartments or in penthouse, you can definitely uplift the feel and look of your apartment with some easy and efficient home interior design ideas. Below you will come across with some easy and simple home decor hacks that you may implement in your 2BHK and 3BHK apartments to transform it from a house to a sweet home creatively.

Adding Mirrors in your Apartment

This is the ultimate home decor hack for apartments with smaller carpet areas. Adding mirrors in your small 2BHK apartments can create illusion of larger spaces. Besides, you can easily transform a boring and drab wall simply by adding an elegantly framed mirror on the walls.Mirrors

Avoid spending on the ornate frames; instead you may opt for the DIY route and show some of your creativity. You can make use of the sea shells, glass paints or jute to design some amazing and alluring frames on stone bought mirrors. You must get a bit creative and ensure to make use of the mirrors not just as a functional thing, but also as an accent piece in your small 2BHK apartment.

Adding New Lampshades

Remember when you have last added or changed the lampshades of your house. Replacing the weary and old lampshades with a new and nice one can simply uplift the overall look of any room. This is one of the best home decor tips that you may implement in your apartment for a fresh and new look.Lampshades

You will come across with a variety of lampshade styles and designs that you may choose as per your mood and theme of the room. You may also consider purchasing the small decorative lamps or new stylish lamp or any other design that suit the overall theme and colour scheme of the room where it will be installed.

Adding Curtains

If you are bored with the same curtains, then give your room the much needed transformation by adding some colorful curtains. This will change the overall appearance of the room and make the ambiance of the room alive again.latest curtain designs

There are different styles of installing curtains and you may choose the perfectly suited style to make it look attractive. Hanging the curtains close to the ceilings is a new trend today and this gives the impression of larger windows in your apartment. Using long curtains in shower area would give the bathroom a spacious feeling.

Adding New Covers to Furniture

The best and easiest way to rejuvenate the appearance of a room’s interior is by adding new colour schemes to the walls. But what makes the room more refreshing is the covers of the furniture and hence you need to ensure changing the covers on couch, sofas, coffee tables and other furniture in the room.Sofa Cover Designs

With this minor change one can give the room a refreshing and new look, while staying within the budget. This is the most cost effective home decor idea for people with tight budget.

Adding Plants in Rooms

Nothing is considered best than the green ambiance when it comes to home decoration ideas. With the small indoor plant one can liven up the room. Today, there are different types of indoor plants available at very affordable rates. You may choose the indoor plants to be placed on stools, small tables or in corners of the room and this will radiate your love for Mother Nature, while giving the room a refreshing look.Indoor Plant Ideas

Some people even hang the indoor plants for an improved fresh feel. It needs very minimal space and little sunlight to flourish. Indoor plants are the best way to decor the interior and it is also the ultimate source to purify the indoor air quality.

So, there you have got all the hacks that you may implement in your 2BHK and 3BHK apartment to give it a facelift in the coming festive season. These small, yet effective hacks can transform the feel and look of your apartment indeed.

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  1. I have just moved to my dream 2 Bhk apartment. It is my dream home and I am planning to add all the elements that reflect my persona to my house. But, to start with this it is always good to have a clear idea regarding the Home Decor. These tips mentioned are absolutely flawless in my concern. I am definitely going to give it a thumbs up from my side.

  2. I have a 2BHK. It is a small-spaced apartment. The ideas from this blog have really helped me to upscale my place. The place looks spacious than before. Using these hacks, it has also given my space a modern finish with a fresh look. Fun fact- all the décor items were pocket-friendly too!


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