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Home is what people make out of love among people living together. Love, share, care, tease, chase, and lights, all these together make a house a home. 

A house without lights looks like a destroyed garden. Lights are an integral part of a family. 

A home is a place where food, love, and memories are made but how would it look without lights?

There are various studies in psychology such as Hawthorne studies which show how light affects the environment of any place whether it is a workplace or home. 

Lights are known to directly affect the work status and brain working mechanism of people. The same amount of light for continuous hours often results in slow down of work, that is why people must keep changing their lighting pattern.

Keep reading the blog below to know more about the Lighting Tips for Home.

Lights for Living Room 

The living room is the first expression of any house. It completely addresses the energy, the aura, the vibe of the whole house. It is the place one makes guests see in their house. The lights of the living room are best suited as low golden. Fundamentally speaking, lights of the living room should be comfortable to the eyes, i.e., they should be low, as well as should use white, cream or golden lights. 

Lights used should be kept in mind that the living room is a get-together room, so lights used should be in a very restful manner

They should not be bright or sharp to trigger eyes. Keep the light mood in mind, the light lights should be used.

Let’s carry on reading Lighting Tips for Home to know more about decorating a house

Lights for Pooja Room 

Pooja room is a sacred place. People visiting temples usually need peace of mind, so the same as the pooja room should provide. 

Natural light is best for Pooja rooms.

Apart from it, at night ceiling lights of pleasing color should be used which do not disturb the eyes if someone meditates. And a separate light in the altar also so as to decorate the pooja room precisely. 

One can use candle lamps so as to give the pooja room a traditional look.

Lights for Kitchen  

Well, the kitchen is a place of love and attention both.

A place of wishing and granting a wish. A place is full of mother’s love and papa’s blunder experiments. A place for which mother is searched for. 

According to Lighting Tips for Home, lights used in the kitchen should be bright so as to comfortably cook the food, clean the kitchen and separate light should be placed above the gas stove, on the chimney so as to cook comfortably. 

Apart from the usage, bright ceiling lights can also be used all over the kitchen to enhance the beauty of the kitchen.

Such a kitchen will definitely be able to make tasty food and yippie happy memories.

Lights for Bedrooms  

Bedrooms include everything, eating, sleeping, studying, gossiping, nap etc, so keeping the regulations-free nature of the room, lights must be installed. 

In the case of bedrooms, bright, ceiling, and dim lamp lights, all three must be used. 

Bright ceiling lights so as for daily purposes. And lamps so as to be used as night lamps, so that the person who needs to work at night can work and the sleeping one does not get disturbed. 

Lighting Tips for Home suggests the bedroom defines the rest of nature, keeping that in mind, the lights must be installed. 

These are the tips according to the Lighting Tips for Home.

Lights for Studying Room

Focus, attention, concentration, success, etc. all these words come to our mind as soon as we hear about the study room.  

So as understood, lighting in the studying room should be concentration oriented, focus-oriented.

The study room must get natural sunlight as its best for focused work. Apart from it, bright light for the day and soft bright light which does not harm the eyes should be used for the night. 

Very bright lights should be used as they hinder concentration. 

Concentration builds in comfortable lights. Bright light keeps distracting. 

Also, study lamps should also be mandatorily used for more focused studies. 

Lights for Restrooms

Again according to Lighting Tips for Home, what can be compared to natural lights? Natural light is best, it kills germs but at night bright lights should be used. Restrooms do need bright lights as a matter of sanitary. 

Restrooms must be provided with bright blights, one may use warm colors so as not to hurt the eyes. 

As a matter of cleanliness, sanitary protection, bright lights must be used according to  Lighting Tips for Home.

Lights for Balcony 

Balconies are blessed to receive natural light, evening snacks-time fun, and morning-tea peace. 

That is talking to neighbors through balconies, passing something from the balcony, chilling and relaxing. 

Balcony represents the chilling mood, the fun mood, the play mood, the relaxing mood, overall if we say so, it represents the Family-Mood. 

Therefore, according to Lighting Tips for Home, a balcony needs lights like that of the cafes, the vintage lights, the yellow bright ceiling light, or the bulb that matches the aura completely.

A balcony is more suited with the lights that are warm and not so bright, not so dim too, just does not hurt the eyes. 

Happy balcony moments need happy lights. 


So, in the end, winding up we get to know the importance of light in our lives, lights really light up our lives. Lighting Tips and Home suggests lights for the terrace and lawn too that you may design in whatever way you want to. 

Lights make lives beautiful, enjoyable, memorable, happy & healthy, and much more. So start using lights correctly and keep changing lights. 

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  1. Couldn’t agree more with your style of design. All the ideas for lightning rooms in home are incredible. You have really fantastic taste for decor and lightning.You have an amazing ability to make a room look cozy and inviting. I love your style of design!


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