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Glass Railing Design for Balcony

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Railings are enclosures made for balconies. Balconies provide a cosy space that has all the facilities of an interior, while also bringing in fresh air and an experience of sitting in an outdoor park.

They are also the first thing when someone looks at your house from the front, so it is very important to make your balcony look good. 

Railings play an important role in this. They provide safety from intruders, and protection from falling down and they make your balcony and the front of your house look pretty. 

Railings can be made of different materials and designs. 

Conventionally, Brick and cement were used to make railings. Then, metal railings come into play. Carved stones were also used. These days glass railings for balconies are gaining popularity.

Why should you choose Glass Railings for your Balcony?

Safety and protection are definitely a primary goal for any balcony installation. But what if, I tell you, there is a balcony system that gives you all these benefits along with not obstructing your view?

Oh, and it is one of the best-looking installation systems out there. These are glass balconies. 

Why should you choose Glass Railings for your Balcony?There is also a wide variety of glass available, which can go along with the exterior that you chose for your house. It maintains the breathability and the beauty of your space, all while not compromising on any of the traditional purposes of a balcony.

Glass also is extremely easy to clean, so cleaning your balcony won’t be a chore anymore. They don’t get ruined by rain or the paint doesn’t scrape off, making them really low maintenance.

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It also provides more natural light for your balcony and helps your plants thrive. You can easily soak in the sun, without a solid conventional balcony obstructing throwing shade over your entire balcony area.

What are the different types of Glass available for a Glass Railing for a Balcony?

There are many different types of transparent glass available that you can choose for your balcony. Let’s discuss what options you have. The first type of glass, Plexiglass, isn’t glass at all, it is a type of plastic. 

different types of Glass available for a Glass RailingThis reduces the price considerably, making it affordable and durable. Annealed glass is most commonly used for balconies, however, it is not considered very safe, as it has weaker junctions between large sheets of glass. Another option you have is laminated glass. 

Which Glass is best for your Balcony’s Glass Railings? 

Tempered glass is considered one of the best options as it checks all the boxes. Another option you can choose is Laminated glass. Both of these will give you your dream glass balcony.

Tempered glass is considered best because it is durable and resistant

Which Glass is best for your Balcony's Glass Railings? A balcony is the exterior of your house, which is constantly exposed to harsh environmental conditions, making your railing prone to damage and degradation. Tempered glass is strong enough to deal with this. It is also affordable.

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Laminated glass protects your house from UV rays and hence is extremely beneficial. It can be used for full-size balconies.

For people concerned with their health and the carcinogens around them, this is the best option. It also provides good sound insulation. So, if you live in a high-traffic area and constant noise is your issue, this is for you.

What are the different types of Mounts for Glass Railings for Balconies?

In terms of glass railings, we have three mounting options. They are as follows:

  • Base
  • Side
  • Integrated

Let’s discuss each of these in detail.

  • Base Mount: A most common type of mount, usually done on a solid concrete surface. Also called top or floor mount. This is the most cost-effective mount.
  • Side mount: It is the safest mount. If you don’t have enough balcony space, then this is for you. This type of balcony is installed from the outside of the balcony so that it doesn’t take up any space in the balcony.
  • Integrated Mount: Perfect for people who want a very strong balcony. People have apprehensions when it comes to using glass balconies because of the fragility of glass. If you are one of those people then, Integrated mount is your solution. It provides extreme strength and looks very beautiful and put together.

Some ideas for your glass railings for your balcony: 

Here are some ideas you can choose based on what your needs are:

Steel Glass Railing Designed for your Balcony

This kind of balcony has glass sheets installed between steel poles, and are also held in places by them. This gives a beautiful finish to your balcony, with silver from steel poles adding a classy touch.

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SS Glass Railing Designs

For those who want something better than just plain glass, this is for you. You can use printed glass, which has your favorite patterns on it.


It will upgrade your balcony and give it a beautiful look. You can even choose patterns that go with your exterior, to give your balcony a more put-together look.

Fogged Glass Railing Designs for your Balcony:

For people who like the elegance of the glass, but the privacy of opaque raikings, this is for you. The translucent fogged glass not only hides your balcony from people outside but gives it a trendy design.

Fogged Glass Railing Designs for your Balcony:

You can also use this translucent glass to create beautiful designs, which further elevate the look of your balcony. 

Annealed Glass with Pins for your Balcony Railings:

If you don’t like your mounts to show, or random poles of steel in between, but rather would have a flawless, sleek sheet of glass running through your balcony, then this is for you.

It is put together by beautiful silver circular pins that make it look minimal and beautiful. This is superb for beige moms and minimalist girlies. 

What are the disadvantages of the Glass Railing System?

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. So do the glass railings. Here are the disadvantages so that you can make an informed decision.

  • It is more expensive than conventional railings.
  • It is definitely fragile and glass can break. It can further burn holes in your pockets to repair it.
  • It, when broken, can cause serious injuries.
  • It is heavy, so storage and locomotion is difficult.


Glass railings are totally in trend. They make your house look trendier and modern. However, instead of going with whatever is popular, you should make a decision on your own, seeing whether any con is a deal-breaker for you.

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