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Top 20 trending balcony decorating idea

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What are balconies for? Sipping tea or coffee, reading books, have intense conversations with friends, or watching sunset or sunrise and sit in all peace. All the alone and “me” times are spend in the balcony. One also sit in the balcony and just look and notice small things like birds chirping and people walking. So for relaxing one’s mind, it is important to install some relaxing elements in the balcony.

  1. The tableis important: Fill a small basket with fruits, or pebbles or any decorative material and put it on a table in the balcony. With this, you can fill the empty an ugly looking space of balcony and easily shift it inside your house whenever wanted.
  1. Comfortable seating: It is important to install some seats in your balcony so as to relax by sitting there in all peace. Be it wooden or sofa there should be a proper and comfortable sitting area. And to make a cozy and smooth looking railing in your balcony, you can use the wooden balcony railing.
  1. Season’s decoration: It is important to decorate your interiors as well as your exterior too. You should decorate the balcony according to whether or season by adding some fuzzy blanket over the seats during winters.
  1. Texture plays: Theme coordination and texture play a significant role in decorating the balcony so choose the theme and decorate according to it only. Otherwise mismatching in the theme will spoil all the look of your balcony.
  1. Focus by plants: Everyone loves plants in their balcony so put different kinds of flower pots and plants in order to give your balcony natural, green and fresh vibe.
  1. Vintage chic: Arrange small bars by adding some stools and small tables and handmade macramé to give your balcony vintage look.
  1. Add quirky details: If you prefer exotic oriental spaces then add some vintage lamp, Indian glass ornaments,and some vintage paintings.
  1. Painting the walls: Painting the walls in rich eye-catchingcolors plays important role in decorating the balcony. Go for bold colors like dark red, royal blue, ochre yellow.
  1. Nautical look: If you or your children are fond of ships then go for a carefree nautical lookby adding some vintage ship salvage accessories. You can also use sea glass balls, portholes, ships’ bells.Top 20 trending balcony decorating idea
  1. Play on hammock: Be it a kid or the older one everyone loves to chill out in a shadow on a hot sunny day relaxing on a hammock. Installing a hammock in a balcony can never go wrong. These are a few top home decoration ideas that one can use to beautify their house.
  1. Right accessories: Even the tiniest balcony can become super chic and relaxing one if accessories are fitted right. Rather than going for big tables and sofa go for a comfy mattress on the floor with some cushions on it.
  1. Netting: Imagine sipping tea, reading a book all in peace in your balcony and annoying flies sound does it sounds cool? No, I know right. So hang mosquitoes net over your seat and continue your peaceful imagination again.
  1. Luxurious feel: Missing your last weekend trip where you sat hours in your super comfortable tents. Then why not bring the same feeling in your balcony by installing the same tents.
  1. Privacy is important: By simply hanging cloth or curtains in your balcony it will bring more privacy and coziness. And when you don’t want it simply remove it.
  1. Wooden decoration: Decorating balcony by wooden pallet are perhaps the best material for DIY lovers. You can make anything from woods like shelves, stools, chairs. And handmade stuff looks super chic in your balcony too.
  1. Bohemian chic: If you also are a fan of bohemian chic allow yourself to feel free in installing some bold and carefree bohemian look stuff in your balcony. Add rugs and vibrant colors in your balcony.
  1. Enjoy Bonfire: Set up all the things that one need for enjoying a bonfire. Put up a tent, take a big utensil where you can lit a fire and take some food an there you go. Enjoy your very own bonfire at home butmake sure your balcony is spacious enough.
  1. Lightings: If you are obsessed with a luxurious look over carefree, bohemia, and casual look then do go lights it will make your balcony super chic by giving it all rich and expensive look. Playing with lights will surely make huge differences.
  1. Fool out others: If you are also a lazy head like me then this hack is surely for you. Putting plants in the balcony might look super good but it needs a lot of maintenance so better go for artificial ones. They don’t need much attention and maintenance.
  1. Swing it: Kids love playing a swing so you can also install one in your balcony but make sure they never ride it alone as it might be dangerous. But no matter what swings lifts everything up from the child while playing to mood after playing as well as the look of the balcony.

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  1. I will definetly try out two three ideas from this amazing post. I love bohemian decor. So, I am thinking to start with it. I am sure that it will help me out a lot.


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