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Why The Pachira Money Tree is Considered Lucky

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Pachira Money Tree is the scientific name for the Pachira aquatica, it is one of the most often placed money trees added to homes as it is believed to attract luck, wealth, and fortune. 

Originally found in Central and South America this flora thrives in the tropical climates and are widely used as houseplants and for office decorations. 

The very look, the low requirements for its maintenance, and its symbolic attributes have led to the organization of the lucky plant

In this blog, however, I will shed light on Pachira Money Tree and its background, features together with the reasons that have contributed to its identification with fortunes. 

Origins and Characteristics of Pachira Money Tree

The Pachira Money Tree is a tree belonging to the tropical wetland which in its natural environment can reach sixty feet tall. However, when grown in a residence as a potted plant, it is usually of an average height of 3 to 6 feet. 

Origins and Characteristics of Pachira Money Tree

Originally the tree is notable for having a braided trunk, the process of growing includes wrapping several young sprouts around each other. 

Not only is this trunk aesthetically accepted as part of the plant, but some even say that it increases the plant’s ability to bring luck into the home. 

Pachira Money Tree has big, bright, palmate leaves which when expanded are similar to the human hand with spread fingers. 

It has green yellow flowers and a large woody capsule containing edible seeds which tastes like that of a chestnut. It hardly blooms indoors but its foliage and shape are so great that it is well-loved by many plant lovers

Symbolism and Cultural Significance Pachira Money Tree

Cultural Significance Pachira Money Tree

Feng Shui 

In particular, the Pachira Money Tree is considered to be one of the most effective in the framework of Feng Shui or the ancient Chinese science of placement

Based on principles relating to the Chinese ancient geomancy – Feng Shui – the Pachira Money Tree brings forth fortunes, and is therefore a gem among the indoor plants for homes and establishments. 

It is recommended to be positioned in a room’s wealth area, which is the southeast sector, in order to additionally energize it.

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Five Elements Theory 

However, in Chinese culture, the Pachira Money Tree has something to do with the Five Elements Theory performing wood, water, fire, earth, and metal. 

These five lobed leaves of the plant are also believed to represent these five elements and hence, there is supposed to be a balanced flow of energy thus creating a confidence to attract such luck

The spiral trunk symbolizes the merging of luck and wealth and, therefore, is considered to be very lucky. 

Gift Giving 

The Pachira Money Tree is given as a gift for significant functions like house warming ceremonies, weddings as well as for businesses. It is treated as a proper gesture that has a good intention in which people can send. 

Colors like green to symbolize good fortunes, prosperity and success to the recipient. Due to such beliefs, the plant becomes the kind that people value and are happy when they receive it. 

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Positive Energy and Prosperity 

The Pachira Money Tree is considered to bring money in a person’s life owing to its healthy green foliage. This is evident in the large leaves, the stability and the strength of the trunk which make it depict growth. 

Positive Energy and Prosperity

The idea of putting a Money Tree at home or at work is believed to provide a favorable condition that will lead to success and wealth. 

Stress Reduction and Well-being 

Scientific research accreditations establish that exposure and interaction with indoor plants such as Pachira Money Tree helps in improving mental conditions and well-being. 

They assist in stress alleviation, enhanced indoor air quality, and the creation of a soothing environment. The existence of the Money Tree in a home boosts the general well-being attributed to the increase in quality of life. 

Easy Care and Longevity 

Originally from Brazil, Pachira Money Tree is popular for being relatively easy to care about and quite unpretentious. 

It is quite adaptable to different indoor conditions that makes it suitable to be grown by anyone, including the amateur horticulturist. 

Thus, it is considered to be a lucky charm which can grow without much attention and brings prosperity. 

Symbol of Financial Success 

The very name Money Tree plays an important role in its connection with such a phenomenon as the possession of money and financial prosperity. 

These connotations are backed up culturally, which put the plant toward the top of the list of those used for the purpose of financial enhancement

It is not known whether wealth is affected directly by the plant’s existence, however, the object helps one recreate the vision of their success. 

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Pachira Money Tree Care Guide 

To be certain that your new Pachira Money Tree stays vigorous and continues to attract fortune, special care is needed. Here are some tips for maintaining your Money Tree: 

Pachira Money Tree Care Guide


It is recommended to put your Money Tree in a bright, indirectly lit area of the home. It can however grow in low light but it is most suitable for bright light which is filtered. Excessive heat should be avoided, namely the sun which may burn the leaves. 


Once the top layer of the soil feels dry, it is time to water your Money Tree. It is also dangerous to water too much as this can cause rotting of the roots hence the name root rot. 

Make sure the pot has drainage pits in order to support the evaporation of the excess water in the pot. Depending on the periods, particular watering frequency may be required: 

During the growing season or from May till September, more often, whereas in winter from November till March less often. 


It is important that the Pachira Money Tree gets water on the foliage since it is a lover of humidity. Again, by putting a humidifier close to the plant, trying to spray water drops directly to the leaves, or placing the pot on a saucer with water and little stones.


It is recommended to place your Money Tree in a room with the temperature ranging from 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit or 15 to 24 degrees Celsius. 

Do not put it close to fans, windows and doors, AC or heaters as extreme changes in temperature are not good for it. 


Bale your Money Tree with a balanced liquid fertilizer every fortnight to one month during the growing months, which are spring and summer

Minimize the feeding during the periods of November to February since the plant will not be actively growing at this time. 


Money Tree needs pruning to keep its shape; lose the yellow and unhealthy leaves. The roots can also be pruned in case they become overgrown for the pot that the plant is in. 

Sometimes it may be needed to repot the plant each two-three years depending on its growth and size as well as the roots; in this case, the new pot will need new soil as well. 

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The better name for the Pachira Money Tree is not only a beautiful houseplant but also its name is an invitation to financial prosperity and good energy in the household

It is even valued for its cultural themes, low maintenance, and for the simple fact that it improves the well being of occupants of buildings be it homes or business places. 

Whether you consider it having wealthy attributes or just admire the magnificent appearance of the Pachira Money Tree, it would be the right decision to have a plant at home. 

Thus you can enrich your environment with the healing properties of this plant and get some bonus of good luck at the same time.

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