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Cera Bathroom Accessories For Giving Bathrooms A Perfect Look

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Bathrooms are really the most important part of every household. Having an updated and modest bathroom is a good thing.

One can give their bathrooms the look of their choice on the basis of accesories present in them.

If you are tired of using the boring version of your bathroom then it’s high time to renovate your bathroom and give it the look that you want.

In a very affordable price range you can mend your bathroom.In this nog we will talk about cera bathroom accessories and how they can help you in making your bathroom a perfect one. Let us begin by sharing details.

Is Cera a good option?

Cera is considered a good option because of its most amazing features which are shared as follows-


  • Cera provides a very affordable range of products.
  • Many kinds of products are available.
  • One can get many great discounts.
  • Updated and trendy products can be obtained via cera.
  • The designs can be checked accordingly.
  • Material wise good products are offered by cera.

All these things make cera the best option to consider and one can rely on its products.

Have a look at bathroom accessories.

Cera bathroom accessories

Let us now talk about the accessories that one can buy from cera. The accessories are shared as follows-


  • Cera round shaving mirror – This mirror provides a smooth shaving experience by its flexible nature. The round mirror can be tilted by edges and can be used accordingly.  It will enhance the beauty of the bathroom by its elegant look.
  • Towel rail – Towel rail of perfect quality can be bought and the holding look of towel can be made majestic. The sleem look of this towel rail will not only provide firm holding but it will provide a smooth look too.
  • Glass soap holder – The glass soap holder is unique in its texture and appearance . It holds the soap firmly and it is a perfect option for a decent look. Use this soap holder in the bathroom for a smooth look.
  • Soap dispenser – Nowadays soap dispensers are trending and one should use it in their bathrooms for utilising it. Pour best hand wash in it and use it accordingly. The best look and material will not disappoint you.
  • Table top basin – A table top basin is a good idea and it can be installed very easily. You will give a very modified look to your bathroom by using a table top basin in your bathroom.

One can have accessories like this for their bathrooms by cera and one can explore many more options for modifying bathrooms.

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Cera bathroom accessories price list

In this section we will share products of cera with their price range. You can choose the product of your choice according to your preference. The product list is shared as follows-

Cera Stainless Steel Faucet

The stainless faucet has great features and those are –


  • The mounting type is wall.
  • It is good for installing in bathrooms.
  • Material is stainless steel.
  • Available in silver colour.
  • The handle type is lever.
  • The price range is Rs 699.

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Cera rain shower

The features of this rain shower are as follows-


  • The shape is square.
  • Finished and polished surface.
  • Provides good spa-like showers.
  • It is appealing in look.
  • A good shower experience.
  • It is easy to install.
  • Cost is Rs 900.

Cera bib cock

It has great features that are shared as follows-


  • The material is durable.
  • A good look at a good price.
  • It is used for bathroom fittings.
  • Product is corrosion resistant.
  • A good flow of water is obtained.
  • Price is Rs 855.

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Art marble sink

A good sink for a modest look. Features are-


  • It can be used for its reliability.
  • It is good in appearance.
  • It is quite affordable.
  • The price may vary from Rs 2000 to 3000.

One can look at various options of cera accessories for bathrooms according to the desired specifications.

Many good features may be present in camera accessories. VARious sites provide care products which can be bought easily at affordable price ranges.

Select the desired product at a good range.Cera bathroom catalogues can be checked too for choosing products.

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Bathroom design ideas for small bathrooms with cera products

If you have small bathroom and you are looking for some bathroom design ideas then this section is for you.


You can use best of the cera acessories for making your bathroom a perfect one.

  • Use marble countertops for giving youd bathroom a perfect look.
  • Plants can be used in bathrooms and a good look can be given to it by utilising plants.
  • Good patterns of tiles can give a more aesthetic look and it can help give an illusion of big spaces. A good tile can help for an appealing look.
  • Cera basins give a good option to utilise the small space which can help in a modest look.

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Why opt for good bathroom accessories?

One haold opt for good bathroom accesories for all the following benefits-


  • It makes the bathroom look sleek.
  • It gives a modest and decent look.
  • It gives a refreshing experience.
  • Tbe view becomes more good.
  • One can maintain it properly.

FOr all these reasons one should have good bathroom accesories. You can choose from cera site and you can also take a look at their catalogues.

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Cera is a good name in the terms of bathroom accessories and one can have a good deal of products from their site.

If you are looking for bathroom modification then cera is a good option. One can have many good options at very good ranges.

Select the products of your desire and preferences. Cera makes sure that you don’t settle for less and thus it provides you with good quality things.

The  discounts and ranges of price makes it more lovable. This is your call to give your bathrooms a good look under friendly budget.

Be it towel holders or basins, Cera gives you a wide variety of products. Choose cera and have the best.

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