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Small Office Reception Counter Design to try

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In offices the most important and firstmost thing that captures attention is reception. A good reception helps in creating a better and good view in the entire building.

Visitors and employees also feel good when they feel a good vibe. In this blog some very great amazing ideas of small reception counter designs are going to be discussed.

You can choose a suitable office counter table or reception table for your office with help of these designs. You just need to check out the most amazing ideas that are discussed below.

Opt for a good reception table for having great effects. Make sure you update your office building accurately so that the overall vibe can help you and your employees to have good performance.

What is the importance of a Reception Counter or good Reception Table design?

It is really important to have a good reception table at your office because of following reasons-

  • It can help in keeping your office managed.
  • It will help in improving the view of your office.
  • It will make a good impression in the eyes of visitors.
  • It will make sure that the aesthetics of your office are well maintained.
  • It can help in boosting up the surroundings of your office.

Due to all these specific reasons you need to have a very great reception office counter table for your office. Make sure that you choose it wisely.

Reception Table for Office Designs that you can try.

There are many kinds of reception tables for office designs from which one can choose one. We have listed some good office tables for you and you can check the tables in following points-

Brown veeton office table for reception– This brown shade table is a perfect reception table for a small office.  Two chairs can be adjusted in this table and it can provide adequate space for table work. 

Choose this table as it has a very simple design and it can look clean and aesthetic at your office place. You will love the appealing nature of this table. It has wooden texture and the warranty is of 1 year. One can get this within a price range of Rs 30 to 40 thousand.

Brown veeton office table for receptionYou should also read: Home office furniture designs

Multipurpose wooden reception table for office use– This multicolour and multipurpose wooden table for reception can be a good pick too.

This will help you in keeping things accordingly. Many cabinets and storage spaces will help you in having good storing capacity. Select this table and add glory to your office. You will definitely like it.

L shaped wooden table with seating capacity of 2 –  This reception table is of good quality and one can use it for various uses. The L shaped feature of this table will help you to have sufficient storage capacity.

This table will be perfect for office uses. The small spaces can install this table easily. It is a very nice small office table for reception.

MDF Reception Counter Table for Reception–  A table made up of mdf can be a good choice and one can have the benefit of this table for small spaces.

Office Reception Counter DesignYou can use this table as it is of good and durable material and it can help one to have proper work done . It provides good work space and one can have the colour of choice.

Red and White Rectangular Office table for reception– The colour combination of red and white is suitable for offices.

This colour table is good and you can opt for this reception table. Rectangular shape of the table is perfect and one can keep it in a compact space. You can ask for other colours too.

Customised Reception Counter Table for office– Having a customised reception table for office can be of great choice. The logo of your company or organisation can be made on the reception table. Style it as per you want and see how great it looks at the entry of your office.

These are some options that you can give a try to while choosing a reception table for your office. Customised tables for offices are a great pick as they can help you in having a more beautiful and complete look.

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Materials Used for Arranging the Reception Table.

There are many reception desks arranging ideas and materials. The materials that one can choose from and the materials that one need to pay attention to for arranging reception desk are shared as follows-

MDF Reception Counter Table

  • One can use marble for placing it on top of the reception desk as it looks beautiful.
  • Glass is the most commonly used thing which is placed on the reception desk for arranging the table.
  • One can use books to add a bit of glory to the reception table.
  • One can even place various kinds of plants on and around the reception table and one can make it look beautiful.
  • Place the things related to your organisation like the calendar of your company or stuff related to that which can help signify your table.

It is important to arrange the reception table and to make your office’s reception table beautiful and well managed because it helps to give a better effect . It can help in making the first impression of your office more great.

Thus one needs to pay a lot of attention to the reception table when it comes to arranging it.


In this blog we have shared the ideas of the reception table and one can check the great ideas of choosing a reception table for small offices.

Although one can have a reception table according to the need and preference of design, customised  tables are nowadays trending the most. You will get an idea about arranging reception tables too with help of this blog. 

Make sure that you opt for a good quality reception table and you choose good material. It will help you to have a durable table. Check out the designs of reception counter tables and choose the perfect one.

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