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Wooden Railing Designs to Use

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Stairs are one of the most essential parts of any building. Be it a home or office building, railings are required to be in a rigid form along with some great looks. Railings can be chosen from many types.

Having a railing that looks great and matches the appearance of the home is a good feature of a good home.

Choosing a railing is not a hard thing. This blog will provide you some options of some very aesthetic wooden railing designs that you can use for your homes.

The wooden railings will make it easier for you to have an appealing railing. Wooden railings provide great options of designs. Along with that they are strong too.

Let us start explaining some very great wooden railing designs that you can opt for. The options are discussed as follows. Check them and choose the best one to use.

Why are Wooden Railings chosen?

While choosing the material of railings wooden railings are chosen due to their features like-

  • They have very great designs.
  • They have a very aesthetic view.
  • They are strong and rigid.
  • A traditional and rustic look can be obtained.
  • Having wooden railing is affordable.

Due to all these features one can opt for wooden railings and one can obtain a very good look with wooden railings. Let us now discuss some good wooden railing designs.

Wooden Railing Designs 

Some of the very best wooden railing designs are shared as follows-

  • Fence like railing of wood– Having wooden railing in the type of fence is a very good option. A fence-like railing of wood can help you in having a cottage-like aesthetic appeal. You will love the view and vibe . Along with that you will feel that the touch of shine on the railing is making it more appealing. Appropriate lights can be used for completing the railing look.

Fence like railing of wood

  • Wood along with glass railing– For those who want to add glass in railing this option is a very feasible one. You will make it more beautiful by adding a top railing of wood. The blend of wood and glass will give a very modern look to your home or building. Try this and observe how majestic it looks.
  • Wooden treads along with handrails can be used– This style of wooden handrails along with treads is a good one. It will consist of metallic touch too. You will have a great railing with this combination. Opt for this design and see how great the outlook becomes.
  • Spindle staircase of wood– Spindle like appearance of wooden railing is a most wanted and admired one. The spindle-like structure of wood gives your home a splendid look. You can opt for wooden railing with spindle staircase design. It will definitely be worth it.

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  • Curved wooden railing– A curved staircase with its curvy touch makes it possible for people to make an effortless wooden railing design. This makes the appearance of the staircase a  modern one. Use this curved wooden railing design in your homes.
  • White wooden railing design– wooden railing design in white colour is the best one and you can opt for this in a very easy touch. White being elegant in its nature makes the railing best in appearance.

Choose the wooden railing design from all these options and give your stairs a touch of goodness. Wooden material makes things great and having wooden railing in homes is a good thing. You can try it for sure.

What are the benefits of railing in homes?

Railings are to be chosen for numerous reasons and the main benefits of having railing are shared as follows-

What are the benefits of railing in homes?

  • Railing ensures safety and if you have senior citizens or children at home then having railings is very important.
  • Railings also accompany carrying objects that are heavier. Heavier objects can be lifted and the chances of their falling decreases if railing is present.
  • Railings can also help in weather which promotes slipping. If railings will be there then the chances of injury become lesser.

All these are some very main benefits of wooden railings and one needs to have railings at their homes or buildings. Choose a good dialling to prevent accidents of falling.

Wooden railing price list in India.

You can buy wooden railings to use in India at very affordable rates that are listed below-

Wooden railing price list in India.

  • Wooden railing with glass to use in hotels at a rate of Rs 1500 per feet. In hotels this type of railing is primarily used to magnify the look.
  • Polished wooden staircase railing with a shiny look at a rate of Rs 2500 per feet. Bar type design is available at this price list.
  • Aluminium wooden railing with a polished effect . You can use it at balconies and homes . This is available at Rs 650 per foot.

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  • Wood fibre plastic hand railing at Rs 130 per foot. Thickness varies from 3 inch to 4 inch. 
  • If you are looking for a wooden railing with a frame then you can have it at Rs 1500 per feet. This railing is adorable in look.

Wooden railing with glass and other types of patterns and designs are also available. You can contact the consultor for choosing the favourite type of wooden railing.  You will have a very great view with the help of wooden railing. Use it for your staircase or balconies.


Having railings in apartments or homes is a major and important thing. You can have wooden railing at  your home and you can have various designs in it.

The designs like wooden bar railing, wooden spiral railing, wooden railing with glass are some of the loved railing designs in wood. Wood is chosen as a material for railing due to its amazing look and firm support.

It has various uses and it can give an effortless beautification to the place. Wooden railing being affordable is chosen nowadays and its traditional touch also makes it cool. With the help of this blog you will have great insight on wooden railings and you will easily choose one for you.

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