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How to Select Tiles For The Living Room-a Simple Guide For Selection

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Living room is a place where we want everything to be perfect. Be it lights, paintings or anything else. We want everything to be perfect there. Tiles consist of the very important part of the room. One needs to consider the perfect size, colour, and design of the tiles. 

One may feel very bewildered while choosing the best tiles for their living room. But in this blog we are going to make it easier for you.

We will start from the beginning and we will also share a few wonderful and trendy designs for your tiles in the living room.

Your tile choosing process will be a lot easier after reading this blog.

So let us get started with tile selection.

Different Types of Tile Materials.

Let us begin by discussing the various types of tiles.

Different Types of Tile Materials.There are various types of tiles from which one can choose from.

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Few of the types of tiles are mentioned here as follows-

  • Vinyl is the type of material that is considered great when it comes to going for the type which is more durable. This is mostly considered as a great option when it comes to the living room because it is good in texture.
  • Porcelain is the type of tile which will never go out of trend because the way it looks and the way it is simple in appearance makes it the modest choice.
  • For the people who are design lovers and who love to surround themselves with great designs, the type of tile that is mosaic is the great one.
  • For a charming and aesthetic look wood is also considered as a great option. Wood provides a reliable and as well as low maintenance choice.
  • Glass is also considered as a great option. This is considered by the people who want a more decent and classy look. 
  • Stone is the most durable source and it comes in various designs.

It is mostly preferred by people who want durable tiles.

These are the most common types of tiles that can be considered by people while selecting the tiles for their living room.

Why Does One Need to Choose The Perfect Tiles for the Living room?

In the living room it is important to have the right tiles installed because the living room is a place where one needs to feel the best refreshing experience.

The Perfect Tiles for the Living roomWhether one needs to spend their time with family or relatives, the living room is the place where one stores lots of memories. Tiles who give  the best appearance  can make your room more beautiful. 

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Perfect tiles are  to be chosen  because-

  • For having a modest look.
  • For adding aesthetic touch.
  • For a renovating experience.
  • For adding pleasantness.
  • For getting room placement sorted.
  • For having a perfect living room.

How to Choose the Best tiles?

There are few things that one needs to take care for choosing the best tile for the living room.

How to Choose the Best tilesThe few points that one need to take care are as follows-

  • Go with a material that is most durable and which can provide a decent look as well.
  • Go with the material that is strain resistant.
  • Go with a material which is easy to maintain.
  • Go with a material that is affordable.
  • Select the design as per your choice.
  • Maintain aesthetic Look.
  • Keep a check on trends.

Different Tiles Designs

In this section we are going to discuss a few tile designs that one can consider for designing living rooms.

Different Tiles DesignsFew of the tile designs are as follows-

  • Glossy beige floor tiles are the tiles which will give a glossy and natural look to your living room.
  • Marble floor designs are always in demand. One can consider this for their living room.

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  • For durability the ceramic tiles can be considered and are affordable too.
  • Tiles with a matte finish look great in the living room.
  • Square shaped ceramic tile is always in demand because it is easy to maintain and is durable too.
  • Cream coloured marble tiles are a great choice too because they are soothing in nature.

These are a few types of tile designs that one can consider for their living rooms.

Tiles and Their Price

Various tiles for living rooms are available in different price ranges.

Tiles and Their PriceIn this section we are going to discuss various tile designs with their price options.

Tiles are available in these ranges-

  • Cibola wood with size dimension of 195×1200 mm ft. This comes in a range of Rs.126 per square ft.
  • Cibola wood jumbo H with size dimension of 195×1200 mm ft with different design. This comes in a range of Rs.130 per square ft.
  • Ecowood multi with size dimension of 600×1200. This comes in a range of Rs.99 per square ft.
  • Dgvt jungi bronze with size dimension of 600×600. This comes in a range of Rs.82 per sq ft.
  • Mosaic art decor with various designs under a range of Rs. 99 per square ft.

One can check the various tile designs online and can go for it in an offline manner too.

Colour Choices for Tiles in the Living Room

Colour choosing is again a confusing job but one can choose the colour of tiles by keeping these few points in mind.

  • Try to know the suitability of tile colours with other furniture in your room.
  • Go with lighter colours like beige etc if you want to go for a lighter look.
  • The flooring and furnishing colours are also to be kept in mind while matching tiles colour.
  • Go with a colour that satisfies your taste in design.

BY all these things in your mind one can select the best tile designs for their living room.

Keep in mind what specific look you want to create in your room and choose accordingly.

Your room is a place which needs to look the best so it’s important to choose wisely. We know you deserve the best.

So go for the best!

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