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Top Indoor Plants To Gift Your Loved Ones

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We all know that choosing a gift is not that easy but, have you ever considered gifting a plant to anyone? Yes! Plants can be a great gift for recipients who like gardening. An indoor plant not only clears out air but also enhances the decor of your home/ 

Now, the question is which houseplant you should gift to your dear ones. See, that depends on a lot of factors. If your friend is too busy to take care of a plant, then you can consider a simple cactus as a gift. Or, if your friend has a shady apartment, then try giving out a shade-tolerant fern. 

It is always better that you give a potted plant to your loved ones on any occasion. It is an amazing gift that you can consider giving. Despite being a thoughtful gift it has several health benefits like oxygenation and bringing positivity to the house. And, the best part is you can consider this gift for all age groups. So, to make your plant shopping easy, we have listed out a few plants that you can gift to your loved ones on the coming occasion.

Jade Plant 

The Jade plant is known as a large succulent and is an ideal gift for anyone. With its woody stem, it resembles a tree once grown tall enough. And, the best part is even if you water them occasionally, they are able to survive. So, what is the wait for? Buy a Jade Plant Now and surprise your special one with it.

Lucky Bamboo 

A Bamboo plant is a great gift to give because it is a symbol of good health, wealth, and prosperity. And, nothing symbolizes your wishes better than this plant. In short, it is a great indoor plant to give someone. In addition, it is super-easy to take care of them, all they need is water to grow and they will keep flourishing.

Aloe vera Plant 

Giving a plant to someone itself is a thoughtful decision, but if you want to offer someone a functional gift, then an AloeVera Plant has several advantages plus, they are easy to maintain too. They will need water in a few weeks. 

One can make use of Aloe Vera plants for burns, sunburns, and as well for softening of dry skin. 

Money Plants 

Money Plants might seem a common option in indoor plants but they attract good wealth and prosperity if kept in the best location according to Feng Shui. They are an ideal gift for anyone who loves houseplants. 

Therefore, if you want to convey your wishes to your special ones then send a money plant to your loved one. 

Lily Plant 

A lily plant is a unique gift option to gift to your loved ones if you want to preserve the aspect of your relationship. Lily flowers tend to grow upward out of the pot. These plants should be planted in the Spring while keeping the ground cool

Work the soil thoroughly with the garden fork and then dig a deep hole where you want to plant the Lily Bulbs. 

Snake Plant 

A snake plant is an indoor plant that grows slowly and it does well in low light offering you oxygen during the night. Snake plants are quite unique and have a thick stem with a decorative dark stripe running down the middle.

These plants have very low maintenance but they require a little bit of sunlight each day. These plants are called snake plants because their leaves resemble the skin of snakes. In addition, they have little spikes lining on them. These are called self-cleaning plants, so they will need only a light dusting with a damp piece of cloth. 

Corn Plant 

It is another excellent gift option that you can connoisseur to give someone.  They look great in every corner of your house and make that area fulfilling. These plants grow slowly but can reach a height of four to six feet.  These plants are forgiving of variable light conditions and watering routines. 

If you want to know about the sunlight factor then their leaves show a clear indication.  Corn plant leaves turn paler in direct sun to reflect the extra light and stay in green color in shady conditions to maximize the absorption.

Christmas Cactus 

It is also a type of succulent that makes an awesome gift plant. They have had an impressive flowering display that might make you assume that this is a fussy plant. 

This plant requires bright, indirect light, and thrives in average soil conditions. Although all succulents tend to be drought-tolerant, this tropical winter plant prefers a steady watering schedule and late fall during the blooming season. If you want to encourage its growth then plant it in the hanging container that allows its limbs to drape.

Chinese Money Plant 

They are one of the best flowering species that looks really good in a home. They are not like ordinary money plants. They have round leaves and can grow up to four inches in diameter. They prefer moderate indirect sunlight.

These plants propagate easily without any input and can coexist in the same pot for a long time. They are excellent indoor plants for your home decor as well. So, do consider them out. 


Are you looking for a fancy yet unique plant, then do consider gifting lavender to your friend. They are known for their soothing and serene fragrance. Lavender plants look fantastic and will enchant your friend’s home with their amazing smell. In addition, they are one of the beautiful plants to consider for home decor.

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  1. I was contemplating what could be a perfect gift for my close ones. I have given them many materialistic things but wanted to provide them with something that has more meaning to it. I couldn’t come up with a conclusion until I saw this article. It helped me tons to decide on a perfect gift that is both thoughtful and down-to-earth. My friend loves nature and said it created a perfect amount of greenery in her house.

  2. while deciding what to gift someone, especially a male friend, I have always faced so much trouble, thank you for helping me out and letting me know that I could ven gift plants to people. Thank you so much.


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