The Best DIY Diwali Decoration Ideas for Indoors & Outdoors


What is Diwali and How to Celebrate it Safely

The Diwali festival brings a sense of peace, hope, joy, and light into our lives in abundance. It is associated with lights, rangolis, sparkles, diyas, and much more. We also meet our relatives and friends whom we have seen for a long time, giving us an immense sense of joy. 

So the Diwali festival is a time to enjoy, but it is more important to keep safety at hand. Safety doesn’t just mean that we have to be careful when we light diyas and firecrackers. 

It also means we should keep our homes safe from theft, protect our elders and children from burns, and protect our pets against loud cracker noise. It also means keeping our environment safe from litter and pollution.  

Here are some Diwali celebrations ideas keeping in mind the safety standards. These tips can help light up Diwali all the more while letting you enjoy yourself in safety.

  • Avoid lighting or candling near electrical places.
  • Keep a water bucket handy in case someone or something catches fire.
  • You should also be close to a fire extinguisher always.

Best Indoors Diwali Decoration Ideas 

Diwali decorations include the best decoration for the front door on Diwali, inside-the-home decorations, terrace decorations, and much more. You might wonder what to decorate inside the house on Deepavali. 

Best Indoors Diwali Decoration Ideas

Well, there is an awesome range of options to try, such as diyas, candles, rangoli, fairy lights, lanterns, and so much more. Let us have a look into the best decoration for the front door on Diwali and what to decorate inside the house on Deepavali one by one.

Deck up your home with diyas

A Diya is a small lamp that represents the festival of Diwali primarily. They are mostly made of mud and have cotton wicks sitting in a pool of ghee or oil to help the burn. They are sold pain but also come in colourful patterns now. 

Diyas are so important for Deepavali that the festival’s name comes from these lanterns. “deep” in Sanskrit means Diya, and “avali” means row.

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Fill colours inside and outside the house with rangolis

A rangoli is a handmade design using colourful powders, rice flour sand, and flowers. The purpose of this is to welcome the visitors into the home. The designs made in rangoli are passed from generation to generation, and usually, the women of the household prepare this. 

There is no limit to rangoli designs. You can make them geometrically, flower-shaped, or like idols. People also use diyas to decorate the rangolis further. These designs also depict folklore or tradition of Indian traditions. If you want to apply the latest Diwali rangoli designs for your decoration then try these ones. 

Illuminate with Candles all over

Candles can be used for this as they are safer and last longer. For Hindus, lighting candles at every nook symbolizes the riddance from the darkness. Nowadays, scented tea candles are trendy during Diwali. They are pretty small in size but burn for several hours. They come in the shape of many flowers.

Never underestimate the Beauty of String Lights

String lights are also known as Diwali lights. Let’s be real; not everyone has the time to decorate their home with hundreds of candles and diyas. So electric lights are the best to light up once and left to illuminate the entire house for hours. 

During Diwali in India, string lights are commonly seen across the market to give a festive feel. You can also make fairy light curtains in your house using the lights.

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The best decoration for the front door on Diwali is with Toran

You can also use Torans during and after the festivities as they warmly welcome the guests. 

Best Designers Diy Outdoor Diwali Decorations with Pictures

Diwali calls for some decoration both inside and outside of your home. We have discussed the various indoor decoration ideas for Diwali. Now we shall have a look at how to decorate outside of your house on Deepavali. 

We hope that you find some great tips among these external decoration ideas for a party on the occasion of Diwali. If you are running out of time then you must try these Last Minute Pocket-Friendly Ideas to Decorate Home on Diwali which helps you to decorate your house quickly. 

How to decorate outside of your house on Deepavali: Clay Diyas

Clay diyas are the best representation of Diwali ad have been used for ages in the festival. You can arrange these on the side entrance of your home.

How to decorate outside of your house on Deepavali: Clay Diyas

External decoration ideas for a party on the occasion of Diwali: Tea light candles in display sets

Use tea lights to decorate the entrance and outdoors for this Diwali. They are made of pearls, flowers, etc., and are available in many shapes and designs. 


External decoration ideas for a party on the occasion of Diwali: LED lights in Bottles

Having an array of lights outside your door can give a very contemporary yet lovable look for Diwali this year; you can also get pictures clicked here, as it makes for the perfect background.

External decoration ideas for a party on the occasion of Diwali: LED lights in Bottles

How to decorate outside of your house on Deepavali: Fairy lights

Use fairy lights to decorate the plants that are kept outside. Welcome guests in a lit way this Diwali. 

External decoration ideas for a party on the occasion of Diwali: LED lights in Bottles

If you have an office then you should try these Tips to Decorate your Office this Diwali. It will not take more than one hour to decorate your office.


So these were our special ideas to make your Diwali all the way special. These ways can help you easily decorate your house on the outside and inside. Make your visitors feel special as they see the festive mood in your home with all the contemporary decorative ideas mentioned by us. You can also check out the safety tips in this Diwali this article and make sure to follow them responsibly. Stay safe this Diwali, and have the best one!

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