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Last Minute Pocket Friendly Ideas to Decorate Home on Diwali

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Diwali is the much awaited festival in India and all around the world. It is the festival of lights and has lots of excitement connected to the festival. From cleaning your homes to decorating your homes, everything is done with utmost exhilaration.

In the fact paced lifestyle, it becomes difficult sometimes to make your home diwali ready for that you definitely need some last minute tips to decorate your home by easy pocket friendly things. So, come with us and check out our pretty secrets of making our homes diwali ready.

In India and throughout the world, everyone eagerly awaits Diwali. There is a great deal of enthusiasm surrounding the festival of lights. All of it is handled with the fullest zeal, including decorating and cleaning your residences. 

In today’s fast-paced world, preparing your house for Diwali may be challenging at times. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, getting your home ready for Diwali may occasionally be challenging. 

In order to do this, you obviously require some decor ideas that are both simple and affordable. So, join us and discover some beautiful tips for preparing your home for Diwali.

Paper Lanterns!

Paper lampshades are an amazing option for enriching your house on Diwali. They are a simple purchase and accessible in stunning pattern and hues. Plus, the distinctive sizes they come in gives you the alternative of designing the house in amazing way.


They are easily available in markets during the diwali season at low prices. You can also use some DIY ideas and make them at your home. They are easy to make at low prices.

They come in beautiful patterns and colours and are easy to acquire. They are also available in a variety of lengths, giving you the opportunity to adorn your home in a very stunning fashion.

They are widely accessible in marketplaces during the Diwali month at affordable costs. One may also utilize various homemade techniques to create them yourself.

Glass Bottle Lights


Ever discarded the glass containers accepting them to be futile? All things considered, here’s an approach to give an inventive turn to it.

You can paint them in a variety of colors and make Moroccan-style lamps for flawless Diwali improvement. Glass bottle or jar lights look an eye-catcher at your home. So use your old jars and glass bottles to make beautiful lights.

For a perfect Diwali, one may create chic lamps out of glass bottles that are painted in a spectrum of shades. This makes your residence appear beautiful and attractive. So, create lovely lights out of these used containers.

Rangoli Stencils


Designing rangolis are must when it comes to diwalii decorations. Rangoli colors are easily available in market and now a days rangoli stenciils are available which helps you to make your rangoli last minute.

No Diwali enrichment is finished without rangoli. Utilize either rangoli hues or extra gulal from Holi. The plan is as excellent and one of a kind as you make it. Include diyas, candles, bloom petals, little lights and even earthen pots to breath life into your rangoli.

Rangoli creation is essential for Diwali preparations. The marketplace has a wide variety of rangoli colors, and these days you can even get stencils to prepare rangoli at the very last minute.

Rangoli is a necessary component of every Diwali celebration. The idea is just as unique and wonderful as the way folks design it. You can use diyas, lights, flowers, and some other items to make your rangoli even prettier.

Colorful Diyas


Colorful diyas and candles are one stop solution for decorating your home instantly. Light up your home with basic diyas and candles with hues and sparkle. You can get more innovative by making diyas out of flour batter, egg shells, seashells or even natural products peels.

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Include some sparkle, stick on a few sequins, pour in softened wax and include a wick. On the off chance that you need a scented flame, just attach some cinnamon adheres to a light and fill the stay with a sweet smell.

Multi colorful diyas

Multi-coloured diyas are a quick and easy way to decorate your space. Simple decorations and colourful, sparkly candles will illuminate your house. One could become more creative by crafting diyas from various things like flour, shells, or some other natural products.

Floating candles can even be used to decorate homes during Diwali. One may effortlessly acquire such candles in a store throughout the festive period. You may also choose fragrant candles. These candles have a pleasant aroma that refreshes you and puts you in a cheerful frame of mind.

Floating and Aromatic Candles


You can use floating candles to make your home diwali ready.You can get floating candles easily in the market in festive season. So, fill up some water in a big bowl and let the candles do their work! You can go for aromatic candles too. These candles are sweet-scented and makes you feel refreshed gives you a happy mood.

Wall Hangings


Decorate your home with wall hangings.Make your very own wall hangings by utilizing old CDs, daily papers, cardboard and bits of fabric.

Trim the inside decoration with a series of lights and presto, you have a masterpiece. Mold a chain of ocean shells and lights, and lead them on the divider. Exclusive wall hangings are available in market at very low prices. You can create wall hangings by yourself too.

These were some of the interesting and instant ideas that makes you feel mesmerised at diwali. So, go on and explore the pocket freindly ideas.

Beautyful wall hanging

Create your personalized wall hangings using cardboard, scraps of fabric, old DVDs, and newspapers. You get a beauty after adding some bulbs to the interior décor. Unique wall hangings can be purchased on the market for very low prices

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So, make an eco friendly diwali this year and celebrate with ultimate joy with the some last minute ideas that will cost you less!


Those were all a few intriguing and quick ideas for Diwali that will leave you spellbound. Discover the pocket-friendly options now. End up making this Diwali eco-friendly by using a few last-minute, inexpensive ideas, and enjoy yourself to the fullest!

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  1. I did the floating candles last Diwali and it was beautiful to watch them glow in my house. The wall hanging idea is great and I would love to execute that this time. I love arts and crafts and making a wall hanging will add more value to my home. I also want to try making some days this Diwali. Your ideas are always the best. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us.

  2. This is such a quick guide to do all the last minute Diwali preparations. I love how practical all the tips are that you have mentioned. Can’t wait to try them out!


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