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Zodiac Signs Compatibility Deciphered

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Zodiac signs and their effect on the personality, fate of an individual is highly believed. People have different beliefs and they act according to their core belief system.

Read about zodiac signs and their prediction is a common thing. Most people start their days after reading what their zodiac sign says for them today.

This blog is going to put light on zodiac signs and its compatibility with each other. Many amazing things about zod8ca signs are going to be shared in this blog.

If you want to know about zodiac signs and their meanings then also this blog is going to help you out.

You will get to know how the different elements reflect different things. The cosmic magic will make you feel amazed.

Read the following section and know about the magic of zodiac signs. You are going to learn a lot with the help of this blog about zodiac sign compatibility.

The Zodiac Wheel – A Cosmic Map

Zodiac wheel is made up of different zodiac signs. Each zodiac sign is made up of combinations of different elements.

Elements - The Building Blocks

Elements like fire, earth, air and water are taken into account. On the zodiac wheel modalities are also considered.

All the signs are arranged in a combination or a combined  term. Specific locations are assigned to the different signs.

A cosmic map is built with the help of these zodiac signs. One can consider the zodiac wheel as a clock where 12 represents a specific sign and 1 represents another zodiac sign.

Elements – The Building Blocks

Elements play a very important role and one needs to know about what specific elements signify.

Some elements like aries, leo and sagittarius are considered as the energetic ones. They are fiery in nature.

Some other signs like taurus, virgo and capricorn are earth signs that are practical in nature. They are considered to be more grounded.

Elements - The Building Blocks

Signs like Gemini, libra and aquarius are the intelligent ones. Along with that they are said to be talkative.

Let us now tell you about cancer, scorpio and pisces- they are intuitive in nature. For zodiac sign compatibility it is necessary to take care of the elements.

Fire and air signs are considered good. Earth and water signs are good  for emotional depth. Harmony is needed for good balance.

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The Modalities – Cosmic Roles

One needs to pay attention to the modalities too.  Modalities are cardinal fixed and changeable. They are to be checked for zodiac compatibility.

The Modalities - Cosmic Roles

There are some cardinal signs like –aries, libra, capricorn, cancer. Cardinal signs like these are considered as the one who likes to explore good opportunities.

Taurus, scorpio, leo are fixed signs and they are firm in nature. Other signs like gemini, virgo, sagittarius are changeable and they are flexible.

While looking for some good zodiac compatibility it is better to pay attention to the modalities. A good balance is required to be maintained.

If the disequilibrium is created then fights or disputes may occur. Learning and understanding modalities can help you know about the nature of a person.

Compatibility Pairings

Let us talk about the most important part now. The compatibility pairing is the vital part and the zodiac pairings are shared as follows.

Compatibility Pairings

  • Aries ( fire) and libra (air):- They both go well. They are considered to be attracted towards each other. The fire element is balanced by the politeness of libra.
  • Taurus (Earth) and Scorpio (Water): They are a good match as taurus is determined in nature and it can support the passion of scorpio.
  • Gemini (Air) and Sagittarius (Fire):- They both are adventurous in nature and they balance each other well. Thus they are a good match.
  • Cancer (Water) and Capricorn (Earth): The emotional depth of cancer is supported by capricorn.
  • Leo (Fire) and Aquarius (Air): Their creative nature and passion makes them fit for each other.
  • Virgo (Earth) and Pisces (Water): They also support each other and hence they create good balance.

As we can see , balance plays a good role in good pairings. The main basis of zodiac sign compatibility is to create the balance between two different elements. The balance leads to a successful relationship.

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Rising Signs and Moon Signs 

Sun signs of an individual reflect about the representation of that individual to the outer world and it helps in exploring passion and zealth.

Moon signs are related to the emotional depth of an individual. Different signs and their arrangements can lead to better understanding of an individual.

Thus both rising signs and moon signs are also taken into consideration. Birth charts enable a good source for knowing about the signs and their nature.

It helps in understanding the better pairing of zodiac signs. Sun and moon and their interrelated signs are to be paid attention.

The Role of Planets

Planets and their role is very important. Their location helps in determining the nature of an individual. Planet like Venus represents love and relationships.

Mercury refers to intelligence. They all play a good role when it comes to checking the compatibility of both the individuals.The Role of Planets

When two birth charts are studied then they are known as synastry. It is important to know about the charts as they help in determining the compatibility.

The zodiac sign helps by telling the strength and weakness of an individual.

It is important to note that one should always try to solve  disputes and arguments in a relationship with a calm mind.

One should navigate the challenges of compatibility whenever required.

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Zodiac signs and their compatibility is to be taken care of. It can help in telling about the nature of an individual.

This blog has shared some good insight on zodiac signs and their pairing. You will get to know about elements too.

Check this blog and know about how your zodiac sign helps in determining the right partner for you.

It is a coomete guide for learning about zodiac signs and its compatibility.

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