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Wooden Staircase Design to make Stairs Elegant

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Wooden furniture in the house looks appealing and it also helps to make the view of your house more aesthetic. People use wooden things and wood related objects in homes nowadays to magnify the glory of homes. 

Just like other objects, wooden stairs are also a popular thing. One can have wooden staircases in homes for having a natural woody look.

There are many benefits of using wooden stairs and due to all the benefits people use wooden staircases. In this blog we will talk more about the wooden staircase designs that will help your home and buildings look more great. 

If you want to use wooden features then keep reading.

Many great and amazing stair designs are available in upcoming sections. Have a look and check yourself which design will be more feasible for your place. Choose the best quality of wooden staircase and enjoy the beauty.

Why is the Wooden Staircase beautiful?

Wood brings a natural touch to place. Adding wood in the place makes it easier to make the place aesthetic and great. Wood stair case is beautiful-

Why is the Wooden Staircase beautiful

  • Because it is available in many different designs.
  • Because it helps in having a very great view.
  • Many patterns can be obtained via wooden stairs.
  • One can look for different types of wood which will help you in having more good views.
  • The style of wooden staircase makes stairs elegant.

Due to all these things the wooden staircase is beautiful and one can opt for a wooden staircase.

Wooden Staircase Designs to try.

There are some very good wooden patterns which you can try. The designs are shared as follows-

Wooden Staircase Designs to try.

  • Helical wooden staircase– Helical pattern of wooden staircase is a pattern in which stairs are rotated in a helical pattern. The helical pattern revolves around in a twisted manner and thus this pattern of helical staircase looks very adorable. You can style this pattern of wooden staircase in your home or your offices. This is a very popular staircase design in wooden features.
  • Zig zag turn wooden staircase– The way these stairs appear and give the zig zag pattern is so good. Wooden stairs look great in a ziggy pattern. Smooth pattern is obtained with help of this pattern. One can use this pattern in the home to make a complete aesthetic look.
  • Wooden staircase with glass– Along with wooden features you can opt for glass railing features too. The wooden staircase and glass railing will make the complete look more pleasant and great. This design is opted for the look of glass and wood combo. Both of these look perfect.
  • Wavy wooden staircase– A wavy pattern of staircase in wooden design is amazing. The wavy look is so great and the overall look of the wooden appearance is fantastic. This design turns upward in a very good manner. Opt for this design if you are looking for something extraordinary.
  • Curved staircase wooden design– The curved staircase in favourite wood colour is a good option and it can be used by people to make a sophisticated look of their homes. Curvy look of the stairs is a great one and is easy to achieve too.

All these are some very great wooden staircase designs that can help you to have good stairs. Make a choice according to your wish and see how the results appear.

Different types of wood material used for wooden stairs.

There are different types of wooden materials that are available and one can choose the type of material depending upon the need. The types are as follows-

Curved staircase wooden design

  • Reclaimed ironwood– This is the most durable wood and one of the heaviest types of wood that is used for making staircase. It is suitable for using.
  • Red oak– This wood will give your stairs a perfect touch of colours and a blend of natural look will be observed. Opt for this colour and see how great it looks.
  • White oak– For a lighter conyrasr opt for this wood and use it in the staircase. A perfect modern look is obtained with the help of white oak.
  • Walnut– This wood gives a dark colour and appearance with respect to other woods. The pattern is really cool and perfect. 

All these types of woods are used for making staircases. You can use the one which suits you the best. Check all the types and choose accordingly.

Wooden staircase price list to know about.

The price list of wooden stairs is shared as follows and it is a must to check the price list before buying or planning a wooden staircase for your place. The price list is as follows-

Wooden staircase price list

  • Oak wooden staircase with polished texture. The customised design is a nice one and one can buy it at Rs 3000 per piece.
  • Brown shade wooden staircase for homes in a good look at Rs 2000 per piece.
  • Dark brown matte staircase for your home at Rs 120 per sq ft.
  • Hardwood staircase in a very good and perfect look at Rs 2500 per unit.
  • Teak wooden staircase for designable look at Rs 2000 per piece.
  • Kingsmen teak wooden staircase for indoor steps at Rs 450 per sq ft.
  • Wooden duplex staircase at Rs 600 per unit for your home.

These are some options of wooden staircase and one can buy it according to the need and want. The money or price may vary according to the quality of wood. Prefer good quality wood for good durability.


In this blog various different types of wooden staircase designs are shared. One can look at various designs and one can choose the perfect one according to the preference. 

Helical staircase and wooden staircase with glass are some good options that one can check out. Look for the price ranges too and then finalise the one. 

This blog will really help you in making your home the best designable and cool home with the help of a wooden staircase. Check out all things about wooden staircases in this blog .

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