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How To Grow Money Plants in Water Faster. Tips & Tricks

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Water and soil are both suitable growing conditions for money plants. Infact, for all plants. Today, we will cover the topic on how to grow a money plant in water easily.

This article offers instructions for cultivating your money plant in water, as well as a comprehensive explanation of how to do it correctly and faster. 

You can see a money plant in 99% of the Indian homes. Some keep it in water, some in soil, depending upon the choice and space.

Before proceeding with the tips and tricks on how to grow a money plant in water, let us have a look at money plant benefits to grow money plant in water faster

Facts About Money Plant

  • The money plant is known by several other names, including silver dollar plant, jade plant, friendship tree, lucky plant, or money tree. It is a tropical wetland tree native to Central and South America.
  • The money plant grows up to 60 feet (18 meters) tall in the wild, but when grown in pots, it usually only reaches a height of 6–12 inches (15–30 cm).
  • The leaves are glossy and dark green, with five or six leaflets joined together at a central point. People use money plants for decoration purposes as it can grow a long. Have a look at money plant climbing ideas to decorate a big space with money plants.
  • The flowers of the money plant are small and white, with purple stripes. They bloom in the summertime. The fruit of the money plant is a brown or green capsule that contains several small seeds.
  • The money plant is considered to be lucky in many cultures and is often given as a gift to friends and loved ones. In China, the money plant is known as the “tree of happiness.” In India, it is said to bring good luck and is often planted in front of homes and businesses.
  • You may cuttings from the plant and keep them in water until the roots develop.

Benefits of Growing Money Plant in Water

One advantage of growing a money plant in water is that it’s very easy to do. All you need is a container and some fresh water, and you can get started right away.

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Another benefit is that water provides a constantly moist environment for the roots, which is ideal for most plants. This means that you won’t have to worry about watering your money plant as often as you would if it were growing in plant advantages and disadvantages

Disadvantages of Growing Money Plant in Water

However, there are also some disadvantages to growing money plants in water. One is that it’s not as stable as other media, so your plant may tip over more easily. Another is that water can become stagnant and cause problems for the roots if it’s not changed regularly.

Finally, you’ll need to be careful about the type of water you use, as tap water may contain chemicals that can harm your money plant.

If you’re interested in growing a money plant faster, you should weigh the pros and cons of growing it in water before making a decision.

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How to Grow Water Money Plant?

  1. Choose a healthy money plant with green leaves. Cut off a 6-inch section of stem from the main plant, making sure to include at least 2 leaf nodes (the points where leaves are attached to the stem). These leaf nodes will help produce new roots when submerged in water.
  2. Fill a clean glass jar or vase with room-temperature water and place the stem cutting inside.
  3. Place the jar in a bright, indirect sunlight location and wait for roots to form. This can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks.
  4. Once roots have formed, you can either keep the money plant in water indefinitely or transplant it into the soil. To transplant, simply remove the plant from the water and pot it in moistened potting mix.

Care Tips For Water Money Plant

Money plants are inexpensive to maintain, and getting a few pointers on how to speed up the growth of your money plant in water is simple.

grow money plant in water faster

Make the Water is Replaced Regularly

It would be beneficial if you paid close attention to the water in your money plant. If the water is left for an extended period without being changed, it becomes contaminated with pollutants and poisons that are detrimental to your money plant.

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The water becomes murky and serves as a breeding ground for germs or fungus, which may later infect the money plant. Water that is kept for an extended period without being changed restricts your money plant’s access to new nutrients.Plants Watering in Holidays

When water is scarce, the plant’s nutrients deplete over time, and the money plant may develop stunted growth as a result of insufficient nutrients. By changing the water in your money plant regularly, it will be able to thrive faster.

Sunlight Regulation in the House

Money plants, like all other plants, require a certain amount of sunshine to carry out photosynthesis. To preserve a robust money plant, keep it away from excessive sunshine or heat.

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Similarly, inadequate sunlight exposure affects your money plant’s metabolic processes. The rate of photosynthesis falls, and the plant fades in color and may eventually become yellow as a result of insufficient sunlight.sunlight for plants

To avoid this scenario, you can position your money plant in a low-light area or near windows with drapes.

Temperature Control

The optimum temperature for money plants is between 60 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The cells of the money plant become inactive at too low a temperature and growth is restricted. At these temperatures, your money plant’s leaves turn golden yellow and begin to show spots.

Money plants dry out when exposed to high temperatures, resulting in dehydration. High temperatures are said to be a source of cell denaturation and the money plant’s death.

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The ideal temperatures for a money plant are slightly higher and range from 59 to 86°F (15 to 30°C). Your money plant works far better in this temperature range than it does outside of it.

Getting Clean Water is Important

The water in which money plants are grown must be constantly clean for them to live. This new water should be clean as well as free of chemical contamination and replaced for the money plant’s needs.

Chlorine or salt pollutants in water cause a shift in the osmotic balance between the cell sap of the money plant and the water medium. Following this, because the plant loses moisture, it becomes flaccid, losing its support qualities. The plant is poisoned to the point of death in rare circumstances due to chlorine exposure.

You should make sure the water you’re using is completely free of chlorine and other minerals. When changing the potting medium, you should utilize water that is suitable for drinking.

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Propagation Techniques

It’s also worth noting that the money plant’s performance in a water medium is partly determined by how it was propagated. You should establish whether or not each gardening technique you use on the money plant is appropriate from the start. The quality of the money plant will be affected by bad propagation.

Submerged seedlings that have a few nodes are more prone to having insufficient root systems, while submerged seedlings with many nodes from water may have solid root development.

Choose a nice stem and make sure it has enough nodes; this will help you select a superior new money plant that grows quickly. Selecting a single taken from the plant with desirable features such as leaf form and strong growth is important.

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Money Plant Growing in Water: Common Problems

The majority of money plants cultivated in water encounter several difficulties. The constant availability of water has some detrimental influences on the money plant.

Water Damage to a Money Plant

For newly propagated money plants, where the stems rot and become non-viable, this problem is quite obvious.

If you discover a rotting root cause, treat it with antimicrobial medications or remove the rotten portion. Fresh propagates also pose significant suffocation and root rot risk, therefore you should maintain close track of them.

Leaves Turn Yellow

Yellowing is an issue that plumes frequently encounter. The water medium’s high toxicity levels, pathogen assault causing illness infections, and so on are all factors.

Water should be replaced regularly to remove pollutants. After you discover pests and diseases in your plant, you should attack them as soon as possible.

Pest Attack

Aphids suck the cell sap and perforated leaves. These creatures destroy the plant’s beauty while also providing a breeding ground for disease transmission.

To control ants, you should use neem oil. You should also quarantine severely infested plants so that the infection does not spread.

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Use filtered water, change the potting medium regularly, propagate using the appropriate technique, and check for pests and diseases. Taking these steps will help you avoid many common problems.

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