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House Construction without Pillars – Construction Ideas by Experts

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With the latest technique available, there are innovations in all spheres. Construction of the house is also positively impacted by the same. There has been a complete paradigm shift in the construction industry from a traditional style to the latest. For the layman, it may be not easy to imagine a “house without a pillar”. The fact is you can construct your home without a pillar in the following ways.

Using Truss

Truss acts as a perfect support for any residential building. Using it, you may not feel the need for a pillar. A truss is a collection of beams that are formed by making a unique structure. As a result, the house can get reliable support without the need of a pillar.

With the Help of Band Sill

Band Sill is another name of Joist. It serves as alternative support for the pillar in the construction of the house.  It is used as a framing that helps in providing excellent support for any building.

You need to take the utmost priority towards cracks in the building and take necessary precautions to avoid them.

Girder can be Another Substitute

Girder is customized support made of Iron. It helps in supporting huge complexes and structures.  Girder usually comes in different shapes and sizes that help in giving better support to the foundation of your house.

Load Bearing Walls

Load-bearing walls are unique walls that are used as a bridge between the foundation and walls to absorb the entire load. It acts as a robust support system for the framework and helps in maintaining a strong foundation for any residential complexes.  This bespoke structural material is capable of enduring the entire load from top to bottom in any construction.

It can easily bear the weight of your roof and topmost floor as well. The Load-bearing wall specializes in carrying all the vertical loads and is placed just above the beam. Such support is more commonly used for the concrete floors. You can get load-bearing walls in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are Masonry, Precast, Retaining, Stone, Engineering, Stud, etc. Curing for brick walls is necessary while opting for this. You can check their features and choose the one that is most suitable.

Structural Steel

Such kinds of steel are used based on the fertility of your land.  Before even using it, the soil quality is thoroughly investigated through specialized tools. After choosing the right type of steel and soil, the appropriate steel structure is selected for the firm plantation within that area. This analysis is critical as it helps in laying a strong foundation for any construction.steel bars

Furthermore, it can act as a perfect substitute for the pillars. The mechanism of how it works is quite impressive. Usually, such structural steel is capable of transferring the loads to the soil, which in turn provides strong support to any construction.  All-in-all, this can prove to be a suitable replacement for the traditional pillars.

Timber Framing

If you want to have a mix of the traditional and modern style of support, then you can try having a timber framing. This wooden style of the beam can be staunch support for any house and can be replaced with any pillars without a second thought. Such type of structural support makes use of squared-off and carefully fitted timbers.

The cushion support of wooden pegs makes it an even more potent source of the foundation for any house. Timber frame constructions are strong enough to bear even massive damage without any additional foundation support. Not only it helps in articulating your home you want but can help you stay relaxed with its trustworthy long-lasting foundation support.

Raft Foundations

They are also called a MAT foundation. Such kind of support works perfectly for the house with the basement and otherwise as well. Such support is created by scooping out the land to discover the natural soil and finding a more substantial background for the structure. Not only can it be the replacement of the pillars but a much better foundation as well.  The reason for its core endurance is the quality of the chosen soil that is found a few feets under the surface areas.

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Due to the fine mining underneath, the soil is much more trustworthy as compared to the ones available on the surface. All you need is digging a little deeper down the surface to create a solid base for the construction of the basement. Such kinds of foundations are preferred by most of the structural engineers, especially for the construction of the house with the basements.

Construction of your house without a pillar has got several benefits. One of which is it helps in saving lots of costs. Secondly, you can get a solid foundation in your home as well. If you want to know more detail, then you can connect with a structural engineer.

DecorChamp is always available as a primary alternative in the case of any query too. Build your dream house in the best way with minimum investment and best output. Your knowledge and awareness can help you in saving a decent percentage of your hard-earned money. Don’t just rely on the builders; do your due diligence before considering constructing your house for the desired results. Refer How to reduce construction cost in India and make your construction cost-effective.

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  1. Home s under construction ground floor mold is done but we didn’t use pillars now we are planning to build first floor what are all the alternatives for expanding our home please let me know

  2. Is it possible to build 3 storey house without pillars? Because till now I was under the impression that pillars are required for building a house more than 1 storey but I recently saw a 3 storey house which doesn’t have any pillars in its exteriors. And after reading your blog I am open to this concept if it is possible.

  3. Very good blog containing lot of valuable discussions.Can I construct a three storeyed building without foundation.I want to minimise the expenses.


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