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The ceiling is the most important part of one’s home decor. A good ceiling has the potential to brighten the room. While decorating your house, you must put a lot of emphasis on which type of ceiling will go well with your room. Ceilings are supposed to have a distinctive character that can change the whole vibe and aesthetic of any space. Here are a few types of ceilings that you can consider while getting your renovations done.

  1. Vaulted Ceilings: These types of ceilings have been found in various areas across ages and are believed to be thousands of years old. They can be styled at your convenience in a number of ways to match the look of your home whether it is modern, industrial, or rustic. They provide a sense of spaciousness and allow bright natural light to come through. You can install vaulted ceilings in big spaces like a living room or in an open kitchen as well, they give a really aesthetic and rustic look to your home and you should consider installing them.

  2. Conventional Ceiling: They are plain and flat types of basic ceilings that are almost 8 to 10 feet high and can be readily accessible. These are commonly found in our homes. As the name suggests, they are one of the most economical types of ceilings if you are not looking to do something extra with your home and are going with a plain choice. You can also add some POP designs if you want to make those look more interesting. They can be installed quite easily and don’t need any professional assistance as well.
  3. Suspended Ceiling: A suspended/dropped ceiling is a type of ceiling that hangs from a metal grid from a pre-existing ceiling. They are a great choice for commercial buildings and offices. People usually prefer suspended ceilings because they give a kind of flexibility to the designers and they are cost-effective as well. They give a modernized and clean look to your roofs and with proper lights they do wonders.
  4. Coffered Ceilings: These are the type of ceilings that you usually come across in libraries, hotels, high-end homes, etc. They represent a luxurious and classic aesthetic. They are a little more expensive than the usual conventional ceilings but are totally worth it because they give a real satisfactory look. They need to be installed by specialists who are familiar with the installation of such types of ceilings.
  5. Coved ceilings: These are concave/dome-shaped ceilings that are found in lecture halls, churches, or theatres. Coved ceilings have curved edges and can also serve as a kind of archway that separates one room from another, they can also give an elegant touch to the room and are capable of achieving both traditional and modern looks. These ceilings are believed to be intricate and require more time and money to get installed.
  6. Shed Ceilings: They are a type of vaulted ceilings and can give a contemporary look. Shed ceilings are an uncommon type of ceiling but have a great potential to be used and give a great look to the room. You can install these types of ceilings in your living spaces. They are usually seen in homes with attic spaces and give a cool look to your room.
  7. Beam Ceilings: Being used extensively in home decor, beam ceilings are a traditional type of ceiling made primarily from hardwood that can aesthetically accentuate the room. They give the home a definitive type of look. One usually comes across such types of ceilings in hallways and corridors for commercial settings. They create a visual absorption and are easy to install.
  8. Exposed ceilings: They are also known as open ceilings. In these types of ceilings, the structural systems are left exposed normally or are painted. They give an industrial look to the room while making them more spacious. They increase natural lighting if paired with skylights, give a modern interior look, and require to be perfectly planned before execution.

  9. Tray Ceiling: also known as inverted/recessed ceiling, the tray ceiling features a central section that is a tad bit higher than the areas around the room perimeter. They work well in large rooms with high ceilings and create a visual depth. The center section is great to hang chandeliers, hanging lights, or ceiling fans. They give a luxurious feeling when you look at them. They add architectural interest to the room and give an elegant look.

  10. Barrel-Vault Ceiling: Also known as tunnel-vaulted or wagon ceilings, barrel vault ceilings have been believed to be known from ancient Egypt and have been used majorly in Roman Architecture. They got their name as barrel-vault ceilings because they look like half-cut barrels that are hung high on the roof. Such ceilings are good to go with every type of architectural design: modern, rustic, contemporary and look really unique. 

These were a few ceiling types that we believe you should go with in order to give your house a more aesthetic look. Choosing a good type of ceiling for your home under a budget can be tough but if you choose wisely you can make it possible. Once you’ve chosen the perfect type of ceiling for your space, another thing that comes to one’s mind is how to accessorize it in order to make it look better. You can decorate the ceiling in several ways, a few of which are POP, painting them with appropriate colors, adding Chandeliers, good ceiling fans, and hanging lights. You can also install different types of lights on the roof depending on your aesthetic and the vibe that you want to create for that particular room.

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  1. Your ceiling decor ideas are just what I’ve been looking for. My home is in dire need of a makeover, and I think that your ideas are just the thing to give it the boost that it needs. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas with me!


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