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Painting home decors – Unleash your inner artist

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Want to be creative and build up a hobby or create art for your home decor? Why not start with our imaginative ideas for painting and lighting up your house with it. Have a good art session with yourself to relax. Express your emotions, feelings, and ideas as a form of art through paintings. 

Art has evolved and has picked up various art styles from different parts of the world and eras. Let’s look at some of the painting styles of the world.

Abstract Art

It utilizes the visual language of shapes and varieties. Instead of zeroing in on the honest portrayal or reasonable impersonation of an item, dynamic craftsmanship takes a gander at other non-objective creative components of shape, structure, variety, and line.Abstract Art


It is a social development created in Europe in the fallout of World War I where craftsmen portrayed terrifying, nonsensical scenes and created methods to permit the oblivious brain to put itself out there.Surrealism Art

It adjusts a normal vision of existence with one that states the force of the oblivious and dreams. The development specialists track down enchantment and abnormal magnificence in the startling and the uncanny, the ignored and the flighty.


Impressionism is a nineteenth-century workmanship development described by somewhat little, slender, yet noticeable brush strokes, open pieces, accentuation on the precise portrayal of light in its changing characteristics, common topic, strange visual points, and consideration of development as a pivotal component of human discernment and experience.Impressionism Painting

Impressionists defied traditional topics and embraced advancement, craving to make works that mirrored the world in which they lived.


It is an expression of development. The development mirrored a craving for the production of new types of craftsmanship, reasoning, and social association, which mirrored the recently arising modern world, including highlights like urbanization, innovations, and war. Specialists endeavored to leave conventional types of workmanship, which they considered obsolete.Modernism Painting


It is a pioneering development, at first in verse and painting, starting in Northern Europe around the start of the twentieth hundred years.

Expressionism PaintingIts run-of-the-mill quality is to introduce the world exclusively according to an emotional viewpoint, twisting it fundamentally for close-to-home impact to inspire states of mind or thoughts. It began from a gathering of craftsmen in Germany during the last part of the 1800s.


It is a mid-twentieth century cutting-edge workmanship development that altered European artistic creation and model and propelled related developments in music, writing, and engineering.Cubism Painting

The Cubist style stressed the level, two-layered surface of the image plane, dismissing the customary procedures of viewpoint, foreshortening, demonstrating, and chiaroscuro, and invalidating respected hypotheses that workmanship ought to emulate nature.

You can create any of these painting styles into your home decor items. Here are some hand painting ideas for you to recreate and tips to get the complete look.

Pot painting ideas

Pot painting is now very popular worldwide. It is a form of ceramic art if it includes a clay pot. Painting on pottery is an old age tradition, and people still follow it to decorate their houses and even make and sell them in the market. There are other types of pots you can paint into as well.Pot Painting Ideas

the materials that you will use:

  • A pot
  • Painting color (Oil paint, Latex paint, or Acrylic paint)
  • Brush with different point tips
  • Paint seal coat

You can begin with your pot painting now; some designs for your painting inspiration:

Single painting color 

Make a single use of color all-around your pot; if you want to make it minimalistic, clean, and simple, or if you want to match it up with any other colors in your house, go for one specific color. You can add different colors in the different pots, though, to not make it boring. 

Lively painting 

This one could be made as colorful as you want and as much as design you want to incorporate to make it look lively and joyous. You may want to make it bright and pretty with any random designs you wish to make.

Even better, if you’re already an artist, you can draw your actual sketches onto them and make them come to life. 

Gradient painting 

Gradients will never go out of style. Using pop colours to create this beautiful gradient design integrating two or even three colours in a single pot. It looks great on small house plants, and you can even decide to match the colour of your plant; that is just so cute.Gradient Painting

Mandala painting

One can never go wrong with mandala art. If you have a stable hand, go for it; it is so refreshing to look at. Use a Q-tip to create this look. The effort will be worthwhile once you see the gorgeous results.

Bottle painting ideas 

Now that you have got some inspiration for pot painting, let’s begin the next idea, bottle painting.Bottle Painting Ideas

Light bottle painting 

You can turn your simple and boring fairy-light glass bottle into a creative and pretty decorative piece. You can keep the inside exactly as it is and just paint it outside to give it more life.

Vase bottle 

You can turn your extra or useless bottles into a vase, and if it does not look like a vase, then what’s better than painting it beautifully.

Vase BottlesWatering bottles 

Have empty wine bottles? Clean it up as paint and turn it into a plant watering bottle. No waste of extra money in purchasing watering jars as the long neck of wine bottles could be a great way to get the plants sufficient water. 

Radium painting 

Radium paints are the paints that glow in the dark. How cool would it be to see the radium painting at night while you are sleeping or just lie in your bed to feel the galaxy view?

Radium PaintingYou can have a wall painting of radium or just have small stuff painted on the wall for the glow at night. It is especially children’s favorite, and even many adults entail this type of painting in their homes. 


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  1. Wow, what a fantastic article! As someone who has always been intimidated by painting and hesitant to take on any home decor projects that involve it, this post has definitely given me the inspiration and confidence to give it a try. The tips and tricks provided are so helpful, especially the advice on color selection and the different techniques for achieving different effects. The examples of painted home decor items, such as the furniture and accent walls, are so beautiful and really showcase the power of paint to transform a space. I love the idea of using paint to create a focal point in a room and add personality to a space. I will definitely be bookmarking this article for future reference and can’t wait to start experimenting with painting my own home decor items.


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