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Cracks in Buildings – Reasons and Prevention

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Natural causes or poor building material; anything can harm the life of your beautiful home. cracks can be seen in commercial, residential and historical buildings. Every crack is caused due to a different reason, and as per the severity of the crack, a professional measure should be taken to nurture the building.

Cracks in Building and Repair


Some cracks are not serious and absolutely easy to repair, whereas others may be a sign of serious defect. So, read this blog to know everything about how to detect, repair and prevent building cracks.

Types of Cracks and Their Causes

Cracks in Walls: A crack in the wall can spoil the beauty of the building. Major reasons behind these cracks are variation in temperature or continuous passage of moisture. These cracks belong to the non-structural cracks, and usually, they do not endanger safety.

Cracks in Ceiling: Leaks in the roof or leaks in internal plumbing might be the culprit weakening the structure and causing cracks in the ceiling. Such cracks are usually seen in multi storied buildings, and these cracks are a sign of aging of the structure.

Ceiling Cracks


Cracks in Foundation: Flooding, dry heat or natural disaster can cause cracks in the foundation of the building that you should be worried about. A little unevenness is not a warning sign but over the years the problem can become worse, and the repair cost will be too expensive. So it’s better to get the repair work done on time.

Cracks in Foundation


How to Repair Cracks in Building?

Cracks on the plaster surface, ceiling and the entire structure of a building can be repaired easily. Here’s how to repair cracks in building. Some of the most popular methods to repair cracks are listed below:

How to repair cracks


  • Solid cracks in the building can be repaired with the low-pressure injection of epoxy or polyurethane foam.
  • Cracks giving hollow sound can be repaired with cement mortar.
  • Cracks on ceiling can be repaired with Guniting
  • Cement mortar can also be used for cracks in masonry walls and in the face of plaster.

The Best Strategy to Prevent Cracks

Both structural and non-structural cracks can be a reason of natural disaster, temperature variation or poor workmanship. Besides, a lack of maintenance can shorten the lifespan of a building. So follow these steps to take good care of a building and to put every possible effort to prevent cracks:

  • First of all, sound engineering principles and practices should be followed at the time of designing the foundation.
  • Horizontal movement joints between RCC and the masonry work should be avoided.
  • To prevent thermal movement in a building, it is essential to plan construction joints carefully.
  • Corrosive cement should be avoided, and mechanical mix should be used for cement concrete work.
  • Right after the initial setting of cement concrete mix, curing should be started.
  • Always make sure to not to let the trees grow close to building and compound walls.

It is always important to know the reasons for cracks and the measures that can be taken to enhance the lifespan of a building. Proper curing is important, and you should be aware of the quantity of water required for bricks, mortar, and concrete. If there are cracks in a building, get it assessed by professionals and then take necessary action.

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  1. All in all, it was the best strategy mentioned to prevent cracks. I totally liked it. I never knew there is something called thermal movement and that also needed to be planned. Got to know everything so precisely, I just liked it a lot. The interior decor tips and the architectural designs all are mentioned in an amazing way. I really liked it.

  2. Oh my god! I have been looking for a solution to repair cracks in my building for so long. Your article is life-saving. Thank you so much for your help! The information is so clear and easy to follow. You are a genius!


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