Vastu Direction for Wardrobe. Effects & Benefits


Vastu Shastra defines the natural way of life. It offers us the right way to stay positive, successful, peaceful within you and happy. After following the rules and regulations of vastu perfectly, the experiences are different and very positive. It is important that you know the exact meaning of vastu and what it is all about. Bedroom being another important room in the home, you have to know several aspects of positioning different elements in the room. Did you know that the facing of almirah and the location as well as the materials used to make it are also included in vastru shastra? Yes, they are. You have to be careful about what kind of almirah you bring in the bedroom.


Almirah Facing as Per Vastu

  • First of all, the bedroom cabinet or the almirah should be placed in the south – west direction of the room.
  • The room should open to the north. It should be placed leaving the north-east, south-east, north-west corners and east and north directions of the room.
  • The colors that you use for the almirah should be subtle and not distracting. Light colors are always better in the bedroom even for the walls.
  • Mirrors on the almirah should be avoided. In fact, mirrors, should not be used in the bedroom. However, if there is no other location to place the mirror, the mirrors should be positioned in such a way that the bed should not be reflected in the mirror. It is believed that mirrors might cause quarrel in the house and so it should be covered with a curtain.
  • Do not use almirah made of marble or other stone. It is better to use wood, iron almirah in the bedroom.
  • The cash almirah should not be kept on shaky platform it should stand on leveled floor. Almirah should comprise of one door.
  • The cash almirah should be kept in front of the North door. In the almirah, keep the cash and jewelry on the west or south side. If the almirah is kept in the Northeast, there will be loss of cash.


Wardrobe Direction in Bedroom

Place the wardrobe to the northwest or southwest part of the house. If possible the location should be the southwest. The doors of the wardrobe should open towards the east or south direction. This is so because they serve as buffers to the hot evening sunlight coming from the west. The money and jewelry should be placed in the North direction of the house. It is the direction of Kuber and is the best place to keep wealth.

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Location of the Wardrobe

The location should be such that it should not touch the wall of the bedroom. In this way, the air movement is free flowing and free of obstacles. The wardrobe should not have mirrors on it that reflect the person sleeping on the bed. This causes many prolong diseases to the occupant of the bedroom.

If you place your almirah, wardrobes or lockers the way Vaastu Shastra recommends will add to the wealth and prosperity of your family.


  1. sir can i place my M.S wardrobe in bedroom in direction of door opening towards east. and place is northwest. is this right place. please tell me sir.

  2. AJAY MOHARANA October 1st 2017
    In my newly constructed room wall Almirha made facing west direction as congested space.Door facing south. is it correct as per vastu? if not what is remedy.


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