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Choosing Your Wall Colors Right For Appealing Interiors

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Wall colors not only bring out the personality of the house but also the residents. Hence, it is very important that we choose a perfect wall color scheme for our house. However, there is a number of people who prefer choosing wall colors according to Vastu, but you can easily select a color scheme for your house based on your interest. 

The right wall color has the ability to create an illusion of a spacious room. If you decide on a nice wall color, then it also helps in blending your decor items with modern furniture. In short, wall color combinations for your room can easily change the way you feel about your home.  

To know more regarding how to choose wall colors for your home interiors, consider the following factors:

Go for the Neutral colors

Neutral colors work best if you want to keep a soft tone in your house. They work extremely well for the bedrooms and with bright colors too. Don’t go for the colors that are just pure white. You can mix the paint with subtle undertones of yellow, pink, blue, or brown with ease. 

Make sure that you go for the undertones that match your carpet, furnishing, and bedding. Wall colors experts at your paint store help you determine one of the best neutral shades for your living room and bedroom. 

Consider Your Own Style

Whenever you choose a wall color, make sure that you pick up something that won’t tire you quickly. Hence, whenever you are going with the wall colors for your home interior, it is always best to choose the color and shades that you like the most. 

You can even go for the subtle and calming look, so choose the paint color that reflects your taste for example, such as cool shades of blue, orange, and warm colors. If you are attracted to exciting colors, then make sure you try out deep purple or a teal color for the vibrant shades. 

And, if you are looking for elegance, then go for the wall colors that are neutral in color, for example, red-toned brown shades, cool light green, etc. Make sure that you go for wall colors that complement furniture and decor in your room. 

ChooseThe Wall Colors That Matches Your Furniture 

Whenever you want to decide your home colors, make sure that you go with the colors that go well with your furniture. For instance, if you have a light-colored fabric couch, then go for the lighter home colors such as off-white, white, cream, etc. These colors will create a seamless setup. Or, you can even use bright-colored accent wall designs that match the liveliness of the bright color furniture that you have. Try out light shades such as mint, French vanilla, emerald green, or something that will match your room interiors

You can even try out the dark color combinations, but that will only go well if you have an open and airy place. If you are having patterned and printed upholsteries, then go for the subtle wall colors. 

Use Multiple Colors for Unique Look

If you want to create a whole different vibe, then choose multiple colors for your home. An array of colors will not only brighten up your place but will also add a unique character to your house. 

As we all know, multiple wall colors can be risky, therefore one should use colors in the different elements such as, we can use these colors in the Kitchen-cum-dining area. You can add floral wallpapers or decorative discs on the wall for adding up a vibrant theme to the whole place. You can even go with the multicolor look for any of your rooms and try to use the color combinations for adding different elements to your room. 

Decorate Your Place With Colorful Stripes 

You can easily choose colorful stripes if you like two-tone color schemes. Stripes’ design goes amazing if you have small heightened spaces. And, vertical stripes do add height to any place. You can go with the stripes of any color that you like the most. Or, you can use wallpapers that have stripes design on them. This will allow you to experiment with different shades.

Always test the Wall Colors  

Once you have decided on the wall colors, there are several paint testers at the colors store. You can schedule your home color consultation with a professional consultant and get ideal advice even after testing out the wall paint colors. 

You can also paint your wall digitally. Select the colors you need for the walls and then email them to any painting company. They will create a digitally-painted picture of your actual walls with the new colors. 

Go With the Right Paint Finish 

Out of several colors available in the market, you can choose a flat(matte) finish that is perfect for the adult bedrooms and other rooms too. They tend to soak up colors and offer you the most pigment. 

You can try an eggshell finish that is quite a popular choice amongst customers and it offers durability with the right amount of shine. Even the satin finish is great for Kid’s bedrooms, family rooms, hallways, or any other room. This will make your painted walls simple and clean. 


Picking up a wall color can be intimidating, but it is also very important you choose wall colors that complement your home interior. Everyone has their own sense of style, so select an inspiration piece that contains colors that you like the most and they are a good kick start to your wall painting process. 

Be it any color or furnishing, you can choose colors that complement your style. In nutshell, choosing a wall color might seem easy but a lot of factors go into consideration. So, choose wall colors considering all the needed factors.

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  1. I completely agree that the wall color should match the furniture always. This helps to make the space seem more cohesive and put together. I think that it is important to also consider the other elements in the room when deciding this though. Thanks a lot for sharing such wonderful ideas with us.

  2. I concur that pairing the wall color with the furniture can create a cohesive and organized look. It is necessary to evaluate the other elements within the space when making this decision. Thank you for providing such helpful advice.


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