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Vastu For Kitchen Sink And Stove

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Vastu Shastra is an ancient science principle of architecture, designing, and construction. It dates back to thousands of years ago, but its hold is still very prominent in today’s modern time. 

Literally translated to “science of architecture”, Vastu Shastra is one of the most popular and followed practices in India. Vastu Shastra aims on basing principles on an ideal means of living. 

The designs, themes, and patterns that it recommends take into consideration all-natural elements- air, fire, earth, water, and sky. These five elements are considered essential for creating a positive atmosphere. 

Vastu Shastra scientifically combines its principles with architecture so that you see a boost in your financial status, prosperity, and the energy of your house. 

Vastu Shastra’s main focus is for linking any layout and design in relation to natural forces to follow the proper placement of buildings, geometric patterns, and symmetry. 

Importance of Vastu Shastra in the kitchen 

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any house, especially since the main source of power i.e., food is created and provided from here. 

This is why it is important that you maintain good energy and vibes in your kitchen, promoting positivity. 

To help you maintain positivity in your kitchen, this blog will guide you through ideal Vastu principles for the kitchen sink and stove

When applied, you will slowly notice an abundance of goodness entering your home and spreading a blanket of positive aura. 

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Vastu for Kitchen Sink 

Water is one of the most essential and influential elements present in any kitchen, and also because it is considered to be a significant good-energy-creating factor. 

Vastu for Kitchen Sink

Thus, if water-producing elements or those related to the water element are arranged and positioned in a proper manner, then it is assured to bring out the good and spread positive vibes.

On the other hand, if there is any misplacement, strong negative vibes could be conjured or attracted. 

To prevent this negativity from being created, Vastu Shastra has the best recommendations. It states that a kitchen sink or kitchen basin should always be placed on the northeastern side of your kitchen. Having the kitchen sink or kitchen basin installed in any other direction will probably have adverse effects on your home, and make you highly prone to danger and hazards. 

Ensure that your kitchen sink is especially not in the south, south-west, or west direction. These three directions that are mentioned are a big no-no for the placement of kitchen sinks and basins. 

Along with the kitchen sink or basin, any other feature associated with the water element should be placed in this direction. 

Water purifiers, water filters, or even water storage units should be kept in the northeastern direction. Doing so will help prevent damage. 

Such small adjustments will help in avoiding any defects or damages in the future. Luring opposite directions and elements are proven to be enemies of each other. 

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Vastu for Kitchen Stove 

Similar to the kitchen sink and basin, it is essential that the stove in any kitchen also be placed in perfect accordance to Vastu Shastra to bring out the best positive results. 

Unlike the kitchen sink which needs to be placed in the north-eastern direction, the kitchen gas stove must be placed in the south-east

Vastu for Gas Stove

For even better results to view in your kitchen, you must place your refrigerator in the southwestern direction. The kitchen sink, stove, and refrigerator will then form a triangle. 

This triangle indicates the perfect depiction of the fire and water elements in one’s kitchen. 

It is always ideal to keep the kitchen sink and stove at a good distance from each other because they are representatives of the fire and water elements

If for any reason, you are unable to keep the sink and stove in the triangular position, or at a good distance from each other, it is recommended that you partition the two with a wooden plank. 

It is very important that these two elements do not blend in with each other, and are kept separated to avoid any unwanted effects. 

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Before you start following Vastu Shastra principles in your kitchen, ensure that you have fully understood them. Also, you need to have proper information about your kitchen from its layout to its furnishings. Once you understand all of this information properly, you can go ahead by applying Vastu Shastra principles. Follow the proper kitchen directional layout also to get the most out of Vastu.

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