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Make your Bedroom Instagram-Worthy with DIY Teenage Trends

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Designing a Teenager’s bedroom might be the hardest choice to make as this crucial age is all about peer pressure and becoming a starlight in Instagram world;which makes them more consious plus it needs to be versatile enough to cherish good memories which they may nurture after ages.

From bold colours and attractive walls to DIY decors and cozy warm lightning, there are countless number of possibilities to design a teenage bedroom that is both functional and stylish.

bedroom personalization

Let’s transform it into a personalized oasis whether it is a peaceful sanctuary or a vibrant hangout spot; we have got it all covered with a range of ideas that are easy to implement and pocket-friendly.

Important Aspects of Teenage Bedroom

Several important aspects to consider while designing a teenage bedroom. Listed below are some of the important one’s:

  1. Comfort- A bedroom should always be comfortable and cozy where teens can relax and freshen up their young minds which includes incorporating comfortable cushions, seatings, beddings to make them feel living in a secure and safe environment.
  2. Personalization- Teenager’s always want that their individuality and personality reflects in their bedroom. The design process encourages them to express their ideas and preferences which actually describe’s their nature. It is all about creating a space that is uniquely you by adding personal touch like lamps, vase, decorative items, curtains, vintage camera’s and many more stuff.
  3. Lightning- Proper lightning plays a individual role in a teenage bedroom. Different types of lightning like table lamps, floor lamps, fixtures will create a layered lightning scheme which will create a cozy mood and inviting atmosphere.White lights are more preferred as comparison to yellow lights as it is more welcoming and does not give strain to eyes.
  4. Safety- It should always be the most top most right priority. Ensuring all electrical switches are in safe outlets and furniture is secure with no trippy edges.
  5. Functionality- It should be designed in such a way that several activities can be performed like sleeping, studying and socializing without any hindrance. Functional layout will provide maximum usage and ample space for other organizational stuff.

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Well this was all about things to do before designing now come’s the trickiest of all- DIY(Do It Yourself) ideas.

By incorporating these ideas you can design your own stylish instagram-worthy unique bedroom.

Let’s have a showcase and fun with design ideas!!!!

“From Drab to Frab: Easy Design Hacks”

  1. Go All out- If you have a favourite colour and knows exactly what you want to design then why not Go All Out and make it feel like something you really want to crash in. Make use of good quality bedding and layering different textures will give a smooth texture to your bedroom. A paint with a light colour and a graphic bedroom wallpaper of your choice will enhance the beauty of the room.
  2. Save Space in a Fun way- Saving space can be both functional and fun.
    • A loft bed with built in storage can be a great option for teenagers who needs a designated workspace or a cozy seating area. You can even utilize the area underneath the bed.
    • Wall-mounted shelves is a great way to display books or decorative items.
    • Multi-functional furnitures that serves more than one purpose could be great. Consider a fold down desk that can be easily mounted to wall and easily tucked away when not in use or a hanging organizer used to store shoes, jewellery and accessories. You can even hang hanging organizers at the back of your doors.
  3. Keep it clean and simple- Bring in with more dimensions with crystal colour palettes, fluffy carpet, interesting bed frame, indoor plants and you can also put a bed in the corner like a sofa where you can feel more private and cozy. Make your teen stay organized with bins and baskets.
  4. Create a cozy reading nook- A cozy and comfortable reading area with a chair and a shelf of books will enhance the room and instagram photo opportunity.
  5. Add a Canopy- Canopy beds are classic and elegant that adds a touch of luxury and romance. Canopy beds come in a variant styles from traditional beds ti minimalist beds. You can choose a canopy that compliments your existing decor. The varying fabric, colour and texture will give a eye catching look.
  6. Make it Hangout Seductive- Clashing is fun, a personal twist with a add on upholstery like a glossy white egg chair, hanging swing with cheeky fabric curtains will provide an extra place for hangout with peers.
  7. Layering up the room- Incorporating mix and match pattern rug pillows, bedcovers, bright sheets, curtains will abstract the modern touch to the photography while shooting or creating reels for instagram. Adding mirror dressers, vanities can act as a reflective surface; a full length mirror can be a convenient way to check your appearance and looks before leaving the house which will give you a positive feedback of your image.


Designing Instagram worthy Bedroom is all about showcasing teen’s personality and individuality; creating a space which is both functional and creative.

A low budget does not mean you have to compromise with the beauty and elegance of room you can still shine be a spotlight infront of your peers.

By incorporating bold accent walls to creating cozy reading nooks and mixing and matching patterns will create a stunning bedroom with flexible budget.

Canopy beds and a mirror will add a texture of luxury while indoor plants and unique lightning will create an inviting atmosphere.

Ultimately, the key is to design a pocket friendly instagram-worthy bedroom which will reflect your personal style and taste and also create a good impression among your friends wherein you can impress on social media with a cozy retreat.

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