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Easy and Simple Tips to Execute Living Room Decor Ideas

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Simple Tips to Execute Living Room Decor Ideas – Endless hours of cuddling on the sofa, catching up your favourite shows and series on TV or playing board games, a living room is the area of your house that is synonymous with warmth and cosiness. It is the space of your house where you spend a huge amount of time daily. So, having a comfortable living room is necessary which can satisfy you and tease your eyes in a way that feel edgy and fun-filled, while rendering for your need to pile up or curl in the most relaxing fashion. So, make your living room the comfiest area of your house with these following easy decor tips and Living Room Ideas.

Layout Design for Your Living Room

By simply rearranging the living room furniture you can make the area feel and look pleasant. Changing the layout of your living room can help you make the most out of it and also gives it a new, fresh and alluring look. Not only the furniture you also need to rearrange the TV, pictures and other decorative items that are hanging on your walls.

Simple Tips to Execute Living Room Decor Ideas – If you have any decorative items or furniture in other rooms which you want to add to your living room, then you can add them to give a unique flair to the room. In most of the cases using what you already have to make something unique is all, it takes to make the room look transformed.

Transformation of Colour Scheme and Theme

If you want to give a louder statement to your guests, then you can simply add bold coloured furniture and go with a whole new colour scheme for the walls. You can do it by painting the walls of your living room or adding some bold colour wallpaper which can transform the entire decor of the room.

But if you are not sure if you can go as drastic as painting the entire wall of your living room, then you can simply paint the accent walls and tie all the things together with a new wall decor.

Decoration of Floors

It depends on the type of flooring that you have in your living room. Living rooms with hardwood flooring need extra care and to add little more flare to the flooring you may add area rugs or other types of carpet which can fit excellently beneath the coffee table or the end tables.

But, if you are having carpeting all over the living room, then you can do something fun-filled like adding area rugs and tie them in colour from carpeting and the rest will be delivered by the furniture that is present in the living room.

Natural Lighting      

The living room is the area that demands lots of natural lighting and for this, you need to include large windows. Ensure that you use heavy curtains for summer months to keep effects of sunlight to the minimal in the living room. For a modern look, you may switch to sheer curtains which can cover the windows efficiently, but ensure to keep the natural lighting coming inside the room properly. You can also look for other Curtain Designs for Living Room which blend perfectly with the decor of the room and go well with the theme and colour scheme of the living room.

You can also use some fun-filled window decals which can be put over the windows and this allows privacy while offering neat prism effects because light catches well through them.

Plantation Inside Room

Installation of the indoor plants is always considered beneficial for your health and it also makes the room look comfortable refreshing always. There are many different types of indoor plants which act as a filter against some of the harmful allergens. Indoor plants also keep the respiratory irritants at bay and away from the indoor air. Besides, it purifies the air quality and provides you with the aesthetic environment in your living space.


The lighting of your living room enhances the overall decor and appearance of your living room and hence great emphasis should be given to this aspect when redesigning your living room. You need to install lighting which is not too harsh and also gives you and guests enough lighting to spend reading timing and entertain. Some of the effective lighting methods can even make your small living room look pleasant and spacious.

So, these were some of the living room decor ideas and tips which you may implement to make your living room look comfiest and modern. You may also check for more Decor Ideas Online which can go well with the overall theme and decor of your living space.

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  1. Wow, love the color scheme and theme idea to brighten up the living room. Not just that I agree that adding plants to any room can transform the space completely. It automatically brings in a sense of calmness. Love your decor ideas, I will implement them soon and get back with feedback.

  2. I believe the living room is one of the most important rooms in any house. The area where one sits back to relax with one’s family must be decorated in a way that matches and represents the family’s personality. These decor ideas are great, especially that you have focused on the importance of lighting.

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