Vastu for Hospitals – Promote Faster Healing and Recovery of Patients


Vastu for Hospitals – Just like the house that affects the people living in it, the hospital clinics made without Vastu guidelines never accelerates the recovery of the patients even if the doctor provides treatment with full dedication. Hospitals and clinics are the places that are very depressing and hence it needs positivity and optimal healing energies. This is only possible when the hospital or clinics are constructed according to Indian Vastu Shastra for Clinic.

Patients come to hospitals and clinics to get treated and leave behind all negativities that make this place totally depressing. So, places like hospitals and clinics where people go for treatment must be constructed according to Vastu guidelines to help keep the negative energies out and boosts the healing process and energies within the hospital. From Hospital Entrance Direction to toilet entrance, laboratory to the surgery room, and recovery room, everything must be constructed in adherence to Vastu.

Vastu for Operation Theatre and Consultation Room

A hospital has several rooms that are divided as per the disease and doctor. The main room of a hospital is the operation theatre where fatal treatments and surgeries are conducted and hence considered to be the critical room in a hospital. So, you need to construct this room as per Vastu and the best direction is the west side of the hospital. All machines and equipment in this room must be in the southeast direction and the patient undergoing the surgery must face their head towards the south side.

The consultation room is the place where the doctor meets with their patients to discuss the disease and treatment procedures. As per Vastu, the consultation room in a hospital must be in west, south, or southwest direction and the patient sitting arrangement must be done just in front of the doctor’s desk.

Storeroom Direction and Ventilation Requirements

Every hospital has a storeroom where all medical apparatus and equipment are stored. To store all the medical equipment storerooms are used and the Vastu direction for storeroom is west, south, or southwest direction. Moreover, the storeroom must be constructed at a higher elevation above the main flooring of the hospital.

As per Vastu for Cabin, proper ventilation is necessary. Keeping ventilation options in every room is necessary to maintain natural lighting and make the patients feel comfortable. The ventilation window in the room must be in the northeast direction as it allows the sunlight to enter room easily and their recovery will be accelerated.

Emergency Room and ICU Direction in Hospitals

Hospitals usually have more than one emergency room for patients that come to the hospital in critical condition and need immediate medical care. So, for faster healing and recovery of the patients, it is necessary that the direction of the emergency room must be selected as per Vastu. Emergency rooms must be constructed in the southwest direction as it promotes faster healing and recovery.

Similarly, the ICU or Intensive Care Unit is the place where critical patients were treated and it can be a single room or an entire ICU wards. But, as per Vastu guidelines, ICU rooms must be in Southwest, west, or south direction as these directions were considered best for faster healing and recovery of critical patients.

Vastu for Laboratory in Hospitals

The laboratory is the place where examinations and tests of the patients are done. As per Vastu for Laboratory, this room must be constructed in the Southeast and east direction of the hospital. This is the best location for the construction of the laboratory in a hospital. Moreover, it is suggested that the laboratory must be on the ground floor of the hospital.

The Vastu for Laboratory also suggests that medical equipment like X-Rays and MRI machines must be placed in the southeast direction of the room which is considered best.

Vastu for Toilet in Hospitals

Every hospital has a changing room and toilets and according to Vastu for Toilet the best direction for changing room and toilet is the west or south direction of the hospital. Every floor of the hospital must have a changing room for nurses, doctors, and working staff and it must have attached bathroom and toilets.

The Vastu for Toilet also suggests the construction of the bathroom and toilets in the northern or eastern direction of the floor. The area must be clean and dirt-free and proper hygiene is maintained always as it is the root cause of all diseases. So, these were the directions that you must consider when constructing toilets and bathrooms in a hospital.

Look out for more Vastu guidelines for Hospitals before constructing a new hospital building to ensure faster and quicker recovery and healing of the patients that come for treatment in the hospital.

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  1. I never thought of hospitals following Vastu Shastra for patient healing and faster recovery. But on coming across this blog, I feel it makes perfect sense.

  2. Incredible knowledge you have about Vastu principles. The way you have explained everything here is so simple and understandable. I recently started following your blog and I must say that you are an excellent writer. Your blog has provided me with a lot of valuable information.


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