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A Step By Step Guide to Clean Fabric Sofa


We all love to decorate our houses in our own way. We somewhere put artificial flowers, put wall hangings, install wallpapers, paint rooms, buy big couches or sofa, etc. as we are so much conscious about this first impression is the last impression thing that we actually put all the possible efforts and pressure in decorating, enhancing and making our drawing rooms the best.

Now you ask me why drawing room? Then that’s so obvious any guest coming to your house for the first time will he/she go directly to the kitchen or any one’s bedroom or any other room of the house? No he/she will not. They will be received or welcomed by the owner of the house in the drawing room basically and then will go further. So just imagine will it be pleasant for the guests that they see or sit onto a stained sofa?

Sofa or couch is the first eye-catching and attractive thing for whoever comes to the house for the first time. Suppose you have a super comfortable sofa but all dirty and stained it will not give good vibes to the people who have just come, and it also shows your image that how you treat your guest. This is why cleaning the sofa and keeping it all stain free is very important. I know it might sound like a task, like how anyone can always keep their sofa clean and fresh? Then there are few things, trick or say hack which will help you to keep your fabric sofa all clean, up to date, fresh and excellent.

How can you easily remove stains from your Sofa?

As soon as a spill or stain occurs, try your level best and get to cleaning it immediately or as quickly as possible, as waiting too long before treating a stain even with a matter of a few minutes you won’t get it, or you don’t know, but it can cause the stain to set, making it harder to get out. So if you try to wash it later on you will have to struggle hard trust me. But if you immediately get to clean it then no stain or less stain and the struggle will be way too less as compared to the previous option where you take much time in cleaning the mess that has happened on to it. Now one thing that can come up in the first place is asking and getting all the information about the material of the sofa. Before using any cleaning detergents or solutions on to the fabric sofa check the manufacturer’s instructions for care, which can usually be found on the sofa’s tags. Failing to use safe cleaning products could mean permanent damage to the product. As you never know which particular thing can harm it in any way and this might cause any problem or allergy on a further basis for the family members of the house.

Should you use Vacuum Cleaners or sofa air dryer?

One of the finest ways to remove even the smallest particle of dust from the sofa is to use the vacuum cleaner. It helps to make your sofa tidy by sucking up all the dirt. Using the head of the cleaner, you can reach the deeper ends of the cushions of the sofa making you clean it in a better way.

Can we use a dry brush to remove loose particles?

Yes, you can also use a dry brush to remove loose particles on a daily or alternate basis. First of all, go over the entire sofa with a stiff brush with natural bristles to help loosen stains and bring dust and dirt to the surface area of the sofa after then either remove the dust or dirt by any cloth or suck it into a vacuum cleaner. Before scrubbing and cleaning your fabric sofa, use a hand-held vacuum to remove a small amount of dirt or dust and any other loose particles. This will make it easier to identify and focus on the troublesome areas or stains when it comes the time to clean. Moreover, the website of DécorChamp is here to help you with all the DIYs.

Is cleaning sofa using vinegar or baking soda fine?

Baking soda isn’t just for baking cake or muffins or for hair and skin betterment. It is also used as an effective cleaning treatment. In fact, I don’t know how much people actually know this, but many ancient women have been using this way of cleaning up stains. All you need is sprinkling baking soda over the entire couch that will help to remove the smell and further loosen stains. You can also use a home-based baking soda solution for any spaces of deep-set stains. For that in a bowl, mix together equal parts of baking soda and water. Then either the dry or the wet solution can be used, then let the baking soda sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Once the baking soda has fully absorbed the stain that has been there popping from your couch and then simply suck it all out with the help of a vacuum cleaner or with a brush attachment. And as with all types of cleaning solutions, always spot treat a test portion of the sofa before cleaning it thoroughly as like we have already talked that not every kind of fabric will be suitable or absorb it safely without leaving any reaction.

What if you spill liquid on a Sofa? Can we use a dry cloth?

Now some so many people are careless and fragile. You never know who just comes into your house and while sipping on a liquid just spills it all over your sofa. Now if something of this sort happens in your home with your sofa set, the first thing that you should do is to use a dry cloth and wipe the liquid away, gently. This will not allow the liquid to seep deeper in the cushions.

You can make a detergent and water solution.

Now, this can be another form of cleaning your sofas because the detergent and water solution will not be harsh on your cushions and also it will clean it better. But don’t add a lot of detergent to the solution. Make it a perfect basic solution.

A lint roller can come in handy as well

Have you seen a lint roller while painting a wall? It is so good to handle and easy to use. So if in case you are not in the habit of using the brush or vacuum cleaner then the lint roller can come in handy for you. Use this with a mild damp cloth rolled over the lint. This will pull out all the dirt from the sofa.

Do not sit on its armrest and keep it away from direct sunlight.

The armrest is meant to keep your arm and not sit on it. Doing so and keeping the sofa set under the sunlight, because both these things are going to harm your furniture.

So these are the most manageable steps that you can follow in cleaning the fabric sofa. Although you can also call up the various companies doing the same way to spend much when it can be done quickly by yourself? So, these points are to help you in DIY for fabric sofas.

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  1. This is such a detailed blog on cleaning the sofa. I wasted so much of my time searching for the tips to clean my sofa but I couldn’t find anything helpful. Thanks for sharing such an amazing blog with us. I am going to follow your tips and clean my sofa. Keep up the good work!

  2. Since I am a cleaning junkie, I want my sofa to be neat and clean by avoiding stains and cleaning them if one occurs.
    So let us check out some tips that have helped me massively.
    – Use a detergent or water solution to clean
    – Use a lint roller, as it comes in handy
    – Keep the armrest away from sunlight and avoid sitting on the armrest.


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