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Plan Out Your House with These Vastu Tips

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You need to get into a true meditative state to do Pooja. It would help if you had a positive aura and energy around you. Vastu says that Pooja induces positive energy in you and also makes your home a positive space. 

Many people do not possess knowledge about how Vastu Shastra works. So let us get into some of the pooja room vastu tips to see how Vastu has positive effects on Pooja. 

Tips for setting a Pooja Room Tips for setting a Pooja Room 

Tip number 1: Heavenly Direction

According to Vastu, direction is highly crucial to Pooja. The ideal direction is northeast. Northeast is the east and the north direction, about which we will discuss later. 

If you are settling in a new house and looking for a pooja room, you should avoid the basement or high floor. Place the temple on the ground level. This direction can be used to harness positive energy from the sun. 

Tip number 2: Mandir Design to Welcome Divinity

Pooja’s room should have a low ceiling. It should be ideally shaped like a pyramid or like a gopura. All of this contributes to inducing a positive ambience. A threshold and double-doored entry is a perfect thing to include. 

A lower ceiling provides symmetry, and you can meditate with a greater focus threshold hold is used to keep away the ants and other insects. 

Tip number 3: Ideal Idol Placement

Once you have decided on the room’s structure and layout, it’s time to keep the idol. Ideally, you can place it six inches away from the wall and the ground. It would help if you did not place portraits of dead people and paintings of war or battle in your pooja room. 

We are placing the idol away from that because we want air flow continuation around it. You can easily envelop the idol with incense or fragrance sticks. 

Tip number 4: Sacred Storage

You often get puzzled when deciding for the palace to keep your religious book pooja-related things. According to Vastu, the storage should ideally be to the southeast, and there should not be anything marked above the idol.

Sunlight should be available, which is why the idol is placed in a southeast direction. 

Tip number 5: Soothing Palette Positive Vibes 

The room’s colour plays a crucial role in deciding the aura of the pooja room. You should preferably use light colours to induce easy meditation. Colours like white, blue, light blue, or light yellow can be employed to be painted on the walls.

Pale yellow and ochre work well with marble. As per Vastu, these colours keep the space bright, while dark shades induce distraction while meditating. 

Tip number 6: Let the Light in

As discussed above, a bright room induces a better focus while praying. Pooja rooms are the smallest. So it’s better that you have bright lights in the room. It should look illuminated. Place your ideas in the northeast direction on your window.

You can also use artificial lights for the same. You will also experience ventilation while praying, which will also brighten up your room. If you want to pray for long periods, this will help you achieve that. 

Tips for Dancing Ganesha Vastu

Vastu shastra focuses on minute details. Running horses show speed. Even dancing, Ganesha shows movement. The energy emitted shows business prosperity and life growth as well. Below mentioned are some tips related to Vastu for dancing Ganesha painting. These tips are believed to solve the problems related to non-prosperity.Tips for Dancing Ganesha Vastu

Dancing Ganesha picture direction and place in Vastu

You can place the Ganesha idol or image in the northeast. Wealth may be opened if you place it near Kuber Ji. Placing it near the northeast wall in the drawing room brings happiness to your home. If any girl is in the northwest and faces issues of delay in marriage, they can place it on the north wall of the room

Doing this will help in reducing the obstacles in the marriage. If you struggle in your job, you can place the dancing idol on the south wall. It is believed to start the lagging work soon. 

Advantages of placing Ganesha at home

  1. It benefits business and prosperity. 
  2. Placing it on the main door may give prosperity to the house
  3. You can place it in the temple of the house.
  4. If you face financial issues, place them in the locker or safe.
  5. Placing it on the study table gives joy and hope. 

Vastu plan for north-facing house

Let us look in-depth into the north-facing house Vastu plan with pooja room. Vastu plan for north-facing house

  1. West: study rooms and staircase. 
  2. South: Overhead tank.
  3. North: Office and living room.
  4. East: Porch and hall.
  5. Southwest: Dresser, garage, master bedroom, store, etc.
  6. Northwest: Guest bedroom and kitchen.
  7. Northeast: Domestic help’s room, bathroom, and toilets.
  8. Southeast: Kitchen and bathroom.

Tips for north-facing house

  1. Do not go for the north to south slopes for your north-facing home plot.
  2. Do not plant trees in the north direction.
  3. The circuit board should be in the southeast direction for proper energy dispersal. 
  4. The pooja room should be in the northeast direction.
  5. The study room should face the east in a northeast direction. 
  6. Avoid keeping the swastika in a scattered state.

Other than these tips, you can also use tips relating to entrance door placement, staircase placement, and Vastu dosh remedies. 


To wrap up, the Vastu mentioned above tips are ideal for a new house, and you should consider them before planning if you believe them. There are tips related to the lace placement of dancing idol Ganesha to induce positive energy and remedies related to daily problems of life. You can go through these tips and unlock positivity and peaceful meditation for your pooja room. You can also use Vastu copper strips and planet mercury for deciding the direction of things and rooms in your house.

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