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Major Vastu Defects To Notice At Home

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Vastu is considered as the most important thing. While buying a home vastu shastra is considered. All the arrangements are done according to it.

Sometimes when the fault remains then it can cause issues. Vastu is considered important because it is related to well-being.

Be it rooms, kitchen or any other part of home, all are related to vastu. Vastu shastra can help in reaping benefits or it can spoil things.

One needs to take proper precautions regarding vastu and vastu defects. Correct the defects of vastu and make things right.

This blog is here to tell you about vastu shastra and defects that can be noticed. Read this blog and know what steps you can take to prevent it. Bring your home wellness and happiness by paying attention to vastu shastra.

Effects of vastu defects

Vastu defects can create imbalance in home. You and your family may suffer from mental health issues, financial issues or physical health issues due to defects in vastu. You need to know about the major effects of defects of vastu.

Effects of vastu defects

  • Negative energies may get attracted by defects in vastu.
  • Imbalance is created.
  • Peace and harmony vanished.
  • Fights and abuse increases.
  • Obstacles in success.
  • Hard Work may not get paid off.
  • Financial issues can arise.
  • Marriages may not work.

The effects of vastu depends on the type of vastu defect. One needs to recognise the defects first to correct it. Know about some main vastu defects and ways to correct them.

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Major vastu defects

Notice these major vastu defects and consider the ways to protect them. You can read the following points to understand the defects and effects.

Major vastu defects

  • Stairs in northeast– If the stairs of your home are in northeast then this is not considered good. This can cause an effect on the health of the owner. Owner of the house may feel many different kinds of issues. You need to correct this effect by changing the direction of stairs.
  • Toilets in northeast direction– If the toilets of home are in the northeast direction then the effect is related to finances of home. Family members may suffer from money related issues. Struggles in jobs and career may be noticed. Health related issues can also arise. It is best to avoid constructing toilets in the northeast.
  • Toilets in the southwest– This direction is also not good for toilets. It can bring bad luck and problems. Short life span is a serious effect of this direction. Relationships at home are also at threat.
  • Kitchen in northeast– Northeast is not good for kitchens. One may suffer from bad effects due to this. Quarrels, misfortune are some of the main bad effects of this direction. Kitchen is good in the appropriate direction only. Avoid the northeast.
  • Bedroom in southeast– This direction is not suitable for bedroom. One needs to avoid this direction for bedrooms. Couples don’t live happily in a relationship where the bedroom is in the southeast.
  • Water tank in southeast or southwest– Water tanks are not good in southeast or southwest. It can cause an impact on the house. House owners are also at risk.
  • Pole in front of door– If a pole of any kind is in front of the home then it can cause obstacles. It’s good to avoid a pole in the house. 
  • Presence of hills in northeast– People who live in an area that is surrounded by hills should consider this. A hill in the northeast is a defect in vastu. Hills should not be present in the northeast. Income is affected by this.

These all are some of the major defects in vastu and one needs to consider them. If you want to get rid of their bad effects then take proper measures to stay safe.

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Things to opt for correcting vastu defects

You can consider some remedies for correcting the vastu dosh or vastu defect at home. The things that will help you to correct the vastu defects are shared as follows.

Things to opt for correcting vastu defects

  • Wind Chime– Place a wind chime on the entry gate of your home. This can help in correcting any vastu dosh in your home. You will get good effects by placing it at the entrance. Use a wind chime of 6 to 8 rods.
  • Crystal balls– crystal balls are good for bringing good luck at home. Orange crystal balls are good for finances , red balls bring good luck. You can correct defects of vastu by choosing the right crystal ball as it absorbs negative energy.
  • Sea salt– sea salt is the best way to get rid of bad effects. Use sea salt to clean your home or just sprinkle it at home. This will attract positive energy.
  • Place a mirror in the right direction– Avoid placing the mirror in front of the bed. Mirror should be placed in a good direction.
  • Replace broken items– If you have a clock or pot that is broken then it should be replaced. Do not let any broken item stay at your home. It can increase vastu defect.
  • Bring an aquarium– Not only for decor but you can bring an aquarium for correcting vastu defects. Fishes are good in attracting positive energies and you should bring an aquarium of adequate size to bring positive energies

All these tips can help in correcting your vastu defects. Make sure that you are considering them for good results.

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Vastu defects can have large effects on home. Vastu is to be used properly for amazing results. In this blog some vastu defects are shared that can be the cause of hardships that you are facing.

Use the tips to correct those defects. Stay positive and set your own frequency high to resonate with universal energies. Surround yourself with good people and follow the things that give you peace.

Vastu can be an important factor for well-being. Correct the doshas or defects today and see how positively you will be reinforced. Read this blog to know more.

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