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In which direction should we keep Mandir at home?

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Setting up a new home? Or just re-creating everything or maybe just want to do few changes in the house so as to enhance the look. You have no idea but moving small, little, unnoticeable things actually makes a lot of difference. It at the end makes a huge difference which we never thought it could actually make. For Indians, Vastu Shastra has always been a prior and the most important term for styling our house. Vastu Shastra is basically a term which shows which particular thing should be kept where so as to get the best out of everything. We Indians are very much concerned about how we look and how all the things related to us looks. For example right from the curtains and couch that the color coordination should look best and should suit with the paint on the wall. Not only this right from the smallest thing like switches to the largest possible thing we can keep in our house that is bed, TV etc everything should be at its perfect place.

We know what Vastu Shastra is all about. Now let us also know why is it that important in one’s life. It is not done on the basis of look or way thing should be kept rather it focuses over the way the thing needs to be kept. It might sound just a difference in words to you right now but it will not look that shallow once you start understanding it deeply. It has been from earlier times that all the things in the house have their place where it needs to be kept if you want to see happiness and wellness entering your house. Well, I purely understand that it might sound little stupid and full of superstition but like I said it has been followed from such a long time so there must be any strong reasons behind it that we should respect. The simple difference is we call it pure superstition our parents call it pure beliefs. So try to at least agreeing what you parents say over fighting with them in making them believe that it is all in your mind.

For today we have focused on a thing which is one of the most important things when it comes to directions and Vastu Shastra talk that is mandir or we say worship/ prayer room. Direction or where mandir should face and where not is very important. For ancient people, it is said to be the key in order to bring all the happiness, wellness, wealth, positivity in your house. Here are some points which we need to know especially those who don’t really believe in these types of stuff. So look to it and try to understand it as it can maybe little or in large amount can change your life. And also you need to keep in mind the Vaastu Shastra tips for pooja room.

  1. The northeast direction is known to be the best direction for facing pooja room or Mandir. The placement of mandir should be in a way such that the person should face north direction look somehow if not done that way then facing east direction while praying is also kind of okay but you know we always talk about the best things then north is the one which we call the best direction. This direction is said to be best because it is the sight of God which tends to keep all the negative and devil energy out of your house.
  1. As it is known to be the sight of God then chanting mantras, the light produced by diyas, vibrations of bells makes it even more powerful and relaxes one’s soul for real. All the dhyaans and meditation is done in this direction to get the maximum result.
  1. To reshape individual’s thinking, providing new thoughts, relaxing one’s soul, calming them internally as well as externally, and most importantly filling a person all with positive energy all these things matters a lot which is provided in one person with right facing of the mandir. I know you all think what rubbish how can this thing relate with our mandir’s direction but it is scientifically proven that all these things are sole desires of temple shastra as this zone brings the positive energy all around.

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  1. I followed your advice and built my Pooja Mandir on the northeast side. And I’ve noticed significant changes in my house’s atmosphere. All of the time, I feel wonderful and optimistic. Thank you very much! Now that my children have gotten into the habit of sitting for a extended period in this area because it is so peaceful.

  2. The placement of the mandir determines how happy and positive your home will be. We found some tips for this as discussed below according to Vastu.
    1. The northeast direction is considered ideal for the mandir.
    2. Vibration of bells makes it more relaxing.
    3. Person should face north while praying. It is considered the ideal position.


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