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Create a Perfect Basement by Incorporating right Vastu Rules

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Vastu is believed to be the ancient science based on which the pillars of the house, workplace or any other building is built. It is basically the Indian form of architecture and is also regarded to be a part of the Vedas.

The term ‘Vastu’ is derived from the Sanskrit language, which means earth and this is why in the modern day, this is taken as the base for any type of construction because it is believed that the earth must be thoroughly understood before beginning the work. Since ancient times, Vastu is considered an important aspect for peace, health, happiness, and wealth.

Construction of a basement is pretty important in today’s world because of limited availability of space in residential houses as well as work places and not possible without right construction and decoration ideas. But, according to Vastu, a basement is not recommended for residential house since an empty space below your house is considered inauspicious.

Key points to keep in mind while constructing a basement

Vastu for home has some basic guidelines for construction of anything and everything and it covers under its scope, basement as well. Although, it is not advisable to have a basement for residential house. Keeping the below given points in mind will help you avoid any re construction or Vastu defaults –

  • The Vastu principles say that the basement must be built in the northern or eastern part of the house.
  • The purpose of the basement should be only for either storing items or for any re creational purposes.
  • All heavy items like equipments and other junk stuff must be placed in the southern part of the basement.
  • Keep in mind that the shape of the heavy stuff is regular like it could be square shaped or rectangular. According to Vastu principles, an ill shaped item can cause losses, damage or can effect health of the people
  • Ensure that one – fourth of the basement should be above ground.
  • The preferred height of the basement is 9 feet.
  • If you wish to paint the basement, use light colors only like blue, pink, light green etc. Also, avoid dark tints.
  • If you wish to place a water storage tank, make sure you are placing it in the north east or north west.

These are just few guidelines one must adhere to while following Vastu for basement. It is always recommended to call an expert in Vastu who could come, visit the place, and then advise you on how and what has to be done to build the perfect basement.

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  1. Vastu for basement is something that I am working on. It is a good thing to have a basement that is in line with the principles of Vastu. The first and most important rule for any kind of construction, whether it is a house or a factory, is the location. I love how detailed your blog is and how you have simplified each aspect. Thanks a lot.


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