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Gallery Wall Ideas and Tips For Curating a Beautiful Space

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Change the entire look of your bare walls and start decorating a gallery wall in the living room, office or even bathroom. You don’t have to overthink the design because when you are into designing a gallery wall the only rule that works out is – Choose what you like the most!

There are several cost-effective ways in which you can add a touch of visual interest to your wall. You can decorate your wall by displaying prints and photos, etc. There are endless possibilities in which you can experiment and give your house a stunning twist. A gallery wall is a superb way to showcase your memories right in front of you. You can brighten the walls up with abstract paintings,  a hanging cup, etc with ease. So, if you want to know about the tips and tricks to consider while decorating your gallery wall then do consider these ideas mentioned below. 

If you are someone who loves to blend vintage and modern design, then go and pick up some antique paintings and place them accordingly into your Gallery wall. It will help you in creating a cohesive look. You must consider the mix and match of material and colors with thoughtfulness and ensure that your arrangement doesn’t look messy. 

Pick up Your Favorite Theme 

If you already have a collection, then select your favorite pieces from there and group them accordingly by themes. For instance, suppose you are choosing family photos for gallery wall design, then pick the ones that consist of beach holiday pictures or something with black and white pictures, or something associated with nature photographs.

 Then choose a color theme and select if you want an even number of pieces or an odd number of pieces. For an organic arrangement, you need to select a bag of different sizes. 

If you want to balance out your vibrant furniture and design, then go with neutral gallery walls. Make sure you choose colors like white, tan, or beige so that they can bring a classic look into your space. 

Colored Walls 

In-home decor, Patterns, and colors are the building blocks of decor. You can go with an eye-catching gallery wall. For instance, you can simply choose neon colors and decorate with animal prints on it for getting the bright pattern. 

Go With a Simple Layout 

If you are planning to decorate a gallery wall, then it is important that you make sure your wall has enough space for creating a desired photo wall. It helps to avoid the overwhelming space especially in a small bedroom or a small living room. You can start with a neat grid layout that is well suited for compact space. Start with a simple layout and Style Your Bedroom With These Amazing Wall Decor Ideas

Try Out Electric Art 

If you want to try out something unique then opt for mismatched frames. You will find a loads of matching series, prints, and photography on the gallery wall. But, a mismatched wall is something that looks more aesthetic. There are several benefits of incorporating this theme such as, it helps in cutting down the cost of buying uniform frames. In addition, mismatched frames look really good on a gallery wall making the artwork look historic. 

Style With Empty Frames 

If you want to display art on your gallery wall, then you can style it with empty picture frames. Yes, you heard it right! Picture frames do look really good. But if you want to give your gallery wall a unique twist, then do try out Vintage picture frames Make sure you choose the color of frame that complements the wall of your room. You can even stick to a single shade or pick up a palette that can help accessorize your room. 

You can start with emptying the wall surface and then choosing a nature theme. Arrange the pictures, plants, wall hangings in such a way that it complements the colors and themes matching your interest and energy. For instance, you can make use of perfect fresh faux flowers for changing the display. 

Coordinating With Colors 

You can use a coordinating color scheme for enhancing the wider room appearance. For instance, you can choose monochrome bedroom colored ideas matching the bed linens and frames. You can find out great Wall painting ideas for homes that will help you tie in with the accessories and create a style statement. 

Measure it Up 

Gallery wall decoration might seem easy but you need to measure the wall that you want to do up. So, mark out the area on the floor and then get a fair idea of how much space you want punching halls. Or, look for the space you need between each and every item.

Have a look at your collection by joining the items together. You can replace any of them at this particular point. Click pictures of varied combinations and then contemplate which looks the best.


Gallery walls are a superb choice if you want to create a focal point in your rooms. There are various items such as antique keys, exotic masks, candles, images, etc that you can try out. You can even go with an accent wall having different colors. All in all, Gallery walls are a superb choice if you are having a large plain wall. You can even check out  Kitchen Wall Painting Ideas & Photo Gallery. It will help you get an idea regarding interior decor and don’t forget to try out these amazing tricks for decorating a gallery wall. 


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  1. I absolutely love creating gallery walls, and there are a few different ways that you can go about it. Love the antique gallery wall and neutral gallery wall idea that you have shared. Could you also show some pictures to help show how to achieve this look?

  2. Gallery walls have always been my part. I just love gallery walls which look attractive. This blog has been so much exciting for me.


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